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Bedlam (Skulduggery Pleasant, lIn Too Deep is a book I didn t want to put down and stayed up until 2 am to finish When I took a break from reading I couldn t help but think about the storyline and wonder just how Sam was going to get herself out of the mess she was in and what the conseuences would be Thus I was drawn back to the book and stayed up to finishOverall I was pleased with this book The story sucked me in and Iike the way the author writes I could relate to the characters and was grateful this book showed that there were conseuences for the choices that were made The only thing I could have done without was the Betrayal in the Badlands language I m not a fan ofanguage in books especially the F word Rating 4 Stars Great BooksSource ARC Tour Content Language including at British Exploitation of German Science and Technology, 1943-1949 least a half dozen uses of the F word I thought I was going to get pretty enraged by IN TOO DEEP because I have some pretty strong feelings about girls crying rape but it wasn t too bad I think ultimately it was all handled really well the protagonist went through a sufficientevel of guilt and it wrapped itself up realistically so I really don t have any complaintsIN TOO DEEP tackled all the relevant avenues that it could potentially go down I think from claimant guilt to what s happening to the guy to his future to her future to the repercussions to outward reactions in the face of the Civil and Political Rights in Japan lie s reality and a bunch of things in between But it doesn t touch on how aie about rape ultimately undermines a claim of rape In fairness it wasn t relevant to the plot but at the same time I do wish it was touched upon It s hard enough for women that were raped to come forward When a woman cries rape for her own gain it undermines the claim for all making people that Creative States of Mind little bitess trustworthy of the next woman to claim she was raped because the Hidden last person they knewied about it There is just no winning for anyone when rape is claimed when it didn t really happen and while IN TOO DEEP does touch upon most of it I do think it would have been just that ittle bit stronger if it broached undermining as wellIrrespective of the ie it is pretty awful what Sam goes through when people believe it especially at the hands of Carter s friends who believe his story blindly If it were true they d still be doing the same thing and while it was rough to read something The Therapeutic Process, the Self, and Female Psychology like that I think it s unfortunately accurate Rape is belittled constantly when it has actually happened so it s no surprise that Sam suffered the things she did at the hands of the buddies of her supposed rapistIt s hard to say that Sam is aikable character because she cried rape and then perpetuated the The Official Godzilla Compendium lie due to peer pressure and a need for vengeance but I didn t dislike her I didn t find her reprehensible or a disgusting human being She s a girl that was scorned by an incredible douche bag That doesn t make what she did right but I think it explained enough to make me believe it especially when the other girls bring in their own stories Yes Carter was a douche and yes even I reading this felt just aittle bit of joy seeing the high and mighty knocked from his pedestal But rape is a devastating tag and not even the biggest of douche bags deserve to have that kind of When Football Was Football lie haunting them for the rest of theirives It only succeeds in ultimately turning the douche into a victim and garnering him sympathy Kind of the adverse effectI found the end wholly satisfying because everything worked out how I felt it should for everything that had happened For a while there I was a ittle afraid that it would tank that I d end up with another ACCOMPLICE that had me raging It didn t All of the repercussions you d expect to happen do and it feels right Lessons are earned at great cost and ife goes on for all Sickly sweet need not apply The end is rather ugly but it s deserved apply The end is rather ugly but it s deserved what s even better Sam knows it and accepts itIN TOO DEEP delves into an aspect of a dark event that I don t think too many people do Everyone s always so focused on the real act of rape that they always so focused on the real act of rape that they t consider what an unsubstantiated accusation can do to someone I ike it for it s difference in that regard That s not to impugn rape but Lair of the Dragon look at it from another angle where things aren t what they seem The Dukeacrosse scandal is probably the most prominent example of something similar to IN TOO DEEP It s a good read and immensely satisfying as odd as it sounds I m a fan of characters suffering realistic repercussions for their actions Sam is your uintessential teenage nobody she has one friend and that friend doesn t even know about the thing she cares the most about writing In a town so small that you re bound to have two classes with everyone in your entire graduating class where her father is conveniently the chief of police it s no wonder she feels a bit alone The story starts with Sam being in ove with her best friend Who hasn t been there It s a feeling so familiar to so many people that you can immediately identify with her But Sam s best friend Nick is also the class president He cares Two wrongs don t make a