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Psychoanalysis And Moral Values lRarely seen in the romance genreThe book starts out amazingly well and I was spell bound by the completely novel characterizations and premise The H is a completely self centered inward turned genius who connects with people selfishly and then only with those who spark his art and genius the mistress being the only exceptionHe initially resents the h as she s forced on him by his patron her godfather and he uses intimidation and humiliation to scare her awayThe Hives in an alternate reality his mind a caged genius seeing things from a perspective that the h yearns to get a peek into He goes from bright incandescence to roiling rage from seeking inspiration to finding one in the h putting her on a pedestal that no one else can see not even herself Now to the h For all his bipolar issues it was the h who had the complex and hard to understand psyche A peculiar passive aggressive personality full of inadeuacies and a silent seething resentment making it difficult to Radical Acceptance like her or relate to For all her diffidence she secretly envies and thus dislikes almost everyone for being beautiful charming or gifted She wants to be with such people and absorb their ualities or even emulate them be it her dead sister her sister s fianc the H other people she meets socially Someone needed to tell her that there s nothing wrong with mediocrity as the majority of the world is just that way She apparently spends her wholeife trying to see herself from other people s eyes to decipher herself Sadly towards the middle the novelty wore off the narrative and the incidences became contrived even farcical The author dangles some past secrets and incidences to hold interest otherwise there wasn t much in the way of development or romance The H s friend the charming Rico not only provides a foil to the H but also knows how to handle him in his violent rages But truly he was the impresario without whom the hH story might never have held together as he tagged along and tugged along the h who constantly tries but fails to comprehend the mind of the genius Imo he was important to the story than anyone elseThe book flared sporadically brilliant Roses Are Red, Pickles Are Blue like the H the shooting star I hate to say it but I had to push myself through the middling chapters but I am happy I did so as theater 3rd rallied and wrapped up this flawed romance in a poignant but befitting communion and coming together What do you want a guarantee There aren t any People say they The Fate of Fausto love you and then theyeave They say they l stay no matter what happens But they don t He paused feeling the pain well up so strongly inside him that he spoke the ast in a whisper They never do Many incidences of irrational and psychotic behavior dissuades the reader from believing in his ability for normal functioning or in a traditional hea for that matter For instance when he drags her in a disheveled state to a respectable restaurant and when people stare at her he feels elated that they see his artistry not understanding their disapproval or her chagrin It was as embarrassing as it was poignant and distressing She had been a part of that upper class respectability and he d changed her Already he d changed her She was his creation now vibrant and alive a aughing beautiful testament to his talent Although despite his tremulous hold on reality I felt that he oved her as he was ready to sacrifice and Sea Monsters let her go for her own good Her feelings stemmed from him making her feel needed important and alive for once in herife So they were both flawed imperfect characters I felt happy that he had her and was not alone or ended up in bedlam You made me beautiful she whispered Now Cost Accounting let me do something for you Let me keep you safe The Portrait was dark angsty and riveting At times I wasn t sure that Iiked Jonas However I came to see that his initial cruelty towards Imogene arose out of his despair his hopelessness about his Duel at Araluen (Rangers Apprentice: The Royal Ranger life People are often cruel out of self defense He felt a sense of powerlessness about his mental illness and his dependence on his patrons to keep a roof over his head and to be able to do the one thing that had meaning for him to pursue his art As the book progresses I saw that Jonas was a man who was very much capable ofoving Imogene a man that Apollo 13 Manual : An Engineering Insight into How NASA Saved the Crew of the Crippled Moon Mission love could change for the better merely by giving him hope and by having one person who saw him truly who would noteave him or give up on him even through the bad times That was ImogeneImogene saddened me at times Her Portal Guardians (War of the Fae, lack of self esteem andack of belief in herself However it was soon clear why she felt that way Her father was just awful He put his one daughter on a pedestal and barely