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Batman Volume 1 The Court of Owls


A 85% Extraordinary Notes A book "of apocalypse an awakening where silent darkness emerges from myth and hyme into the light of "apocalypse an awakening where silent darkness emerges from myth and hyme into the light of It wasn t so awful that it deserved less than 3 stars but to say I m disappointed is an understatementCapullo is a talented artist but I m not a fan of the chubby Batman Ok maybe chubby isn t the ight word Bobble head ish You know when They Have The Impossibly Large Head And
chin anyway not 
Anyway Not the impossibly large head and chin Anyway not cuppa I m sure others will love itWas the story any good Ehhhhhhh It wasn t bad but I had some problems with the way Batman was portrayed He doesn t believe the legend about the Court of Owls is eal because he already investigated it when he was a kid Yeah he says he s looked into them since then but the bulk of his argument ests on what he did as a child No Batman is not that stupid Also those Owls eally took him for a ide Not because they managed to get the jump on him but because he simply efused to believe in the possibility that they existed Maybe that was the point Batman is fallible and doesn t know everything Except Well if there is one superhero who uestions everything plans for everything and doesn t trust anythingit s Batman It seemed odd that he wouldn t have opened his mind to the possibilityThen there was the scene at the end where he is practically clinging to Dick blubbering about how Gotham isn t what he thought it was I literally cringed Snyder broke Batman And again maybe that was the po. Following his ground breaking critically acclaimed un on Detective Comics writer Scott Snyder American Vampire alongside artist Greg Capullo Spawn begins a new era of The Dark Knight as with the elaunch of  Batman as a part of DC Comics The New 52After a series. Int Doesn t mean I have to like itI m not trying to bash the entire volume though It held my interest and I bash the entire volume though It HELD MY INTEREST AND I DEFINITELY my interest and I definitely to keep eading to see where Snyder
takes this new 
this New is also another solid eason to pick up The Court of Owls It was possibly the coolest thing I have ever experienced while eading a graphic novelview spoilerDuring the time the Court has Batman trapped in their maze he begins to lose touch ather uickly with eality Everything is distorted frightening and trippy But that s not the cool part At one point you have to turn the book on it s side think centerfold boys to ead the panels After a couple of pages you then have to turn the book back to the normal eading position Exceptit s not Suddenly you e the one who is confused and disoriented Somehow the book in you hands is now upside down You have to flip the pages backward to ead the thing You e ight there with Batman Very Cool hide spoiler holy shit this was SO GOOD and bloody also those fucking plot twists gave me 20 heart attacks I didn t sign up for this pain but i love batman so i guess i ll just die Snyder and Capullo create a modern Batman in a world of dark horror mystery and emotion Much in the way Morrison etconned Batman s continuity Snyder expands his mythology including his trauma family training and Gotham s underworld Never let your emotions guide you on a case Bruce says but that s precisely what he does This is an ambitious firs. Of brutal murders ocks Gotham City Batman begins to ealize that perhaps these crimes go far deeper than appearances suggest As the Caped Crusader begins to unravel this deadly mystery he discovers a conspiracy going back to his youth and beyond to the origins of th. T volume attempting to ecreate the character while doing so in innovative storytelling like the labyrinth scenes These scenes like the splash page which forces the eader to physically eorient the book storytelling like the labyrinth scenes These scenes like the splash page which forces the eader to physically eorient the book a true postmodern fourth wall moment are new and brilliant While dark like any Batman story this Bruce has levity and a boyish charm bringing balance and inspiring sympathy and connection in the eader It s everything you want in Batman tragic and vengeful but still elatably human I have an apparently unstoppable killer unning around Gotham with my name on his list BatmanAfter eading average Batman vs Predator or just plain blah Batman Damned titles earlier this year it was efreshing to jump back into solid Dark Knight storytelling involving big action and suspense clothed in darkness Yes the World s Greatest Detective gets to put his vaunted investigatory skills to work alongside the expected fisticuffs In a nice change of pace the adversaries involved are not drawn from the well known colorful and outlandish usual suspects line up but are instead a new and shadowy group In a conspiracy fueled plot it is evealed that a clandestine And Decidedly Lethal Cabal decidedly lethal cabal owl masked power brokers have been pulling the strings in Gotham City for the last several decades One notable extended seuence involved Batman too close to losing his sanity in said lengthy ordeal trapped in a deadly maze with a would be and seemingly unstoppable assassin. E city he's sworn to protect Could the Court of Owls once thought to be nothing than an urban legend be behind the crime and corruption Or is Bruce Wayne losing his grip on sanity and falling prey to the pressures of his war on crimeCollects issues #1 7 of  Batman .