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Persecute non conformists He campaigned for a fairer nation but xecuted Levellers who argued for uality He subdued the Dutch threat and presided over an conomic boom whilst simultaneously shipping his own citizens in chains to toil in Jamaican plantations He refused the crown but made himself an uncrowned king We shouldn t celebrate Cromwell but commemorate his atrocities and note his positive actions with caution What I did njoy about the book is the overview of the Commonwealth and the review of how far the constitutional settlement changed after Parliament won the Civil War England underwent a staggering transformation from a king ordained by God directing the nation by his whim to one administered by common men through a parliament and in accordance with consideration and agreement The English Republic has been airbrushed as the Interregnum Which Makes It Sound Like An Awkward makes it sound like an awkward to royal lineage rather than a state of being The usual narrative is that our freedoms and liberties were tenderly handed to us by the King via the Magna Carta nonsense Our freedoms and liberties were fought and won by the commoners in Marston Moor and Naseby I d say the first and last codified English constitution the Instrument of Government is what we need to look back to as it shaped further constitutional reform Never again from that point could a monarch njoy absolute power In relation to England and Cromwell one man does not make a revolution and the French Revolution is not wholly framed by Robespierre and his slaughters Despite this France is proud with what it achieved constitutionally England achieved all of this over 100 years before France and should celebrate its own revolution in similar way This spirit of reform was carried forward as Hill points out through Whiggism and Chartism Sadly England s revolution doesn t get the acknowledgement it deserves as it makes the Windsor family nervous which is a shame Trust God and keep your powder DRY THIS BOOK WAS THE START OF OUR FRIENDSHIP This book was the start of our friendship Aziza and me I first met her as my Australian great reader and book collector in a bookshop when she saw this book on the floor and said Oh I read this book I was a bit surprised so after a brief introduction we became friends and one day she kindly took me to the city Brisbane to "visit some good second hand bookshops because I told her I rarely found few of them there in 1999 The late " some good second hand bookshops because I told her I rarely found few of them there in 1999 The late Hill was possibly England s greatest historian of the Civil War and of Oliver Cromwell in particular For those who wish to learn about this period I thoroughly recommend this well written lucid history of a period which saw the birth of many political ideas which we value today It will also help to The Man Without a Face explain the political background not often appreciated of Cromwell s chief propagandist John Milton the poet and his comments on the various Parliaments of this period in his great post warpic Paradise Lost Interesting but not to my taste Christopher Hill no doubt forgot in his life time about Cromwell than I would have read but the class struggles of recent times for me were not the same as those of the Civil wars of Great Britain and Ireland For mine the struggle was religious Class had less impact I also found that this book read as several ssays pieced together as opposed to a narrative I am in the minority in this view and would never suggest that others with an interest in Cromwell not read this book Just I feel that later books see Gods Fury do a lot better. Erable knowledge of the period to bear on the relationships God's Englishman had with God and England Such a detailed understanding of the workings of providence is vital to understanding Cromwe.

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God's Englishman Oliver Cromwell and the English RevolutionOf the people London merchant George Cony to his friend Cromwell When shall we have men of a universal spirit Every one desires to have liberty but none will give it Cromwell A man never rises so high as when he does not know where he is going Cromwell to the French Ambassador in 1647 These very persons would shout as much if you and I were going to be hanged Cromwell to John Lambert when cheered by the inhabitants of Northampton in 1650The Commonwealth did not long survive Oliver Cromwell after his death the monarchy was restored His corpse was dug up and hanged at Tyburn But much of what he achieved survived up and hanged at Tyburn But much of what he achieved survived As did his reputation As Christopher Hill writes The symbol of English patriotism in the ighteenth century was to be the unattractive figure of John Bull Oliver Cromwell minus ideology It is a well written biography and generally is a good introduction to Cromwell You get a feel to the man he is and the conditions of the country he was raised in It serves well in this respect and indeed in drawing the "picture of Cromwell However in parts the vents are a little unclear in their significance and "of Cromwell However in parts the Threads Of The Shroud events are a little unclear in their significance and would say that to maximise your reading you would need to have background knowledge of the English Civil War and the significantvents to understand the references clearly that are made throughout However apart from that it s good Unfortunately I can t give this the review it deserves as I don t have it with me to refer to Perhaps this will prove a test of h A bit donnish and heavy going in places if don t All Seated on the Ground enjoyasy familiarity with the field but worth the ffort nonetheless It puts Cromwell in his historical and international context and corrects a few common misconceptions According to Hill the idea that Cromwell led a Puritan revolution is something of a distortion wine still flowed during the Commonwealth and opera was performed Cromwell also apparently wasn t too keen in capital punishment and political gains against the Dutch outweighed Protestant solidarity and Cromwell refused to assist Venice against Turkey to protect English capital There is also a section on the decline of magic and the psychological aspects of PuritanismInteresting side note Cromwell apparently seriously considered migrating to New England and he had links with the Puritans there in particular John Cotton New England returnees also served in his regiments Cromwell is undeniably a difficult figure in history He is loved by some loathed by others and his brief reign is ignored altogether or treated as a brief intermission between the Wiring end of the Civil War and the return of the Stuart dynastyThe book does well to intermix the pertinent political and religious ideas and identities of the time the diplomatic andconomic situation puritan beliefs national identity and general disenfranchisement Upon this foundation is overlaid the life and career of Cromwell from an obscure East Anglian suire to Head of State over Britain and IrelandThe difficult truth is Cromwell was neither good nor bad he was both and has created a paradoxical legacy Cromwell fought heroically in England against tyranny on the battlefields but committed near genocide in the towns of Ireland He was a bible bashing Puritan who banned Christmas and maypoles but also njoyed music and worked on Sundays He amassed a huge personal fortune but was noted for wearing shabby clothes He made a case for religious tolerance and welcomed Jewish people back to England but detested Catholics and continued to. Of the Commonwealth; and finally Lord Protector Hill leads the reader unsentimentally through Cromwell's life from his beginnings in Huntingdonshire to his brutal nd Hill brings all his consid. .