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Ck blurb stating that our amateur sleuth runs a Scottish emporium I thought I d be in for a treat Let me explain a little part of the appeal of cosies for me is that I generally learn a little something about an occupation or a craft so for example I know uite a bit about the care and feeding of zoo animals "vintage clothes and antiues Thanks to one vintage antiue series I now covet a hoosier cabinet big time I "clothes and antiues Thanks to one vintage antiue series I now covet a hoosier cabinet big time I mildly disappointed to find that our sleuth s profession would have little or no connection to the mystery but kept reading I thought that perhaps the mystery would be intriguing enough to keep me going Sadly it did not It took me months of putting the book down and then picking it up again to finish it Liss MacCrimmon is very much of the I ll continue to stick my nose into everything even though I ve been told not to type of sleuth Perhaps it is because I started with the fifth book in the series that I felt no connection to or interest in Liss She just didn t intrigue me as a person and her repeated assertions that she was really scared and would back off investigating grew a little old for me None of the supporting characters were of much interest either I did finish the book but the story didn t do much for me nor did I really buy the reason for the murders I did appreciate the fact that the author poked fun at a small town having all these murders over the ears One character states something along the lines of Moosetookalook turning into a Cabot coveThe reasons the book did not work for me may not mean that another reader may not enjoy this book It #just wasn t my cup of tea Sigh I want to like these books and I believe I #wasn t my cup of tea Sigh I want to like these books and I believe I really liked at least one and I do to a certain extent but sometimes as with this one the writing seems forced and the mystery is tepid though the first one was good because well if Chalk Cheese you read itou will know why Liss was really annoying and I don t know Its just a weird meh book I WAS surprised at who the killer was and that made the book a little better but it wasn t enough to bring the rating up to 4 stars I have the next one to read *And I Have Decided *I have decided will give these one try but if it is like this one I will be finally be officially done with them Mayb. IousnessThe Liss learns the she realizes just how many people are glad the deceased has written her final story And with an entire conference brimming with potential suspects from a famous actress turned bestselling author to her power broker agent and an overextended events coordinator with plenty to hide it will take a killer instinct to figure out which writer belongs in the true crime sectionbefore the murderer pens The End for another innocent victim. N to wear a kilt I read the first book in this series five ears ago with the comment in my review that I would like to read about Liss MacCrimmon the protagonist Surprisingly this book is the only other one I ve read 5 in the series But I feel the same way I enjoyed this mystery set in the small town of Moosetookalook Maine really an unfortunate name for a *Town In My Opinion *in my opinion is engaged to be married is proprietress of the Scottish Emporium and assisting in the Main ly Cozy Con a weekend conference for mystery authors and fans When one of the attendees is found dead at the bottom #Of A Cliff It Is #a cliff it is it was a tragic accident But the victim had antagonized many of the other conference goers and Liss is sure it was a suspicious death Liss has a long history of getting involved in homicide investigations meddling by any other name and this is no exception Many suspects and a second death later Liss figures it out before the end of the weekend conference I loved the mystery writers theme and would be thrilled to attend such a conference without the deaths of course Hopefully I ll have the opportunity to read in this series sooner than 5 ears from now Best one Doctor Who yet and the only one that I didn t figure out 14 of the way in Actually it was the final scene where the killer was revealed and uite well Maybe anyone reading this series should start here thoou would miss a lot of the backstory to the main characters A fun read I enjoyed this cozy mystery The main character can be annoying to others around her but that is part of what makes it so realistic There are a large number of interesting supporting characters in this novel as well This is the fifth book in the series but the first one that I have read While there are references back to events from previous books I had no trouble coming in part way through the series I will be reading from this author when I am in the mood for a cozy mystery I want to make it clear that this is not a review of the book per se but rather my reaction as a reader to the book I had expected to really enjoy this particular cosy because of the cover Yes I did judge a book by its cover and with two cats and a pile of mystery books on the cover along with a ui. Setookalook’s uniue local shops And with her new fiancé Dan’s family owned hotel filling with attendees the outlook seems very bonnie indeedBut soon Liss and Dan discover just how far some authors take their research When a muckraking reviewer with a grudge takes a swan dive off a scenic lookout no one wants to believe it was homicide After all it’s one thing to dream up imaginary crimes but to commit a real one takes motive means and extreme malic. Should be 35 stars I continue to still enjoy the murder mysteries in this series and the overall coziness of it I have two complaints that linger the fact that Liss is a bit annoying and the lack of chemistry between her and DanI will continue to read the series but tend to skim a bit at times While this series has many good points overall it is a simple read At Library take off shelfRead first three or four chaptersSkip to middle and read another 2 chaptersGo to ends and read last two chaptersWill learn ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil you had most of the bad guys picked correctly and why they did what they did You have not been threatened and almost killed again Andou are surprised that Tess is still not in jail or crippled or dead I ve read some of the other books in this series and really enjoyed them but this particular one was a thumbs down for me Too many characters to keep track of but what really ruined the book for me was the MC She was so annoying in this book pushing herself into police business despite being told numerous times to keep her nose out of it or wind up in jail And when the officer in charge actually lets her uestion the murderer Too unrealistic Also when she up in jail And when the officer in charge actually lets her uestion the murderer Too unrealistic Also when she her aunt use a passkey to get into guests hotel rooms and snooptoo unrealistic also 15 starsmystery was OK Setting in Moosetookalook Maine was nice The cozy convention was a neat backdrop too I just couldn t get behind the protagonist She kept interfering in police business despite being told numerous times not to and et the people telling her not to know she s going to defy them and do it anyway so were they really trying Maybe if I read this series from the beginning Liss will grow on me but somehow I doubt itMoosetookalook Maine is hosting #the first annual Maine ly Coze Festival and the guess speaker is an actress who tries #first annual Maine ly Coze Festival "and the guess speaker is an actress who tries hand at writing cozies and ends up penning bestsellersspoiler "the guess speaker is an actress who tries hand at writing cozies and ends up penning bestsellersspoiler or does she When a body is found at the bottom of a cliff police and Liss are at odds over the hows and whys When a second one shows up in the same spot they still can t agree Can Liss dig up enough slues to convince them she s right without endangering herselfLiss and Dan are getting closer to their wedding and somehow her mom has convinced Da. Hundreds of the most creative minds in murder are assembling in the tiny town of Moosetookalook Maine and before the final page is turned one of them will be writing in the past tenseLiss MacCrimmon purveyor of all things plaid at the Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium couldn’t be pleased that her hometown is hosting the First Annual Maine ly Cozy Con The mystery book conference promises to attract plenty of popular authors as well as new business for Moo. Scotched Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries #5