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Hile teaching Joseph turns a picture *OF HITLER SO IT FACED THE *Hitler so it faced the His action is reported to the Nazi authorities by a student Joseph is arrested and sent to a prison camp in Zakyna He spends two years in the prison camp ill but determined to escape which he finally does manage to accomplish Joseph spends 4 weeks walking back to Warsaw but when he arrives he discovers that his house has been destroyed his wife has been arrested and sent to a work camp in Germany and his children have survived but are no where to be foundAt the ruins of his home Joseph finds a silver etter opener in the shape "a small sword He also meets a boy there carrying a wood "small sword He also meets a young boy there carrying a wood Eventually he befriends the boy Jan who shows Joseph how and where to safely jump a train to Switzerland Before he eaves he gives the silver swordletter opener to Jan and asks him to tell his children should he run into them that their father has gone to their grandparents in Switzerland to find their mother and to follow him there Jan puts the sword in his wooden box for safekeeping When their mother was arrested Edek had secretly shot at one of the officers with a rifle hitting him in the arm Scared the children decided to run away that night over the rooftops of the adjoining buildings and just in the nick of time As the children are running away their house explodes Nazi retaliation for the rifle shot The children hide in a wood surviving on the kindness of peasants and on Edek s ability to smuggle But one day Edek is caught and arrested They hear nothing about him for two years continuing to survive in the woods in summer and in Warsaw in winter In the summer of 1944 Ruth now 15 and Bronia now 5 hear that the Russians are pushing westward and are not far from Warsaw This rumor turns out to be true and by January 1945 the Nazis are gone from Warsaw but because of the fighting to regain it so is Warsaw At their former home they find a very ill Jan They nurse him back to health and are helped to survive by a kind Russian soldier who also traces the whereabouts of Edek in Posen But when they arrived in Posen they earned Edek has TB and is in isolation At the makeshift hospital for TB patients they are told that he has just run away Tired and hungry they go to a refugee camp for food and rest but when a brawl breaks out the hand the pulls Ruth away from the fray is that of Edek Together the four children begin their journey to Switzerland in earnest by first taking a train to Berlin By now it is May 1945 and the war over in EuropeTheir journey to Switzerland takes Ruth Edek Bronia and Jan isn t easy Edek s TB gets progressively worse Then Edek and Jan are caught stealing from the American troops in Germany and Jan must do a week of detention The children are taken in and cared for by a kindly farmer and his wife but when they hear that all Polish people will be sent back to Poland they are forced to make a middle of the night escape in some old canoes the farmer owns All through their journey the silver sword has been an inspiration to carry on and find their parents But in their hasty escape the silver sword gets Scandalous (Playing with Fire left behind at the farm It was their talisman and asong as they had it they had good Brute Force (Nick Stone, luck overcoming the obstacles they faced Now it seems that theiruck has run out The canoe trip which should have been easy is not without hazards Ruth and Bronia are shot at and one of the other canoes is destroyed Later they face a terrible storm while crossing Lake Constance Beautiful Breasts Pictures located in both Germany and Switzerland Will they ever be reunited with their parents without the sword At the heart of this novel stands is the idea of family The Balicki s are is a warmoving supportive family reason enough to motivate the children to find their parents And the reason that the homeless parentless Jan decides to stick with them Like many people who ived through the war the children find strength in themselves to endure discovering that they can deal with all kinds of difficulties and hardships Throughout the novel Serraillier juxtaposes the hatred and destructive nature of Nazism and the people who supported it against the kind and helpful people who rejected it people who were willing to take a chance even risking of arrest and death to help the children The Silver Sword was published in the United States under the name Escape from Warsaw and is still available from Scholastic by that name I prefer the original name The Silver Sword since it has so much meaning the central characters in the story Although the novel was published in 1956 it remains a very exciting adventure for young readers and I highly recommend itThe book is recommended from readers aged 12 and upThis book was borrowed from the Juvenile Collection of the Hunter College Library A no frills beautifully realised tale of courage simply and sympathetically narrated Definitely time for a reissue. Ds Switzerland where they believe they will be reunited with their parents they encounter many hardships and dangers. ,

The Silver Sword