noticed the other when he wasn t putting her down and inflicting emotional cruelty on her She d spent most of her Motor Boat Manual life feelingike she was inadeuate to her family feeling Her Mother S Disgust And mother s disgust and Always below the mark of comparison to her sister Chloe When her father sends her to New York City to study art she is determined to make a good artist out of herself to make her father proud Instead she meets Jonas a brilliant painter who treats her cruelly at first but captivates her and causes her to fall in Loon Baby love with him Imogene wasn t a fool She went into theove affair with Jonas with her eyes open She had been used by a man before not her eyes open She had been used by a man before not up and she didn t think that this Y larger thanife artist could really Rad American Women A-Z love her for who she was She was wrong In Imogene Jonas saw a masterpiece a hidden beauty But he alsooved her for who she was For her TEMPETE love and acceptance of himIove dark and angsty romance but I was afraid this was going to be too dark for me I m glad to see that I was wrong I T'choupi part en pique-nique - Ds 2 ans (19) loved the message of hope in this story Jonas mental condition was not an easy fix Many people with bi polar disorder don t fare well particularly in the past when they didn t even have a diagnosis and no good way to treat this mental condition With this story I know things won t be easy for Jonas or Imogene but they have theirove and their commitment to each other to help them through the dark times Imogene has seen Jonas at his worst and it didn t make her run away She only Death of a Salesman left because she thought he didn tove her or that she didn t matter But she came back because he was the one #For Her Her True Love #her her true Her Focus (Exposed to Love Book 2) love would stay by his side forever no matter what knowing that he truly wanted her Thankfully Jonasoves her for who she is and that s what she always needed in her ife As this book ends I felt a sense of hope that made this dark read just my kind of story I could believe that although ife won t be easy they will have a happy ending together And that s why I Detectives imparables (Wild Boy, love romance novels Thanks to Denise for kindlyoaning me this book for my Kindle Anyone tired of reading cliche romances should check this book out I ve never read one Gregorio Maranon like this before and I probably never will DARK doesn t begin to describe this one Jonas Whitaker is a brilliant artist who also struggles with bipolar manicdepressive disorder He has beeneft by people who could not contend with his mental illness his whole Leadership Step by Step life He isonely isolated and on the brink of madness Imogene comes to him as a student wanting to Christovs Testament learn from a master She has been overlooked her wholeife and seeks to find approval from her uncaring father through Challengeri sügavik learning to paint Jonas is at first unimpressed by Imogene but over time develops an obsession for her She becomes his muse and through his eyes Imogene begins to see herself as beautiful This book brings Imogene and you as the reader through one of Jonas s mood cycles The fictional depiction of a manicdepressive cycle is as real as it can get You are swept away during his manic phaseyou feel the energy the activity and the creativity Imogene is drawn to Jonas and call him a shooting stara typical description of an individual in a manic phase Jonas s tumble into depression is also captured You feel the despair the hopelessness the fatigue It is a fictional masterpiece of the cruelty of this mental illness Theove story is sweet and touching Imogene vows to stay with Jonasno matter what I found myself wondering how it would all work but Imogene made me believe that she was the one person that could endure the better or worse the in sickness and healthtill death parts them It is a beautiful ove story Wow I gotta say this book is unlike any historical romance I can remember reading I m going to use the word dark simply because I can t think of another at the moment but I m not sure it fits THIS REVIEW IS KINDA SPOILERISHThe Portrait is extremely well written Not only can the author create heart breakingly beautiful imagery but I m thinking she either spent a LOT of time researching bipolar disorder or she has some first hand experience with it Her portrayal of the Hero s cycle he s ok he s WAY up then down is so realistic I felt uncomfortable through parts of the bookIt would be SO hard to ove someone with this disorderI found as I was reading the book that I was drawn into the story as a whole than I was connected to either the Hh It felt to Littering emptiness until Imogene Carter pushed her way into his Antwerp life He discounted her on sight seeing her as a colorless fragile woman with no spirit andess talent He could send her running with a word and he intended to do just that But Imogene was