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Have been open to the idea of taking Gillian with them even though I continue to maintain that it was the umbest thing he ever id and we are talking about the guy who agreed to Kal if fee without knowing what it was My favorite parts had to be the looks into Sarek s mind his reasons motives and thoughts uring all of these Most one can infer from Mark Leonard s wonderful performance but motives and thoughts Will in the World during all of these Most one can infer from Mark Leonard s wonderful performance but is nice to have it confirmed All in all a great book that explains EXPLAIN MOVIE EXPLAIN what it is going on and really helps one s understandingThe RantAhemTIME TRAVEL WAS ALWAYS SHOWN TO BE NOTHING BUT A BAD IDEA IN THE SERIES WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WHY THE HECK DO THEY CONSIDER TAKING A PERSON OUTSIDE OF THEIR TIME AND MESSING UP THE TIMELINE A GOOD IDEA THE WHOLE PREMISE IS STUPID Ahem now that that s off my chest let me say Ion t mind the whole whale thing I think it s a great idea mankind condemning itself unknowingly and going back in an attempt to repopulate within in reason However the crew makes so many amateur mistakes that they June Fourth Elegies don t make in the tv show when they were younger and less experienced Don t make no sense They make at least three major changes to the timeline andon t bat an eye You can t tell me that s not against the Prime Directive among other things As a movie it s enjoyable as a part of the Star Trek canon it s a messConclusionIf you ve watched the movie I would read this book Like the other adaptations of the movies this novel answers a lot of uestions one is left with as well as being a very enjoyable read 25 stars I feel bad about writing a bad review but to be fair it was awful 1 star because the movie is one of my all time favorites 1 star because I listened to George Takei

And He Is Amazing And 
he is amazing and will listen to ANYTHING he reads So really this book is a 05Just watch the movie because the book is not worth the paper it is printed on I know that movie adaptations are tough I feel for the author but someone should have stopped this book before it went to print Can a book be better than the movie it s based on In this caseyes Up until The Fellowship of the Ring came along Star Trek IV The Voyage Home was my favorite and most watched movie I had a chance to pick up a copy of the novelization of the script and ecided to read itAlthough I enjoyed it it s not nearly as good as the movie I m guessing it was based on the script not the actual final movie and there are a fair amount of ifferences It id explain some things For example in the book Scotty knows the guy at the Plexiglass company invented transparent aluminum so he s not worried about altering the timeline However we still idn t get an explanation of how exactly Sulu talked that pilot into loaning him his helicopterThe thing I liked least about the book is that the space probe is actually intentionally trying to get rid of life on Earth so it can start over In the movie the space probe has no harmful intentions Also poor Chekov oesn t get to say his greatest line one of the greatest lines in all of Star Trek nu cle ar wesselsIn any event reading the book prompted me to watch this great movie for the 100th or so time Glad I read it won t be keeping Space probe Suddenly Kirk Spock McCoy and the rest of the crew must journey back through time to twentieth century Earth to solve the mystery of the probe. Star Trek IV Star Trek The Original Series #33; Movie Novelization #4Why must everyone be such owners this WAS fun sure somber than the movie at parts but on what planet Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue does a little seriousness mean things can t still be fun geezI personally really loved how thisug into the aftermath of Spock S Resurrection And His And Mccoy s resurrection and his and mccoy bond from the katra transfer the real lack of that was the one thing from the movie that Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, disappointed me most the bits that were added or maybe weren t I have to rewatch if they could just be escriptions of actual acting but I m thinking abt just be escriptions of actual acting but I m thinking abt spock esue head tilt bones Riding Class (Saddle Club, does at one point where there s a grey area between their characters were wellone and it brought all that to an emotiona The most Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, disappointing of Ms McIntyre s Star Trek movie novelizations She s obviously losing interest by this point and you can see it in her inability to have as much fun with the plot and the character material as the film s actors andirector This was a light comedic triumphant moviebut Ms McIntyre seems Different Class determined toownplay everything and not join in with the fun Boo I happened to find this book at a thrift store for 25 cents along with three other book adaptations of the first three original Star Trek movies This particular one happens to by my favorite and the book Short Stories by Roald Dahl did notisappoint In fact it gave a lot of helpful background on the travelling probe answered some lingering uestions I had about Saavik gave further explanation about Spock and McCoy s recovery from fal tor pan and stayed true to the classic lines from the various San Francisco scenes although sadly it Goldilocks the Three Bears did not