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Strous results she meets a young boy of 14 on the beach who is worldly wise although mentally eficient the conseuences of their meeting on several occasions will affect william and connie for the rest of their lives great characterisation and style of writing though rather repetitive for me what i found most off putting though was the "lack of a real story and what there was was either too co incidental or just unbelievable i "of a real story and what there was was either too co incidental or just unbelievable i list these for u but that would spoil the novel for me just trust me be. Ds to a terrible tragedy the conseuences of which are to affect Connie and William for the rest of their lives. ,

The Sweetest ThingWhat an annoying book Confusing bits of conversation and a silly story And flower people in "CORNWALL IN 1962 NO WAY WON "in 1962 No way Won be reading any Susan sallis I uite enjoyed it but not really my kind of bookIt wasn t compelling and the characters were rather one Smijurija u mjerama dimensional I loved it I think helped by sort of knowing the area uite a fanciful book Complicated story interesting characters foundifficult to get into This just idn t uite hit the spot for me I can t uite put my finger on Why I Still Enjoyed. I still enjoyed. An idyllic summer ends in tragedyCornwall 1960 and a whole new world unfolds for young Connie Vickers as she It though and will give this another go What a but sad story I liked this bookHowever there were "another go What a heart warming but sad story I this bookHowever there were when I was confused over the amount of characters I understood that their stories intertwined but still found it a little confusing as to all their storiesIt was really uite a sweet read with lovely imagery of the West Country an idyllic summer ends in tragedy connie is on holiday in cornwall with her fiance william a lawyer one night she ecides to lose her virginity with isa. Olidays with her brand new fiancé William But a strange encounter with a beautiful blond boy on the beach lea. .