rightAfter reading this book I felt a ittle bad because I didn t Girl Trouble like it as much as I did But Iove him I was extremely disappointedLet me just make it clear I wasn t disappointed because the writing was bad or that the characters were not well developed It was I The Trouble with Valentines love Amanda Grace and this was why I decided to read this I was so sure I was going to fall inove with it jlo Journal like But Iove Him but I was wrong I didn t One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles like it as much as I thought I wouldThe story starts with Sam deciding to make her best friend Nick jealous by her attempt to flirt with Carter who wasike the Golden Boy of their school Yes she was in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic love with her best friend and was too scared to tell him directly Hence she made that plan and was expecting it to go smoothly only it didn t She made a fool out of herself in front of Carter and she hurt herself as well in the process not Carter s fault at all which caused one person to think she was sexually abused Funny thing was Nick already has feelings for Sam as well Sam was extremely happy and just pretended that what happened with Carter just never happened Unfortunately some things can t just beeft alone The rumors that she didn t make spread across the school and Sam didn t do "Anything To Stop It "to stop it So The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City let s get on with the reviewI am totally enraged with Sam I actually didn t feel bad about what happened to her at all except maybe towards the end Majority of the time I wanted to give her an award for being the most coward and. Carter didn't rape me People at school think he did Suddenly new friends are rushing to my side telling me that Carter hurt them too They say he's getting what he deservesMaybe I don't want to fix thisSam is inove with her best friend Nick but she can't se. In Too DeepRime or who reports it but isn t believed Except for the few who key a derogatory term into the side of her car Sam is mostly believed and supported This should give readers hope but that it s all a fabrication eaves a bad taste in the mouthAnd to think all this horribleness would ve been avoided by Sam actually admitting to her best friend that she s in British Jihadism love with him But then this novel wouldn t exist because there d be no story Can someone please tell me when people became so cavalier about rape Pfft It s just rape no big deal It happens sometimes What I didn t do this to you But you know what You kinda deserve it Why Why did he deserve it Because he rejected you Or because he broke up with those other girls after they wouldn t sleep with him Or because they did or whatever Yeah he s a huge douchenozzle does that mean he deserves to be pegged as a rapist for the rest of hisifeAlso one thing I m sorry I don t care how small your school is there is absolutely no way that a teacher didn t hear that rumor Just no way Either a student would have told or they would have overheard it somehow And yet apparently they overlooked it Awesome Oh and apparently the whole town knew too atleast by graduation day and yet nobody told her father a police officer Nobody said anything I realize most people probably don t really Virgin Widow like to get involved in certain situations but still someone would have said something I reallyiked her father s reaction to the truth Let s not address that you probably ruined this other guy s Wife in Exchange life just asong as you re okay honey I m actually really happy that she ended up alone without Nick at the end of this book You deserved it Selfish bitch It s safe to say I did not ike this book At all It was not my cup of tea Although I completely understand why Miss Grace wrote this or I should say I understand the message I took from it It s a very serious issue I just couldn t get over how unrealistic some of it wasI know this probably wasn t the most productive helpful review and I apologize for that I just needed to rant a ittle bit I still can t uite wrap my head around what I just read I would however Night And Day like to add that despite my dislike of this book Amanda Grace is a fantastic writer I reallyiked her style I m definitely going to have to try another one of her works Later Days In Too Deep by Amanda Grace is an example of a book that with the right considerations and development could ve been a much better novel in its overall construction I saw a great deal of what this book wanted to do in terms of being a story grounded in morals but that morality is shaded in many different points and feels Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow like it speaks against its overall intended message rather than for it Granted it s not an uncommon plot Due to a misunderstanding a girl sees Sam main character femaleeaving the bedroom of Carter because of Sam s appearance tears torn shirt her demeanor the observer infers that Carter had raped Sam Soon this rumor spreads through the whole school unknown to Sam She s just embarassed Carter rejected her advances which were only made to get her best friend Nick to notice her as a girl When Sam hears the rumors for the first time Monday at school she is too stunned to speak up What follows is a story of a girl who though confused at first The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid lies by omission throughout the rest of the tale because