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Strangers When We MeetI liked the relationship between Dodge and Lara a lot The other aspects Of The Were All the were all just not terrific The suspensemystery was A LITTLE ANTI CLIMATIC I little anti climatic I m of those eople who once I start a book I will finish it even if it sucks This was one of those booksMajor Larissa Petrovna head of Russia s nuclear inspection team has had a brush with death before and she finds herself and her daughter in danger again Omega Agent Dodge Hamilton is assigned to escort Major Petrovna and as these stories always go they fall in loveI gave this book two stars because I liked how the Author wrapped up the ending I m glad I finished the story because it really did get better in the end Strangers When we meet by Merline Lovelace is another offering in the OMEGA series I have followed this series and have enjoyed some books than others This one is unusual since it has a Russian heroine and has some regulations involved Dodge is an OMEGA operative charged with keeping an eye on the Russian delegati. That distinctive lethal voice…It was the voice Major Larissa Petrovna had heard the night of the tragic fire that ravaged her life Thus begins a race against time as Lara erforms her duties as head of Russia's nuclear inspectio. ,

On related to a treaty dealing with nuclear warheadsLarissa is a major in the Russian army she lost her husband in a fire 6 years ago which also injured her daughter She hears a man who she thinks was there during the fire Rest all is military speak dodge making a move on military speak Dodge making a move on threats and I didn t really enjoy the book that much as far as the romantic angle is concerned it seemed way too uick and easy issues just seemed to disappearNot my favorite in this series I lost interest in it I enjoyed this romantic suspense featuring Russian Major Larissa Petrovna and OMEGA agent Dodge Hamilton This is the first book in the OMEGA series that I ve read but it easily stands alone I think this suffered a bit from the shorter length of the category romance I just had a hard time buying the HEA and I would have liked to see Dodge and Lara s relationship develop a bit Still I think if you enjoy Romantic Suspense you ll enjoy this book Miniseries Code Name Danger merline lovelace certainly knows her subject. N team while trying desperately to discover the lovelace certainly knows her subject. N team while trying desperately to discover the source All the while she must battle her growing attraction to the irrepressible Air Force ilot assigned as her escortOmega Agent Dodge Hamilton finds the icy beauty fascin. ,
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S but i find that i want the books to be much longer to really get into the characters and Can Government Think? plot i know that harleuins must meet certainage lengths standards etc but i guess it s just wishful thinking on my Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People part to want when the book is good This story kept me interested from the firstage thoroughly enjoyed it Major Larissa Petrovna is on a mission for the Russian government in light of the latest nuclear arms treaty START between the US and Russia OMEGA agent Dodge Hamilton is tasked with being her escort while she is here in the US with 2 other Russian officials Dodge sees Lara as an ice ueen until he sees her vulnerability within minutes of arriving at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming What should have been a routine job becomes and intriguing especially when Lara finds a bug on the window of her uarters on the Air Force Base Things also heat up between Dodge and Lara Whatever is going on is starting to look like than accidents or coincidence while they all dig deeper to finding the truth. Ating but entirely resistible and his assignment fairly routine At first But as a killer targets Lara once again blazing Regulating Medicines in Europe passion melts their mutual suspicion androfessional reserve unearthing feelings Dodge once again soon blazing Studying Cities and City Life passion melts mutual suspicion androfessional reserve unearthing feelings Dodge never known.