not so easily frightened She came to Jonas to Varadero y Habana Maravillosa learn fro. E as though the author simply dropped you into their world at a particular point in time and you followed along from there No big build up no history or backstory Most of the time this annoys the crap out of me Iike to be told a BIT before I m shown but the writing here was so strong that before I had time to get too annoyed I was pulled in and held there by itGood thing because I wasn t sure WHAT I thought of the main characters Jonas was fairly easily understood he s your basic tortured Hero with some extra angst The thought made his chest tight Not seeing her again not touching herIt was absurd how desperate it made him feel But there was no choice and he knew it He knew what happened to the people who stayed with him God knew he d seen it a hundred times before He could picture it in his mind knew that eventually he would see a painfully familiar ook in her eyes the same ook he d seen in those of his family of his friends The dull expression the fear the pain And finally the good bye They say they Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали love you and then theyeaveWell it was true It had always been true And he suffered for it not just because he was Reinventores losing them but because he knew he d beaten them down because byeaving they were only trying to surviveSo so sad and aloneImogene on the other handhmm I m still not sure what I think of her She didn t strike me as having any sense of self she saw herself as nothing as having no physical beauty no wit no charm and no talent She thinks she is invisible compared to her memory of her dead sister I m not certain whether she actually was or it was just her own perception Whichever it makes her out to be pretty damaged Thomas had always been good at seeing through her ever since she was very small and he had come visiting every few months bringing her a special book or a doll because A sick La libertad primera y ltima (CLAVE) little girl needs reasons to get better don t you think dear heart Almost as if he knew that even her own parents never made time to visit her sickroom as if he knew he was her only friendSheowered her eyes and stared at the thin Psicohigiene leaves floating to the bottom of her teacup and hoped he would believe her hoped he wouldn t see how afraid she was of failing how afraid she was of disappearing completely in her father s eyes the way she had in her mother sSomehow these two bring out the good in each other He makes her beautiful and in turn she is his beacon without her there is nothing but darknessSo in the end this is a dark poignant tale of two damaged people finding each other and the redemptive uality ofove I dare you to finish it without finding a huge ump in your throatI ve thought about this book uite a bit since finishing it yesterday The beauty of it becomes apparent ater on as does the sadness The biggest problem I had was that I wasn t really sure Jonas and Imogene would make it And for me that was the saddest part of all They say they ove you and then they eave O Finance lord have mercy on my romantic soul what a stroke of genius W sensitivity pinpoint accuracy MC captures the unflinching snapshot of Bipolar aka Manic depressive disorder U can tell she has done her homework She illustrates so elouently the harrowing experience the symptoms manifestations of this illness thru the visions of Mad Jonas those around him Compulsive shopping check Uncontrollable rages check Volatile mood swings check Restless desperation check Severe depression check It s a fascinating character study it s bleak haunting poignant heartbreaking capped off w an achingly sweet ending The book shows how the debilitating disease takes its toll the wear tear on friendships relationships are not watered down Yep I d consider this 1 of DIKs worthy of risking my Rhino skin running back to a burning house for Jonas is a temperamental mental being the operative word painter doesn t have a support system other than his BFF Rico who s stood by him thru the ups downs Rico even fesses up that he needs to escape to Paris once a year to preserve his sanity Scheduling mapping out hisife is a foreign concept to Jonas cuz he doesn t know what s gonna happen today tomorrow He doesn t have the power to switch his illness on off Nobody does When it strikes it s Some Writer! like a train w failed brakes U sense the dread the ominous feeling that when the shit hits the fan those in the vicinity had bettah take cover cuz Jonas becomes a menace to himself whoevah is win theine of fire 1 moment he s there the next we witness from point blank view his headlong descent into 1 of his vicious tummy flipping cycles In a pit of despair Jonas thought the only way out was to end it all himself hence his missing eft hand He s still a whisker away from giving in to the yawning abyss U can search every nook cranny of Romancelandia U Ll Nevah Find U l nevah find soul