she s too afraid ofosing Nick as her new boyfriend Throughout the book I felt frustrated sympathetic With Sam At The Same Sam at the same I was pleased that the story doesn t end neatly Sam really has to face the conseuences of her actions some of which prove very dire She also has to grow and Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys learn to stand up and communicate about alot of things not just go with the easiest path as she s done most of herife While I feel Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, like this book will appeal mostly to girls guys will also find much to think about here Carter is a jerk toward girls as it comes outater in the tale Does that mean he deserves to Life Changing Smiles live with these rumors Nick is Mr Nice Guy but not totally supportive of Sam at first when he thinks she s been raped He doesn t want to believe it that colors his approach to her There are NO innocents here NO easy decisions This book seems totally believable given the situations each teen has grown up through I really do think everyone should read it ateast once Watch out Spoilers are all over the placeI was hesistant to read this book I am not really into books that feature rape Luckily I found out this book didn t feature rape just a girl accidentally saying yes to people when asked vaguely about something Though really that girl is an idiot She could have fixed it days ago fixed it all but she just et it all come and grow I feel for Carter he didn t do anything though he is mean and rotten to girls but no one deserves a rape charge no one deserves to be accused Of Such A Thing It such a thing It break his whole future and apparently our ovely Only a Whisper lead girl Sam doesn t give a damn about it or didn t think about it Iiked Sam in the beginning of the book though ok there are better ways to get your best friend to Copper Lake Secrets love you and those don t involve flirting and potentially having sex with another dude Yes that might make him jealous but also it might make him drop youAnd she should really think about before saying yes to stuff I know you are drunk stupid but atleast try to focus when people see you step out of a room all bruised and your top is ripped But nooo miss Sam is drunk and totally crushed because Carter just told her she is ugly Thank Lord she just told the girls about it and they are feeling all guilty good Though now they are planning just to continue with the whole deal because hey who cares about those rumors when he is off to California in a few days and he has had aong time to reign the school as if he is God People that is not how it works and that is not how you should think nd wow that Dad is Brooklyn's Song like super overprotective it is just sad and pathetic Your daughter has everything planned out and you just rip everything to shreds and don t evenisten or hold an adult conversation over her choices Like what Wow yippee in the end she confesses to everyone that it wasn t true no one got raped And that she didn t start the rumor but that she also didn t do anything to stop it She is sorry Well sorry is a bit too Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide late girl If you were honest you would have gotten to keep Nick now you have no Nick Now you have nothing I wouldn t really recommend this book to anyone Unless youike a character who is uite dumb and annoyin. Worst of all she's afraid she'll Plain Jane The Hotshot lose Nick if he finds out what really happenedAs graduation approaches Sam discovers thativing the ie isn't as easy as her new friends make it sound and telling the truth might be even worseA Junior Library Guild Selectio. .

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Stupidest person I ve ever read aboutI am seriously upset about everything that has happened in this book No its not about the author I was upset about how true something Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed like this could happen and someone stupidike Sam would make the same mistake This could have been avoided really She not only wrecked her own Girls Night Out life but she wrecked someone else sife as well Carter maybe an ahole He may be the douchiest douchebag there is in the entire universe but he didn t deserve to be tagged a rapist when he never really did anything I can think of a couple of other things to call him but a rapist is definitely not one of themNick I will say I m disappointed with him I don t think he Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) loved Sam as much as he said he did Aside from Sam he will have to be my next disappointment Tsk tskI wanna talk about Sam again I wanna talk about how much all the decision she seems to make is wrong Okay that seems to be an over exaggeration but seriously she thinksike a 5 year old I agree with her father when she said that she wasn t ready to Into the Wild (The McGraws, liveife outside home She really wasn t She was immature She was selfish She was easily swayed by other s opinion ehem stupid popular backstabbing people ehem As much as I hated the main character Sam I don t hate the book all in all I just didn t really Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, like the things that happened but I think if this happened to anyone it will have the same outcome It was realistic MAJOR SPOILER HEREview spoilerSeriously I knew she had it coming She knew that in the end Nick wouldeave as soon as he finds out what she did which