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Duck Sock HopVery cute illustrations and a fun read a loud So cute using In Story Time story time again enjoyed this one which makes kids move and trade their shoes and socks Cute This is tongue twister of a book Mommy made some embarrassing mistakes when reading this out loud so beware this may make ou say some things International Organizations you shouldn t LOL A ridiculous silly book This might be cute for a Toddler dance storytime or something The pictures are super cute Frank and I liked this book Recording sent Ry listened with nanna and poppa today Funny story about a bunch of ducks wearing dif. A rollicking rhyming read aloud that will knockour socks off Warm up wiggle stretch our beak Duck Sock Hop comes once a week The mood is high the sun is low the music starts get ready go In this tongue twisting toe tapp.

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Ferent kinds of socks at a sock hop They MESSED UP AND TORN SO THEY HAVE TO up and torn So they have to new socks at the duck sock shop With these authors brilliant illustrations the ducks and their socks are brought to life From the beginning of the book it shows all the types of socks that there could possibly be This tongue twisting book will for sure have readers up on their toes dancing with their different socks on Throughout the plot of the story the ducks find socks and they start to perform activities where they end up ripping their socks and having to get new ones For oung audienc. Ing picture book ducks grab socks from a big SOCK BOX AND HEAD ON DOWN box and head on down the duck sock hop In socks with stripes and socks with spots socks with suares and socks with dots these brightly boldly illustrated ducks dance unt. ,

Es this would be very appealing along with the illustrations this book is sure to capture anyone s attention a fun teaching activity would be to just have my students get up with their socks where they will be able to compare with each other as well as perform activities around the classroom with just their socks while reading along with this book Pretty solid for storytime this one has great illustrations and fun rhyming Also reading along with this book Pretty solid for storytime this one has great illustrations and fun rhyming Also Sssss Apparently when I am tired my lissssp Comes Back Out To back out to That was a bit rough but we made it Lots of lissspy ssssillly fun. Il their socks go rip; and ducks teeter tumble twist and trip But not to worry; in this preschool perfect read aloud when one sock hop ends the countdown to the next one begins So prepare for a feel good giggle inducing re.

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