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Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas eBook is a greatscape from reality and if you are looking for "something to read by The Pool This Summer This pool this summer This the one for "to read by the pool this summer This is the one for Step Sisters is an intricate web of betrayal From the looks of this book and the description I thought that the sisters grew up together That is not the case Two grown women become sisters by marriage Elizabeth is the brain with the bad boy fianc Rachel is the stunning beauty with the acting talent A not so shocking betrayal makes them The Magic Rolling Pin enemies at the beginningEven though the sisters are notven on speaking terms their lives run parallel as they gain fame one with her knack for telling the truth one for ability to turn heads The sisters are bound together by parental ties sibling neutrality a bad boy lover old flames and work contacts Elizabeth is hell bent on getting revenge as a gossip columnist Rachel is living the high life as a famed actress The destiny of these two women come together time and again and the mud slinging stops when these two realize the are their only allies in a final act togetherI grabbed this fictional book to read thinking it would give me a long break from Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, erotica I was wrong I read thisntire book in one week With life trying to distract me from it s cliffhanger chapter Not Without a Fight endings I should say I devoured the book because that isxactly what happened Rupert James has this uncanny ability to make me love and hate his characters at the same time I don t really know who to root for in his stories but I always nd up wanting when I am finishedThis book is fast paced and very well written If you loved The Devil Wears Prada you will love This Book Rupert James Knows book Rupert James knows to tell a juicy story The characters are flawed in the most believable ways No matter which sister you side with Rupert makes you love them both This book was well worth the time investment for me I couldn t put it down Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI m not a big reader of chick lit women s books without romance and sex but I within a few pages of Stepsisters I was hooked I couldn t tell you xactly why xcept that the idea of two lonely women becoming sisters not only by marriage but by their own ideals then being ripped apart by the misguided actions of one of them kept me intrig. T but their parents' marriage makes them reluctant siblings The girls are about to discover they have another thing in common they share the same taste in men After a devastating betrayal rips their new family apart the two women are Once I took the time to really sit down and read it I was able to pound through the book not bad but not great It was hard for me to get into reading a British novel but once I read a few chapters it was well worth the read not a bad book better than alots of chick litvery good book Very bitchy but very fun "Read From The Author "from the author Silk Anyone looking for a fun bonkbusting read will love this adter reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseni i needed some light relief so i got this in Asda lol i didn t realise until i had read 3 chapters that it been written by a man i have to say it was uite good he had a bit of verything love lust money greed murder thought it was uite good wont be keeping it on my bookshelf though I picked up this book xpecting a frothy chick book but it is anything but that There Are Dark Undertones Right From The Offset All Characters Were dark undertones right from the offset All characters were complex Neither fitting into the hero or the villain of the story as they all had their faults yet were likeable nough to feel sympathy As the story was set over 5 years the pace of the story was fast moving and never lulled A very Zu schnell enjoyable story with uniue twists that kept me hooked to thend A brilliant book about two incredibly interesting females Elizabeth Miller not a conventionally attractive women yet seems to have Sleepless (Bird of Stone, everything and loses it all Rachel Hope a stunningly beautiful student who is trying to find her spot in the spot light The story follows these characters lives following the uprootingvents in a perfect balance I ve read this book twice now and the first time I was sat on the fence with my opinions both women didn t deserve the bad luck the ncountered but both could have handled it better This time round I found myself siding primarily with Elizabeth Great story over all and a lovely nding Started this at midnight last night and finished this afternoon I loved this book Well done Mr James The story of two step sisters is page turning bitchy juicy xciting glizty and dirty Everything you would want in a chick lit book set in the world of showbiz All the characters have flaws but most are still likable apart from Nick I hated Nick There were times when I thought ach of the sisters desereved what was happening to them and at times I just felt really sorry for them This. Hell hath no fury like a stepsister scorned Elizabeth Miller has brains a trust fund and an unreliable fiancé Rachel Hope is a young aspiring actress beautiful talented seemingly sweet Under normal circumstances they would never have me.

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UedThe story begins with Elizabeth learning of her father s impending marriage Their family is so fractured that she had no idea he was ven dating someone let alone getting ready to marry her Elizabeth is slightly self centered worried that her father s marriage will over shadow her own impending wedding I "can forgive her this because she is constantly "forgive her this because she is constantly herself for thinking in this direction trying to change her train of thoughts back to happiness for those around herRachel was raised by her single somewhat wild and ccentric mother She dreams of becoming a true actress and has the naturally beautiful looks that turn heads whenever she actress and has the naturally Beautiful Looks That Turn Heads looks that turn heads she into a room Rachel knows she s beautiful but as a child was plain and called horse face so she s learned to use her looks to her advantage But she also has a brain which she has also learned to use to her advantageWhen Elizabeth and Rachel learn of a shared love of literature though for Rachel it s through movies not books they latch on to Yummy Supper each other However some of the other people in their lives have the idea to use the stepsister s relationship to their advantage and this is where things get stickyAt this point I can t really say anythinglse without giving the plot away and this is something I just don t want to do with this book You need to read it yourself There are ups and there are downs I felt my heart ache for both Elizabeth and Rachel and I also felt ach was a btch at one time or another I also felt true happiness when they were at their sisterly bestThe secondary characters are people you might find in your own life Some are users who stay around as long as you can provide them with whatever they need or want at the time Others are shallow and think only of themselves A couple are drug addicts and a few have the heart of a true friend but somehow fade away during the fracas of lifeFavorite uote Come on please I m having such a good time I don t want to go home Anyway we re celebrating Yes Your role Congratulations Oh that Rachel drained her glass I wasn t thinking about that Then what Rachel looked at Elizabeth her yes sparkling The fact that we like Deep Listening each other Not because we have to Not just to please our parents But because we really do Don t we We do said Elizabeth feeling an unexpected lightness of hear. O longer sisters no longerven speaking Now Rachel is on the verge of the fame she's always craved Elizabeth has become a gossip columnist one who knows far too many secrets about Rachel's past And she's hell bent on getting her revenge. Stepsisters
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