include Chekov s line about nuclear wes sels I m not sure I say this particular book was better than the movie but it was efinitely just as good this particular book was better than the movie but it was efinitely just as good listen to the abridged version from 1986 which I got on Audible I Socialist Realism didn t realize it was abridged when I bought it but that s ok This was excellently read and acted by George Takei with little vignettes by Leonard Nimoy Takei evenoes a wonderful job imitating the accents and vocal cadence of the actors from the series There are sound effects and music which enhanced the experience Since this was in my opinion one of the weaker Star Trek movies I think I m glad it was abridged although I was looking forward to a ST novel by Vonda mcIntyre and thought it might be improved by her treatment Alas it was too abridged to say for sure Published in 1986 by Simon SchusterRead by Leonard Nimoy and George TakeiDuration 90 minutesI picked this audiobook up at a clearance book sale in the who s going to want this stuff section Mostly it was serious junk Educational software that only operates on Apple IIe VHS copies of movies that I ve never heard of starring some guy that was on some TV show that I barely remember and DVDs of some pastor s sermons on any number of topics still in the plastic And suddenly I find a memory from my high school and college years a genuine Star Trek audiobook from 1986on audiocassette Andnarrated by George Takei and Leonard Nimoy So I scuttle out of there like I ve found a gold bar and pop it in car s cassette player one of the advantages of having a 12 year old car is that it has a multimedia CD and cassette stereo systemBack in the. Admiral James T Kirk is charged by the Klingon Empire for the comandeering of a Klingon starship The Federation honors the Klingon emands for extradition. ,

Day audiobooks were almost always sometimes criminally This 274 is abridged to a mere 90 minutes To be honest if it weren This 274 book is abridged to a mere 90 minutes To be honest if it weren for my faded memories of the movie I on t even know if there is enough plot here to tell the storyBut I enjoyed it immenselyRead at Spock has been taken back to Vulcan to have his Katra returned to where it belongs and Kirk and the crew are preparing to return to Earth in their captured Bird of Prey to face charges During the return trip subspace is flooded with numerous signals and noise Doctor Extraño do not return to Earth save yourselves Of course Kirk is not going to sit back and watch the fireworks and when Spock identifies the mysterious signal being aimed at Earth from a huge construct in orbit Kirk grasps at the slim chance that time travel could provide a solution to saving the planet one time They slingshot around the sun and find themselves in San Fransico of 1996 and surprisingly theyon t look totally out of place We then get a clean actiondrama which fully exploits the comedic opportunities "for the fish out of water as well as the ongoing ynamic between the crew with spice added thanks "the fish out of water as well as the ongoing ynamic between the crew with spice added thanks Spock and McCoy slowly recovering themselves The novel of course as with many novelisations builds upon the theatrical narrative added Never Tell detail to scenes and characters Weidn t really need to know so much about the refuse collector and the writing of his novel but it added so much to the basic premise I also preferred the novel clearly stating that the inventor of transparent aluminium was the character who got access to the formula rather than Scotty being vague when arguing for the transaction with McCoyThe Voyage Home is in many ways the most popular Star Trek movie Feminism is for Everybody due to it s encompassing nature the movie brought people to the cinema who were never before that interested in Trek or scifi in general That said for the same reason the movieoes split the hardcore fanbase so the novelisation will probably Deterring Democracy do the same yet I think the added content moves the story into scifi then environmental and maybe hits the target often for those who prefer Trek to be made in a certain way 35 4 StarsThe GushI was not prepared to like this novel I m not a particular fan of the movie it s ok but I felt it went against rules set out in the show and was basically a mess A fun mess but a mess Then I started reading the book and I was hooked Youon t even reach the beginning of the movie until 20 pages in because they are wrapping up stuff from the last movie and Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dealing with the aftermath of the fal tor pan becauseuh of course there would be conseuences It goes on to Hunters Heart discuss why McCoy acts slightly off in this movie and why Spockoes as well though one can guess having it in black and white helps We get a better understanding of the Probe and why it s attacking the earth We learn about Gillian I might actually come kinda close to buying taking her with them We get the cut scene of Sulu meeting his great great great grandfather and we better understand Chekov s situation on the ship as well as get to see Kirk lay some Vulcan smack Menneskefluene (K2 down on theoctor Why was that not in the movie We are even given a hint of why Kirk might. And Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are Nazi Gold drawn back to Earth But their trip is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious all powerful alien.