in my opinion wasn t her fault at all And he did He did Cowboy Swagger (Sons of Troy Ledger, leave her And the people who pushed her to continue theie where were they Eventually they Navy Wife (Navy ll be gone tooIf she just came clean the first part of the book all her worries would not have been as big as what it was during the end of the book Sheost the one person who was most important to her The boat glides to a stop and I sigh The night is over and I m definitely not Cinderella any My carriage is a pumpkin and my dress has turned into tatters and the prince knows I m a peasant I want nothing than to find my way home to my warm bed climb in and turn off the Running Scared (Heroes for Hire, lights and hope the world outside just goes awayToo bad pumpkin you made a mistake that you took tooate to correct You made that decision and you have to ive with it hide spoiler IN TOO DEEP a contemporary young adult novel that begs the uestion how far is too far When Samantha Marshall enters the party of Carter Wellesley she s already taken too far Her first mistake dressing in an all too short mini skirt hoping to catch the attention of Carter so she can make her best friend Nick jealous Case in point of almost every teenage girllack of communication and using sex to make someone jealous Sam spends the night drinking after realizing that grabbing Carter s attention is much harder then she thought until she sees him walk into his room Sam follows making mistake number two When she approaches Carter she finds out he wants nothing to do with what she s offering With tears streaming down her face she runs into another classmate who assumes the worse When Sam returns to school she s the source of the weekend gossip and instead of asking when approached with uestions she ets everyone believe the ie Mistake number three The senior class is now divided half thinking she was raped by golden boy Carter and the other half saying she s made it up The whole was raped by golden boy Carter and the other half saying she s made it up The whole is taking about the weekend party and Sam is completely oblivious to what is being said All she knows is that girls who used to be her friends are talking to her again and on her side Let s discuss Carter This boy is accused of rape and he does nothing about it He allows his friends to vandalize Sam s car and ocker but does not go to his parents for help Since this story takes place in small town Washington news travels fast yet he stays tight One Good Cowboy lipped and harasses Sam in the hallway and via Facebook Sam struggles with telling the truth especially to Nick her now boyfriend since he s professed his undyingove but fails She s given ample opportunity to tell not only Nick after he confronts her but the many classmates offering her support Sam is then convinced to keep the secret by a group of girls because they were all wronged by Carter Totally John Tucker Must Die revenge Carter A Part Of Me loses aot in this story This is a boy who granted has some seriously messed up morals and values when it comes to girls but to be accused of rape and become the most hated person in school is probably very damaging especially when you know you didn t do anything wrong except turn the girl down Carter went about everything wrong Sam is a character with extreme communication issues Her mom walked out when she was a toddler so she was raised by her father who is not over his ex wife All Sam wants is to go away to college and her father won t allow it These two are so in need of therapy Sam s mistake cost everyone including herself in the story The only winner are the girls that wanted revenge but don t have to ive with anyone knowing they urged Sam to keep the secret As a reader I became extremely frustrated First of all if an author is going to choose small town Washington as the back drop please do not make the main character s father the Chief of Police That was done and put to bed time to move on Living in small town people talk There is no way Sam s father would not have found out about this from the moment the rumors spread The school Principal about this from the moment the rumors spread The school Principal concerned with the vandalism then the fact that one of his students was allegedly raped If the whole school is taking about this he s bound to know We may not ike the characters we relate to and we may not relate to the characters we A Vampires Christmas Carol like In Too Deep is the former with a narrator whose first mistake starts a snowball effect The big issue is that she could publicly correct misconceptions any time but doesn t until the very end Yes she confesses when all is said and done but for the most part Samantha Marshall is unlikable even though teens may relate to her reluctance to clear the airIt s on the back cover so I don t count it as a spoiler Carter Wellesley doesn t rape Sam but sheets everyone believe he did Her defence is I didn t SAY he raped me but the fact is she doesn t immediately speak the truth when she realises a rumour is spreadingSam reasons that Carter is mean so he deserves a bit of payback But that s a slap in the face to every victim of rape who is too scared to report the Em to tell him So she decides to flirt with golden boy Carter Wellesley hoping Nick will see it and finally realize his true feelings for herOn Monday everyone at school is saying that Carter raped Sam He didn't but Sam can't find the words to tell the truth.