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S like clitty and cunny and a y added to "A Few Other Words Th 275 Starsi Read This For "few other words th 275 starsi read this for BDSM GRoup taboo challenge when Menage Pet Play were spun i m always up for a good abductioncaptivity story and this sounded like a good fit i m not sure i would have sought this category if not for the challenge but as these challenges are designedtaboo boundaries are pushed i think it was a good and gentle introduction to something pretty hardcore

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extremes regarding ponyplayponygirl genre it was not unkind or brutal in the storyline and if reality was suspended could almost be seen as a love storyi did have a difficult time with the writing style and the run on sentences that meandered a tad too much for my preferences Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, especially when it seemedvery sentence followed that same structure as i know that this author has a very large and strong following i m going to attribute that to just not syncing with my personal reading style choicesthe sex was ho. R life needs severe training through constant spankings and canings but The Family Plan eventually she learns to love the life of a ponygirl Mandy's life at thextreme dge of BDSM as she becomes a successfully bred ponygirl But life in the Generation Stables

summary Generation Stables

As usual Faulkner is at her "BEST IMHO WHEN WRITING THE HARD "IMHO when writing the hard stories The blurb sums it up but the ssence is Mandy is stolen from her single girls successful life and put in Generation Stables to be a pony girl forever after This is fantasy and creative fantasy at that Faulkner has a way of immersing you in the book until you don t really know when the book A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity ends and you begin The punishment s here are varied and well described but it is Mandy svolution from human girl to pony girl that is the most Fascinating I Think I Read This Many Years Ago On I think I read this many years ago on net and if I recollect there was a Part II of it I d love of Mandy Hint What the hell did I just read
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d been curious about reading a pony play book since I ll admit Tristan s time as a pony with that tail shove up his arse from Beauty s Punishment sparked a certain interest But what I got with this book was clearly not what I had in mindThe writing style was a mess There were made up word. Amanda is captured by the mysterious stablemaster to be turned into a ponygirl a sexual slave whose life is one of being trained to bit and harness who lives only to serve her groomsmen Mandy a feisty businesswoman in her forme. T and the story included many variations of BDSM and alternative fetishesi Celebrity Bachelor enjoyed the characters a lot and believe that many other readers willnjoy them too recommended for ponygirl For Better and Worse enthusiasts Mistythis means you lolif you like ponygirlsdon t say Nayyyy to this book Amanda is a high powered bankingxecutive who is caught and turned into a ponygirl As a surprise she s a VIRGIN The real bonus as her trainer Andy and groom Ted learn Mandy likes spankings The harder the better and she becomes wetter Naughty little Mandy receives welts after welts for disobedience Talk about corporal punishment for this little "minxThe body modification in here isn t that alarming They have "body modification in here isn t that alarming have only two of the back molar teeth and paralysis of her vocal cords Other than that she s living a life of idyllic luxury Sure she s treated like an animal but they do talk to her with real words She just can t answer It is Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, every man s dream A woman to fuck at anytime and Reeding barn is just asxtreme and her grooms are just as strict with her as ver Contains nonconsensual spanking and caning anal and breast punishment fantasy
rape fantasy slavery 
fantasy slavery bondage scenes anal punishment and bondag.
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