butchered than Jonas s Genie has always been branded as a perpetual failure a misfit her entire The LPN-to-RN Bridge life She grew up in an oppressive environment where favoritism was alive kickin Being excluded ignored belittled derided has been her daily penance Nuffink she did was evah good enuff even after her sista Xpired from Cholera she still came up short Her sista s fianc was a user who only wanted Genie as his bed warmer She s always on the outsideooking in invisible a non entity In a desperate bid to score higher in daddy dearest S Over Critical Eyes She S Determined over critical eyes she s determined Disability and Community learn painting under the tutelage of Jonas Justike all A Pitying of Doves (Birder Murder Mystery lifelong abuse victims Genie s dad has hammered her self esteem Unbeknownst to Genie her Godfather Jonas s patron coerces Jonas into accepting Genie as 1 of his students Watching Jonas gradually consumed by Genie is a thing of a beauty MC puts us in Jonas s shoes in a fluid concise matter of fact way the perilous journey to HEA is not simply a straight point A to point B MC doesn t veer away to preachyville doesn t go overboard in depicting his madness All along the well constructed road to HEA we re made to feel the agony taste the tangible fear as we watch his wretched existence his unpredictableapses his struggle in picking up the bits pieces in the aftermath Hh don t exactly click on their initial meeting His 1st impression of her is this non descript chick s simply a waste of his time talent He utilizes all kinds of arsenals in trying to shoo her away to no avail He acts Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered like a nasty SOB picks her apartaunches not so constructive criticisms employs intimidation tactics mockery ridicule condescension flirtation etc Genie is flustered by his attentions but soldiers on She surprises intrigues him w her tenacity She shows him she s made of sterner stuff she s not going anywhere despite his sneaky ways It unsettles infuriates Jonas that Genie s not a uitter doesn t shrink away from the challenges he throws her Esp after Genie inadvertently sees his missing The Wedding Band (Save the Date, left hand she starts toook him as just a vulnerable man he Chinas Search for Democracy loses his aura of intimidationLike a bolt ofightning ding ding ding Jonas realizes she s the it gal his muse his Goddess his butterfly becomes obsessed w her He finally catches a glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe he can have a future Imaginary Citizens lead a normalife have a wife kids The palpable From Rumspringa to Marriage longing for what seemed impossible before is a gut wrencher Genie is theight in his darkness even tho she s ill euipped in diffusing the uncomfortable situations Jonas puts her thru She doesn t know how to keep his madness bay halt his downward spiral All she can do is being there when neededFor the 1st time in her Xuyên Mỹ (Bất Hạnh Là Một Tài Sản, life Genie feels needed Jonas shows to her in ways than 1 that there s to her than meets the eye cue Xtina Aguilera s sappy ballad Beautiful After witnessing 1st hand Jonas in the grip of his manic episode Genie starts to 2nd guess herself wonders if all the adulation is just his disease talking if this disorder has colored his perception of her she gets her answers by the verra end She can relate to Jonas s pain isolation she s been a sacrificialamb all her Una vida absolutamente maravillosa life trying in vain to mold herself into someone she could nevah be just to win approval In the end she realizes that she can nevah compete w Chloe s memory no matter how hard she tries It s pointless anyway cuz her father is dead set on seeing her as a 2nd fiddle to Chloe She finds herself a cross road A She can take charge of herife prove how indispensable she can be simply by Cuentos reunidos loving Jonas or B She can nilly willy go back to Nashville w her father resume being her father s mental punching bagThis timeless masterpiece isike manna from heaven as I uv an Xtra dark romance filled w a tortured hero a heroine worthy of being his ifeline a message that hope springs eternal lifeline a message that hope springs eternal makes U count your blessings that we Definitely Not Sexy live in this day age where Insurance covers for meds there s a plethora of pro active treatments How amazing it is to realize how much your uality ofife depends on a healthy mind This disuieting romance was engrossing from the get go has a healthy dose of realism The ending shows there s no insta cure for the paralyzing disease Jonas s health sanity may be dented but w Genie s unconditional Organization Development in Healthcare luv he can survive anyfin. M a master andearn she would everything he could teach her She wanted his artist's secrets and his brilliant passion She wanted to be swept up in his seductive forbidden world Until she saw the terrible price he paid for his talent And realized it was impossible to catch a shooting star without being burne. The Portrait

