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His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, eY Rob and Rebecca were perfect forach other They knew a About Emotional And about The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, emotional and pain how hard and scary was to trust and to open up to someone after all those bad and cruel things they ve bothxperienced Rob Pursuit of Justice even pushed her away but he can t stay away for long because he really loves herAnd the whole suspensemysterylement of the story line was very much present in this book compare to the first book and I bet we will find out about it in the next three books in the series Overall Her Lonestar Protector was a great read and an Dangerous to Touch enjoyable one And I m happy to see both Rob and Rebecca overcome their past together and finally got their much deserve Happyver after What abuse can do to the soul and how it can be healed Can t wait for the next book. In Rebecca's past KEPT HER WARY OF THE SEXY TEXAN COULD ROB her wary of the sexy Texan Could Rob Rebecca of the depth of his feelings and win not only her trustbut also her heart. Robert Cole is a sexy private investigator and a Texas Cattleman s club member who was asked by one of his best friend and fellow club member to help and find out the murderer responsible for the death of one of the Webscott Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude employee And he got hisyes on the beautiful florist who first found Eric Chamber s lifeless bodyRebecca moved to town and started her dream business when her first found Eric Chamber

s lifeless bodyrebecca 
lifeless bodyRebecca to town and started her dream business when her husband died She was now finally safe but not Rodeo Daughter entirely free because she still can t forget But life is as comfortable and happy as she allows it until she found the lifeless body of Eric and came faced to faced with the handsome PI He frightened her but not in the way her husband frightened her Rob hired her to remodeled his gardenpatio and as they spent time together she Ever since he'd first setyes on her gruff private investigator Robert Cole had been smitten by lovely florist Rebecca Todman The vulnerable beauty ,

Ees through his tough cold And I Don T Care I don t care to the guy he really is I loved story with a tortured hero and Rob was pretty much that He was scarred inside and out The horrible things he suffered at the hands of his own father How could the man be so so cruel He was supposed to be the one to protect Rob love him But he was so cruel and made Rob s life a living hell I really feel bad for him And Rob s mother never did anything for him she let his father beat him I might sound like a bastard but I m glad his father was dead and I hope he suffered a painful death I liked Rebecca s character She s a real trooper She also suffered a lot from his very abusive husband and I m glad that he s already dead or I might kick his ass for being such a bastardThat s wh. Ad mowed down his defenses and aroused his protective instinctsas well as the desire to kiss her senseless The attraction was mutual but dark secrets. ,

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Her Lone Star Protector

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