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In this heartwarming mid 20th century which I oved as a child *Four Brave Polish Kids *brave Polish kids the horrors of the regime and embark on a perilous journey through war torn Europe finally to reach a Western country and be put in cages When You Look Up like the vermin they are Surely some mistake Ed A story crafted around realife examples This novel tells the story of three Polish siblings Ruth Edek and Bronia search for their parents after their schoolmaster father is tossed in jail for hanging Hitler s picture facing the wall He escapes from prison to find his house destroyed by fire and his family gone and meets a streetwise orphan named Jan Ruth manages to find shelter becoming a mother to her siblings and they decide to go to Switzerland to find their remaining relatives crossing decide to go to Switzerland to find their remaining relatives crossing and Germany along the way Jan joins them on their uest helping them survive in a world gone mad even as the family is separated and reunited along the way Along the way they are assisted by generous caring people soldiers farmers etcNo idea why Scholastic changed the perfectly apt title of The Silver Sword which was a family heirloom and symbol of hope for the wayward children Maybe 35 stars Escape from Warsaw by Ian Serraillier originally titled The Silver Sword is the adventure story of a family which was separated during the war Their father protests Nazi Germany s tyranny and is taken to a prison camp which he The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, later escapes from Their mother is taken away to work for I remember the first time I bought this book I was nine years old and had just discovered the joy of Scholastic school book order forms back when you could still order brand new books for yourself by mail for only four dollars with no shipping costs and Escape from Warsaw was one of my first It s a novel which is based on true accounts but what really makes it hit home as an important story is how realistic the characters are and how they could easily be justike you or me WWII was uite possibly one of the darkest periods of human history and Escape from Warsaw shares the gravity of this through the eyes of childrenWhile originally marketed to middle grade readers it s a rather heavy handed book which I think older readers can definitely get something out of as well It hasn t become dated with time either Its themes and plot are still just as relevant today as ever At some points the book feels almost rushed and I m not sure if that s supposed to heighten the chaos and uncertainty of the story or not but it felt out of place at times Still I Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene loved the story and I think it s one that readers should definitely try because in our current crazy political era we need toook back on the things that really matter most in the worst of times family and friendship and Scandal! love and Escape from Warsaw shows how special these things are and how they can prevail even when everything feels hopeless I first read Ian Serraillier s novel The Silver Sword when I was 12 All these yearsater I had vague memories of what the story was about but very vivid memories of having The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel loved it We read it in school and so it wasn t a book that I d actually come across elsewhere One day while perusing the selection at Book Closeouts I came across the book and decided to order it I wondered after all these years if it would stand up Some childhood books do and some don t The Silver Sword is the story of Polish siblings Ruth Edek and Bronia When the Nazis invade Warsaw in 1940 their father Joseph and mother Margrit are taken awayeaving the children then aged 13 11 and 3 to fend for themselves We hear a Pilgrimage (1920) little bit about the father who manages to escape a couple yearsater and make his way back to Warsaw There he encounters a young ruffian named Jan It s part Shapely Ankle Preferrd luck and part contrivance that the children should meet up with Jan and together they set off for Switzerland in search of their parentsI am sad to say that The Silver Sword wasn t a magical experience the second time around The story is simplistic the characters are one dimensional and the happy ending is unrealistic That said it in no way diminishes my memories of what Ioved about the book 30 odd years ago Then the trials of these children their hunt for safe places to sleep finding food trying to stay out of the way of the Nazis searching for their parents was both thrilling and heart wrenching I can only attribute my disappointment to the fact that I am older and jadedI think my children will Sword at Sunset love it as much as I did then The Silver Sword is an epic tale of a family who were separated when the Nazi s invaded Poland in 1940 The story centres on the Balicki family who consisted of the mother Margrit the father Joseph and their 3 young children Ruth Bronia and Edek With their father taken to a prison camp and their mother captured as a slave the three children wereeft to fend for them self in a country ravaged by the Nazis The name. A moving account of a journey through war torn EuropeAlone and fending for themselves in a Poland devastated by war. ,

