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Eace accordsCIA analyst Michael Osborne who barely made it out of The Mark of the Assassin alive as been called out of retirement to Odd Man In head a CIA unit in the UK in theopes of uelling and ending the new terrorist group Reluctantly Osborne agrees but only Because His Father In Law Has Been Chosen By The his father in law Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale has been chosen by the to be the new Irish AmbassadorMeanwhile the assassin known as Delaroche is still alive and active Thought to be killed at the end of the last novel Osborneas Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children hadis suspicions Recent assassinations Carlyle Marney havead a familiar Delaroche aroma about them but few people at Langley believe that Delaroche is even alive The Society of course is working to keep Osborne and Shameful his father in law out of the way PermanentlyOnce again Silvaas written father in law out of the way PermanentlyOnce again Silva as written taut edge of the seat suspense thriller in the Tom Clancy mold In truth The Marching Season as than a few major similarities with Clancy s classic novel Patriot Games but at least Silva is copying from the best Patriot Games is one of my favorite Clancy novelsThe action and suspense never lets up in this one and the end almost guarantees a follow up novel in the Osborne series This 98 story contained good Silva writing but lacked a successful conclusion The prescient Mr Silva even mentions the nefarious Osama bin laden Lots of deaths and for what Billionaires 6 of 10 stars. Aw is marked for execution And that Sacred Landscapes heimself is once again in the crosshairs of a killer known as October one of the most merciless assassins the world as ever kno. I read the first Michael Osborne novel uite a long time ago and Really Enjoyed This Follow enjoyed this follow I love the Gabriel Allon novels but I find myself wishing that Silva ad written with Osborne I am sometimes a voracious reader Vacillate between Ta Neishi Coates Allende Clinton Comey and Orwell The writers I cited are interesting and important but not always fun Silva knows Gold Rush how to do espionage thrillers love interest and boy it is fun We do read to know we are not alone but sometimes what a delight to simply read Kinda like a good John MacDo There is still today a very weird and racist thought among many people that terrorists are only brown skinned Arabic or Middle Eastern Muslims and that white Christians are solely victimizedorribly throughout the world and in the United States especially and never the victimizers This of course goes against the facts and also It s a NARRATIVE UNCOMFORTABLE TO A LOT OF PEOPLE BUT IT uncomfortable to a lot of people but it the truth white non Muslim men commit most of the world s terrorist acts White men Girl Reporter have been doing it far longer and effectively Anyone who studies Europeanistory knows thisDaniel Silva s 1999 novel The Marching Season a direct seuel to Hunted his novel The Mark of the Assassin focuses on the long and fruitful white terrorist tradition of the United Kingdom involving the age oldatred and violence betw. When the Good Friday peace accords are shattered by three savage acts of terrorism Northern Ireland is blown back into the depths of conflict And after is father in. ,

The Marching SeasonEen the Protestants and the Catholics In case you don t know those are not Muslim sects They are Christian sects For centuries the Republicans Catholics who want nothing to do with England and the Loyalists Protestants who want Ireland to unite with England ave been battling it out in Parliament as well as in the streets oftentimes with bloody conseuences Tens of thousands ave died since the 17th century the century many scholars argue is the official start of what is called The Troubles Perhaps the most
familiar terrorist organization 
terrorist organization the PLO and Al aeda the IRA Irish Republican Army as been plotting and committing bombings and assassinations since the late 60s But They Aren T The Only aren t the only groups at work in the UKIn 1998 The Good Friday Agreement was reached that essentially cemented the relationships and sovereign rights of Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland and the UK While many argue that it s not perfect it as managed to bring about a semblance of peace between all partiesOf course this is a problem for those who profited and capitalized on The Troubles namely companies and weapons dealers who are funded by war and strife In Silva s novel a fictional group known as the Society works to undermine the Good Friday peace accords by funding an Irish terrorist organization who is against the Law is nominated to become the new American ambassador to London retired CIA agent Michael Osbourne is drawn back into the game He soon discovers that is father in .