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treasures in the darknessI was disappointed in this book Only the last half of the book is devoted to extending the early stage of Lewy body which is what #the subtitle says the book is about and most the strategies mentioned by the author. #subtitle says the book is about and most of the strategies mentioned by the author. is a wonderful book for those of us who

have a family 
a family with lewy bodyparkinsonsalhizemers disease at talks of her and her.

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Challenged to Win person narrative of a wife s journey to su. Familys struggles in finding out a diagnoses then as a family what changes they made to give hope and meaning to each day andrepare. Pport her husband and love him well through the very Difficult Manifestations Of This Disease The Writing Style Is Comfortable manifestations of this disease The writing style is comfortable engaging and the overall length of the book is just right The narrative is wrapped by an excel. And make necessary decisions earlythis #BOOK HAS LOTS GOOD IDEAS FOR THOSE THAT #has lots of good ideas for those that in the early stages of lewy bodyparkinsons disea. ,