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OH MYI am in TROUBLE I LOVED LOVED LOVED everything about this book Although I am a FAN of Linda GoodnightThe 1st in a 6 part series Rocky Mountain Heirs I only have 2 which means I ll have to purchase the other fourBrooke Clayton returns home to her timy Colorado town If she can Survive A Yr In Tiny a r in tiny founded and named after her timy Colorado town If she can survive a Hai nhà yr in tiny Clayton founded and named after family she ll have fullfilled the odd terms of her estarnged Grandpa s willExcept the OTHER side of the clayton family 9Brooke s Grandpa s estranged brother s side is set on destroying Brooke s side And making life miserable Hoping she ll give up and go away so they can inherit the Clayton fortuneThen there s Gabe Wesson the handsome single widowed father Gabe needs a Nanny for his sweet 2 and a halfr old AJ And Brooke needs a job However she has a terrible secret in her past that makes her AFRAID to be around kids But little AJ steals her heartGabe tries everything to fight his attraction to his YOUNG fresh out of college NannyAt 10 rs older and having lost a YOUNG wife He feels Brooke is TOO YOUNG for himGiven their past do they dare fit together as a familyI LOVED Brooke and Gabe s relationshipGiven the cover model I found it funny that throughout the book his biggest things is he s TOO OLD She s TOO YOUNG rEADING THE STORY i KEPT PICTURING HIM older LOL And on the cover she IS YOUNG but Gabe DOESN T LOOK as old as he s making himself sound Not by the picture anyway I LOVED little AJ and just wanted to cuddle him Heart melting moment when he tells Brooke I LUB ou Mama AWWWI actually got teary during the last chapter and epilogueVERY GOOD BOOKOn to The Sheriffs Runaway Bride featuring Brooke s BIG BROTHER Zack The Nanny s Homecoming by Linda GoodnightBook 1 of Rocky Mountain HeirsA feud is alive and well in Clayton Colorado Unlike the Hatfield s McCoy s this feud is Clayton s VS Clayton s Samuel Clayton s bunch believes that George Clayton took what belonged to them and now that George died the feud is at new heights If the six grandchildren of George don t come home to Clayton and live their for a full Falling Through Clouds year all the inheritance money and land will go to Samuel s family Grandpa George knew that would entice the kids to consider the offer along with gaining land and a uarter million dollars each The kicker is that each of them must return to fulfill the willBrooke Clayton has just finished college has no job and recently her wedding plans went down the drain So here she After her fiancé calls off their wedding Brooke Clayton has nowhere to go but home If she can survive in the tiny Colorado town for aear she'll fulfill the. .
Read it It really keeps ou wanting to turn the page to see what s going to happen next J Cute story to start off this mini series The toddler is so adorable and the hero and heroine both have things to overcome in their pasts Loved it I liked the story and AJ was too sweet for wordsI like the setting of the book and I M Intrigued By The Whole Feud Thing But What m intrigued by the whole feud thing but what didn t like was that at times the church thing seemed a little forced like it didn t flow naturally into the story but was added laterAnother thing is that I wanted into the story but was added laterAnother thing is that I wanted I know there are other books in the series that ties into this one so the plot can t be solved already but I feel like some things should ve been answered here in this book like a proof of who was tormenting Brooke Also and this is a wild guess and speculations on my side but I believe that Macy might really be a Clayton spoiler actually I think she s Brooke s sister but that s just me we shall wait and seeLike I said I m intrigued so off to the next one This book is part of a miniseries called Rocky Mountain Heirs and it involves a group of five or six cousins who are bound by a will to live in the small mining town of Clayton Colorado for one ear s time in order to receive 250000 and 500 acres of Colorado land It s a strange plot device but it works as we see the different cousins in each book react to their situation Brooke Clayton 23 the heroine of this book is back from college in Denver and looking for work following a failed engagement She finds widower Gabe Wesson 33 who is the owner of a silver mine and who needs a nanny for his 4 ear old son The author deals with the couple s 10 ear age difference nicely with Gabe having a lot of doubts about dating Brooke and Brooke having to defend herself from her white trash Clayton cousins who accuse her of sleeping with her boss The Clayton family is basically the Colorado euivalent of the Hatfields and the McCoys and generally it s one side of the family that causes all the trouble because if all the cousins don T Come Back And come back and for one A Menagerie of Heroes year the fortune goes to the other side of the family I ve really enjoyed reading about this group of relatives This is the first book in the series the second The Sheriff s Runaway Bride takes a look at Kylie Jones who is a minor character in this book There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and the reader sees the characters grow and heal Recommended for romantic suspense fan. Ler and Brooke needs a job But Gabe sees Brooke as a reminder of theoung wife he lost Given their pasts do they dare hope to fit together as a familyforever.

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S in the family home She needs a job and her handsome neighbor with the adorable son needs a nanny Problem is that Brooke don t trust herself to be around kids neighbor with the adorable son needs a nanny Problem is that Brooke don t trust herself to be around kids old memory haunts her and she can t get past the guilt of it It don t take long for the toddler AJ to creep into her heart and Brooke breaks through her fears to try and give the sweetie the love and attention of a womanWidower Gabe Wesson has just bought an old mine from George Clayton He likes finding places that need a boost as long as there is still a chance to revive them And he sees where that a chance to revive them And he sees where that happen in Clayton When he meets his new neighbor Brooke he is attracted to her but she is Mr. Fix-It young like his deceased wife was Gabe can t get past the thoughts of alloung woman acting like Tara didSomeone is trying to scare Brooke out of Clayton and at the same time Gabe struggles with problems at the Lucky Lady Mine that shouldn t be happening His company is known for safety and integrity Can these two get past their past and present problems and find a life together This is book one and it looks like it will be a great series The Nanny s Homecoming is the first book in the Rocky Mountain Heirs Miniseries The story starts out when the grandchildren of Grandpa Clayton come to his funeral The town is named Clayton after the family It s a small run down town which Grandpa Clayton has plans for even after his death After the funeral the grandkids come together for the reading of Grandpa s will Grandpa Clayton decides to leave each of them a large inheritance The only catch is all of Inspirational romance Read one book in the series 35Enjoyable and interesting story and I liked the set up for the rest of the series Brooke went home for the sake of getting her inheritance from her grandfather but got than she bargained for Alot of problems with the other inheritance from her grandfather but got than she bargained for Alot of problems with the other of the family had her wondering just who was making her life miserable She found a job as a nanny next door for a widowers The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers young son who fell in love with Brooke She liked Gabe the father from the start but didn t know if she could become involved with himthis was a very good uick read Loved the book It was a page turner Brooke s fiance calls of the wedding so she heads home to fulfill the will that her grandfather had stipulated Gabe her neighbor reuires a nanny but because of the loss of aounger sister Brooke is afraid to take care of his son Hmm sounds interesting doesn t it Well ou need to. Odd terms of her estranged grandfather's will Turns out the wealthy businessman next door handsome single father Gabe Wesson needs a nanny for his sweet todd.
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The Nanny's Homecoming

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