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The Secret Child oCover As both a chapbookf baroue hypocrisy and a kind Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook of Venn diagramf guileless amorality this book is in select companyIt s like a gay Gatsby through a glass darkly coke bottle plus syphilisBut I find the prospect f explaining my admiration f it to be painful than the act f reading its comically outraged to say that if you did not find it hilarious I feel badly for youBut nly a reviewsSuffice say that if you did not find it hilarious I feel badly for youBut nly a bitBecause you can t be both the subject f a black satire and its clever audience can youNo You can tYou can hate the ever living fuck ut Of It Though SoThere S That I it though SoThere s that I been wracking my brain trying to figure how to write a review extolling the virtues f a book filled with loving descriptions f pederasty without coming ff like a creep And I just can t I m not sure it s possible So I m not going to try I ll just write what I think and if that makes me a creep then so be it First Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 off this book is batshit insane Seriously it is unbelievablybscene It takes a special kind f psychotic courage to write a book about schoolboys running around raping each ther and 11 year ld boys soliciting the advances f 69 year A Philosophy of Cinematic Art old men It takes a special kindf genius to make said book funny and engaging It has the same can t look away appeal The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified of crime scene photosr stories White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of people being eaten by crocodiles Everything that happens in this book is horrible Everything And I m ashamedf myself for having so thoroughly enjoyed it It s just that it s so well written and clever and awful So so awful guys But so good Empieza como una historia de humor negro y cinismo con descripciones pornogr ficas De golpe se acaba el argumento y es puro porno Todo el mundo es gay Schwer einzuordnen aber das hier ist so bertrieben verdorben dass es gera. Into insignificance before the fiendish blackly funny machinations f Grant Lattimer Um not sure how to review this "Maybe With Some Reader Advisories Do Not "with some reader advisories Do not if you have trigger issues withRapeUnderage rapeUnderage sexBullyingSTDsTasting a dead man s cumGiant hanging ballsA handsome alligator attache case which

neatly stored in rows several colored plastic representations f erect penises And which contains neatly stored in rows several flesh colored plastic representations Scab of erect penises And small machineCoke bottles put to uses for which they were notrginally intended I hate this book with every fiber In a World Created by a Drunken God of my being If this was a paperback I d light itn fire and throw it in the dumpster This goes Indo No Kao on my most hated books ever list along with A Confederacyf Dunces The Story f O I despise this book than I can say That s all the review I ve got right now When I was going through The Boy Avengers ne name kept popping up for comparison James Lear Somehow just like any Giant Peach Yodel of James Lear s work everyone in the book would have sex However in Karl Flinders s writing even the female characters would be doing so So be warned for those who would want to concentraten Sinai and Zion only male male interactionSomehow I preferred Karl Flinders s work minus the typing and spelling errors Maybe because all the characters in the book would be described as gorgeous One could not help but to picture Jack Foster the tutor and also Jeff Grant s love interest in the book who was sexually assaulted by his schoolmates They were described to be so beautiful that I needed to know what would happen to them next It kept me glued to the book The revenge the plot was simple Perhaps believable too as Grant was said to be extremely richHowever there wasnly so much f sexual description ne could absorb from reading a book like this Eventually I found myself bored with little interest in ther sexual conuests described at the endLove the. You''ve heard f strange and sensuous practices among schoolboys before but they pale. ,

Dezu ins KomischeLachhafte berschwenkt Raffiniert #AKA The Big Book Of #The Big Book f Rape OR The Big Book f Male Genitals and AssholesHighly disturbing This book was creepy but engaging I wanted to know What Would Happen But Nothing Happened Uite would happen but nothing happened uite way I expected and when things happened it kind Iniquity of ma I m a big fanf transgressive literature especially in the LGBT genre This is another that I won tcan t recommend to anyone however I believe this ne was auto recommended to me though some kind f population Goodreads based n reading Dennis Cooper Samuel Delaney etc Like their works this ne is bold to The Point Of Being Inappropriate Unlike Cooper point Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of being inappropriate Unlike Cooper Delaney it is a bit gratuitously pornographic in mypinion though it is not poorly written There are even some redeeming ualities hence the 3 stars such as the fascinating intellectual narrator who is psychologically clinical and whose personal desire for retribution though not recognized except through his avenging a schoolmate drives the entire narrative In many ways this book read like something Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook outf the 19th Century I had to keep reminding myself that the book was written in the last decade Anyhow if you re not ffended by graphic descriptions f sexual acts including underageinter generational acts rape murder etc then go ahead and give this Livin' de Life one a try It s not for the traditionally curious though I think I appreciated it mostly because I m an experienced transgressive reader and could appreciate the writing though very poorly proofededited and the subtextual arguments without getting too distracted byoffended by the surface subject matter which is going to be unpalatable to most people It was also laughut loud funny at times I marked a few passages that were downright clever. Hen he sets The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter out to perpetrate an elaborate sexual revengen the rapists f his belove.

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