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Full review to come 5 starsAside from one extremely offensive ine and the inclusion of the much hated at The Nordic Varieties of Capitalism least by me Big Misunderstanding Things Left Unsaid ploy this book was unbelievably wonderful Wow What a ride this book was New York 1885 Jonas is a brilliant artist who suffers from manicbi polar episodes He is scarred mentally and physically he is missing a hand Imogene comes to Jonas studio as a student but she does not know that Jonas was forced to take her on by her godfather who is his patron He deeply resents her being there and does all he can to get her to uit We can see that he is heading towards an episode I feltike a deer caught in the headlights watching it play out It becomes apparent that they are two very very onely people who have both suffered much at the hands of people who were supposed to ove them As he goes through the beginnings of his episode he is hit with a sort of epiphany about Imogene and starts to become obsessed with her all the while fighting it so not to hurt her She is also becoming obsessed with him and you believe her falling in The Redemption of Holly Dobson love with him as no one has ever showed her this kind of strong positive in a manic sort of way attention Jonas sees something in her through his manicartists eye Something no one else can see especially not herself He sees her as a goddess as a butterfly as a rare beauty and tries to force everyone else to see it He believes she is supposed to be his masterpiece as Galatea to his Pygmalion This was an incredible book and going on my to read again shelf I have read very contradicting reviews about the book Apparently this is not a book for everyone I was very curious about Jonas the bi polar artist hero in this book So even though I found Imogene the heroine rather dull from the excerpt I read I wanted to find out about JonasJonas is one of the few truly dark heros I have read Granted there have been dark heros and some of them were poignantly portrayed But Jonas predicament is on a whole differentevel of darkness he was disturbed Jonas was a tormented soul trapped between his talent and mental illness A character with a Under His Skin lot of depth It was very interesting to read about him observe his mood swings I think one has to have a similar disposition to have an inkling of what a person with such a volatile personality would go through in an emotional crisis It might read aittle crazy but I have to say it is only too real I think Imogene the character was the right pick for Jonas uiet demure but unfailingly resistant to failures and criticism It takes a generous soul to deal with Jonas and his emotional struggles And I think Megan Chance picked the right archetype for Jonas That being said I feel that Imogene s character had Hate less depth than I desire for Jonas heroine Their interactions did not mentally prepare me for their relationship She was first an inconvenience an annoyance a student then a necessity a muse and aover But the transition Investigating the Supernatural lacked some emotions for me to accept that Jonas found some solace in her She was supposed to demonstrate some sensuality considering that Jonas was a rather sexual creature But I couldn t feel that Imogene felt rather cold to me and I had trouble picturing her as Jonas sensual muse I was very intrigued by the premise and character setup but the executioneft me a Sturm-Liouville Problems little disappointed I suppose to accompany a great artist is a precarious journey Very often such rare talents have a way of self destruction and they bring down everyone around them when they fall Isn t it a ingenious premise for aove story Alas it seemed to me that the heroine was not able to hold up her end This is a Jonas book all the way 45 starsRarely do I think of a book as a seductive read This story was THE PORTRAIT was deep dark and delicious It sucked me in on a journey into madness Jonas Whitaker was an anti hero Throughout the first half of the book there were not many nice things you could say about him He was mean rude crass amoral and vindictive He was also brilliant insightful and imaginative beyond reason He was an artist he painted with emotionBut this was 1855 New York a city known for its crime dirty streets and despair It was also Make Me Yours (Make Me, long before there was the term manic depressive or what we now know as bi polar People with this condition often were institutionalized or committed suicide At the very minimum they became alcoholics or drug addicts The condition hadn t been identified yet And so Jonas s sanity with its highs andows played out daily and affected everyone and everythingBy the end of the first chapter Jonas was expected to teach a new student to paint Imogene Carter was the goddaughter of Jonas s sponsor At their introduction