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Detective DD Warren is called to the scene of a mass murder At first glance it looks like a father has killed his three children and wife before taking his own life As DD and her crew look into possible motives they discover another family massacred Is it just a coincidence Or are these murders somehow tied togetherThis story is told by three women DD Warren is The Cop Investigating Two Murder Suicide Cases Victoria Is A cop investigating two murder suicide cases Victoria is a of a troubled child she is afraid will someday kill her Danielle is a nurse in the pediatric psych ward She is also the lone survivor or a murder suicide when she was a child This is a VERY DARK STORY IN THE DD dark story IN THE DD SERIES SOME OF THE SCENES CONCERNING the DD series Some of the scenes concerning mentally disturbed children were a bit hard to ead I liked that each chapter was told by a different character Both Victoria and Danielle were sympathetic characters I felt like I didn t learn anything new about DD even though this is the fourth books she has appeared in My ating 4 Stars I just love all Op een warme zomernacht wordt in een arbeidersbuurt van Boston een gezin vermoord Een meisje overleeft het drama De vader en mogelijke verdachte vecht voor zijn leven op de intensive care Rechercheur DD Warren weet een ding ze. He twist and turns of this story Danielle Lives To Tell Her Story Great lives to tell her story Great Its my first in the series and I guess I picked good one I ve gotten away from eading series in Liar, Liar recent years Mostly because I found myself waiting too long for the next book and eventually lost interest The good news is that now there are so many complete series for me to choose from I meally enjoying the DD Warren series and so far
This One Has Been My 
one has been my The premise was uniue and the pacing was perfect Of course I love DD With her bottomless pit of a stomach and Tough Exterior I M Looking exterior I m looking to Essays One reading them all Whoo hoo I finally got to learn about the elusive Detective DD Warren or DD as she is known I started this series at number 3 and tracked back toead in order The books in this series by Lisa Gardner are an awesome set but funnily enough so far in this series I feel DD does take the back seat But she showed herself here and I eally enjoy her character She s a highly committed Detecti. Ker er is meer aan de hand Danielle Burton is een toegewijde verpleegster die hulp biedt aan gewelddadige kinderen op een gesloten psychiatrische afdeling Ze wordt achtervolgd door een familietragedie die bijna vijfentwintig ,

Ve Sergeant a hard boss a hard woman who The Kaya-Girl really does have a soft centre and this book is where me meet that softer side That probably actually does help offset the dark storyline one that was highlyesearched I might add as we see a very dark side in the disturbing world of very damaged and mentally ill children I appreciated the author s note in acknowledgement of her good friends that experienced first hand this hard oad As parents went she and her husband were caring esourceful and involved And they still thought they were losing the war to save their child They Shared Their Story In their story in hopes garnering understanding for mentally children and their often overwhelmed caretakers I love this author s books and also her personal way of sending off each story with Omnibus Films reflection One thing this particular story did show me however as an aside is that I definitely am a cynicegarding spiritual healersGet to this author if you enjoy an easy fast paced Graeco-Egyptian Magick read She s never disappointed me yet. Aar geleden haar leven verwoestte Wanneer DD Warren de psychiatrische inrichting bezoekt beseft Danielle dat haar nachtmerrie opnieuw is begonnen Want zij vraagt zich nog steeds af waarom heeft haar vader háár leven gespaard.

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