Of the book The Silver Sword is significant "as this sword belonged to Joseph the father of the Balicki children and throughout the book it is "this sword belonged to Joseph the father of the Balicki children and throughout the book it is constant beacon of hope in a story so heart wrenching Upon escaping from the prison camp Joseph meets a ragged young boy called Jan and gives Jan the sword instructing him that if he ever encounters his children to send them towards the safety of their grandparents home in Switzerland While the three young children struggle things go from bad to worse as Edek the Balicki brother is arrested for smuggling With the girls on their own they return to the remains of their former home were they meet Jan the young boy with the silver sword Jan at former home were they meet Jan the young boy with the silver sword Jan at stage of their former home were they meet Jan the young boy with the silver sword Jan at this stage gravely ill with TB however his encounter with the girl s father ensure they take him to a refugee camp were they are reunited with their brother Edek after a chance meeting Inspired by the silver sword the four children embark on an emotional journey towards Switzerland desperate to be reunited with their parents after an arduous journey of 5 years I read this story as a 9 year old child and Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch loved it reading it again has made me remember why Ioved it Not only is the story informative giving children an insight into war iterature and making them aware of specific events such as the Nazi invasion of Europe the selection of characters are fantastic as it keeps the reader embroiled in their plight The inclusion of cheeky ikeable characters such as Edek and Jan along with compassionate souls Cronache della famiglia Wapshot like Ruth really has the reader championing the kids all the way to the haven that is Switzerland An excellent read for children from year 5 and upwards World War II is over Three siblings Ruth Bronia and Edek along with their new friend Jan are on their way to Switzerland to find their father The home of the three siblings in Poland has been destroyed by the war and their mother and father were both taken away by the Germans Jan has been orphaned and isiving on the streets making his way by hook or crook It s a story of adventure of making their way on foot scrounging for a place to stay in a barn or with a kind family searching for food It s a story with much to say about the right and wrong things to do a story that would be excellent for discussion with children Is it right or wrong to steal food when you are starving And what if you are stealing from food that is marked for your own hungry people Are all German soldiers wicked What about the Russian ones It s based on true stories of children after the war and these are stories children of today probably haven t heard How do mere children survive a The Temple of the Golden Pavilion long trek A 1001 Children s Book You Must Read Before You Grow Up This is a wonderful book The novel tells the poignant story of a group of children s search for their parents in World War II ravaged Europe The story revolves around the siblings Ruth Edek and Bronia and their friend Jan a resourceful but eccentric street smart kid The siblings had a happyife in with their family in Poland But one day the Nazis would come for them and their world would turn upside down Somehow they would flee and The Secret Life of Birds learn to survive on the streets Ruth the elder sister would take on the role of the mother More misfortune would follow The siblings would get separated Ruth would make a friendship with Jan who would help with stuff he managed to get Ultimately the siblings would reunite and together with Jan they would embark on a journey towards Switzerland There would be hardships but there were many generous people from all walks ofife who would help the childrenThere is adventure danger tragedy and surprisingly a The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering little bit of humor in the story But the most inspiring theme of the book is home The silver sword after which the novel is named is nothing but a humble paperknife belonging to the siblings father This would become a symbol of hope for the childrenThe author has skillfully used themes such as family friendship kindness and his portrayal of human nature is commendable He has deftly demonstrated how humans can act contrary to their nature under extreme circumstances and how even mature kids try to make up for theirost childhood when they get the chanceThe book has a very happy ending That s the good news right The characters of the children had been taken from Red Cross records However they did not come from the same family and unfortunately all of them did not get a happy ending in real New Penguin Cookery Book lifeAnyway I shall repeat myself This is a short but a wonderful book It is regarded as a YA novel but can be enjoyed by people of all agesHighly recommended The Silver Sword is the story of the Balicki family Joseph and his Swiss wife Margrit and his daughter Ruth 13 and Bronia 3 and son Edek 11 In 1940 they areiving in a Warsaw suburb in Poland during the Nazi occupation of that country where Joseph is the headmaster in a primary school One day Jan and his three homeless friends cling to the silver sword as a symbol of hope As they travel through Europe towar.

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