she appeared to be meek Jonas was going to give her a reason to uit the class He was going to enjoy making her suirm until she could no onger abide his taunts Except nothing went as plannedWhat he didn t know was that Imogene had already been demoralized by her own family Twenty six years old and plain ooking she thought before she spoke At all times she was careful of what she said Because of this she sent people mixed messages people were unsure of her But during one of Jonas s elated moments he felt he understood her Genie saw Jonas as a savior If she could complete his classes if she could Brainteaser Physics learn his secrets if she could be accepted by his circle of acuaintances then and only then did she believe she would finally attain happinessThat said this story is not for everyone Jonas could be very crude especially with his actions toward Genie At times his behavior had erotic overtones but I never thought of it as an erotic read Instead It was very sensual Jonas wasike glass smooth but could easily break And break he didI could tell there was something very wrong with him but Collecting Shakespeare like Genie I accepted his character I was captivated until theast page I had to know where his thoughts would take them I finished this book several days ago but I still think I could continue with their story if the author wrote a seuel Beware THE PORTRAIT will take you out of your comfort zone Loved this book I really get into those damaged heroes and this one holds top rank Dark and disturbed hero falls for emotionally abused heroine who has The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus lived in the shadow of a beloved and deceased sister Hero has Bipolar Disorder which is depicted pretty damn realistically even if it s the worse case scenario She is supposed to be his angel of mercy who saves him from the darkness in a time of noithium The ride was exciting angsty anxiety provoking and utterly satisfying Our heroine Imogene Genie is shipped off at her reuest to study under a brilliant and talented artistshe wanted to earn to be an artist as good as her sister Our hero Jonas Whitaker has been coerced into accepting her against his will so he tries his damnedest to get rid of her without pissing off her godfather He THEN HAS A MOOD SWING INTO has a mood swing into and decides he s madly in ove with her and wants to make her his greatest creation in iving art which included ravishing her and dirtying up her to make her his greatest creation in iving art which included ravishing her and dirtying up her name It made sense to him We get insights into his screwy thoughts and the world from his perspective We also see how he screws up his ife and those closest to him There s all the typical textbook behaviors of his disorder the hypersexuality spending sprees and euphoria of mania as well as the dark suicidal ideations and fatalistic thinking of depression Not to be outdone the heroine has her own psychological issues that resulted from having a father who openly states that he wished she died instead of her sister and a mother who wouldn t even visit her sick bed when she was sickly ittle kid Thank god for the empathetic and Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance likable godfather who makes it all better I really really want to believe in the HEA so I will ignore all thoseittle nagging uestions An epilogue showing that they made it would have been nice I can at The Intentional Brain least believe in the HFN andook at the bright side Even though he did pretty much ruin her in the story he at Punishing the Art Thief least he married her probably which would help her overcome all those public humiliations and that nude portrait thing Ending up with a hot talented charismatic dude even if he is clinically insane is better any day than continuing to be denigrated by her asshole of a father Luuuurved that the hero punched hisights out for how he treated his daughter Silver Maryland in Black and White lining This is definitely one not to miss It s hard to put down She wasooking at him as if he were God and in that moment he felt as if he were He was God and she was his Eve perfect than Adam had ever been interesting The book about a tortured but brilliant artist who takes pleasure in humiliating his new student the h seemed Teaching Machines like just the book to read What I dint know beforehand was that the H actually suffered from MDP and was not just another tortured soul Handling such mcs with care knowledge and sensitivity is essential and here the author delivers exceptionally well Her portrayal of the H and his moods rages and despair raised this book to aevel. This historical romance was first published in 1995 The reigning master of the New York art world Jonas Whitaker was brilliant and compelling a man of dark passions and uncontrollable emotions Terrified of his own dangerous nature and scarred by the horror of his past he hid behind his talent in a world of ,