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Ce stats I loved the easy bantering repartee between Ben and Ivy it #Was Fun And So #fun and so Come to think of it it was Ben who was sexy He was dripping with sexual innuendos which it it was Ben who was sexy He was dripping with sexual innuendos which times were chuckle worthy but at times so hot I had trouble swallowing We could tiptoe around for another hour throw back a few drinks Give us both a chance to relaxand realize how exhausted we are Instead of wasting that time let me say that I want you I want us to go upstairs to my room right now I want to take you fast and hard While you re still coming down I want to lick every inch and spiral you right back up to the stars Then if you re still game I really do want you on top Christi Barth gave a whole array of wonderful secondary characters whom I can t wait to read about There was the sexy British charmer layboy the considerate and warmhearted delicious cake maker baker the flashily dressing gay fashionista friend along with the Ice ueen redhead the sassy sugaraholic best friend florist just to name a few of the most memorable ones They were all uniue and interesting and the group chemistry was one I wouldn t mind experiencing in Mr. Sheriff (Mr. Series, person it was so entertainingWhy on earth was Daphneutting on lipstick and belting the oversized jersey Or is there a hook up There Is No I in Church potential here I don t know about What Daphne abandoned her obsessivereening and whirled to #face Ivy Of course not This is our crew our regular guys We re all in the trenches together #Ivy Of course not This is our crew our regular guys We re all in the trenches together wouldn t touch any of them if they came laid out and oiled up on a silver Rules Compendium (Babylon 5 Wars, 2nd Edition) platter Oiled up huh Methinks the horny lady dothrotest too much Despite the melting chemistry between Ben and Ivy and the colourful How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck palette of supporting cast the story moved rather slowly and it took a dive for me at the big uarrel Ben and Ivy had at the anniversaryarty of Ivy s Baroque Rococo parents I just thought it so out of character for Ivy theerfect wedding Crooked House planner to ruin a happy couple s especially her ownarents night by airing the dirty laundry in front of the festive Adaptation (Genus: Unknown, party And it s also aersonal Elysian Fields (Sentinels of New Orleans, peteeve of mine I just don t like A Winter Tale (Lake Emerald Chronicles public scenesI had ambivalent feelings regarding the resolution of the big crisis I thought that Ben realized his feelings in no time at all two days to face his feelings and make a whole emotional u turn is way too early for a commitmenthobic guy like him Though I loved the way he made his declaration to Ivy and his words were sigh inducing My joy is standing right in front of me You are my joy The uestion is will you be my wife I found that Dedication and Leadership Techniques proposing marriage after having lived 30something years as a commitmenthobic with no transition through dating living together etc was unrealistic especially seeing how cynic he was about the institution of marriage I get that he realized he loved Ivy and didn t want to spend his days without her but why couldn t he 神様 [Kamisama] propose datingmoving in together instead ofroposing right away Sorry this is another one of my ersonal et The Full Experience peevesDespite the resolution I think Planning for Love has one of the best last lines I neverlanned for love Ben said But I m so damn grateful you did Verdict Planning for Love is the whole You Dont Have to Say You Love Me package from the blissful cover to the delicious description and the aptly chosen title you know that you ll get a deliciously sweet and romantic love story that will make you feel warm and fuzzy and sigh with happy contentment The hero is dreamy and his commitmenthobia very realistic while the heroine s like a strawberry creamy cupcake with Voodoo Season paleink frosting she is so sweet you might even get toothache These two were truly fire and ice opposites and though their time together was fun and sexy I m just not convinced of their longterm happiness and wedded bliss I don t get it why they couldn t have a happy for now by being together in a committed relationship which would have suited much the character of the hero instead of this rushed The Walking Dead Live! proposal and weddinglansChristi Barth s writing flows smoothly there are enough details to give you a technicolor setting with well fleshed out and interesting characters and the uick repartee in the dialogues will keep you entertained and chucklingI can t wait to read the next Aisle Bound novel and revisit the characters I grew to love in Planning for Love Plot 710Characters 810Writing 810Ending 710Cover 1010 cover is erfect so frothy you can almost taste the bubbles in that apricot champagneOverall I give it 35 stars. Ens every day He can't be faulted for suggesting they have some no strings funThe time they spend together the Ben realizes Ivy isn't the wedding crazed bridezilla he'd imagined But if he doesn't trust himself to make a relationship last how can he convince Ivy to give him another chan. Planning for Love

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About weddings after all you need a great HEAReview to be osted at Reading Between the Wines blog Planning for Love by Christi BarthISBN 9781426894213Ivy Rhodes is the wedding lanner and no mishaps ever occur at them as er her order and calmThe bride won the contest where the Wild Wedding Smackdown was to film her wedding When Ivy falls down a few steps Bennett Westcott from True Life Productions rescues her and hopes she won t sue them as it was his camera bag she had stumbled overAs the day goes on he dwells into how she can remain so calm throughout all the mishaps that occur and she tells and explains how she is able to do the whole thing without any visible signals to her other staffHe loves the behind the scenes information from herAfter hot steamy sex that they connect on all levels she takes him out for the day and they thoroughly enjoy themselves and learn about one another He leaves in a hurry as he knows it s only a one night dealLove the scenery #and landmarks that are highlighted of ChicagoThe TV company does track #landmarks that are highlighted of ChicagoThe TV company does track down with an offer to follow her around the tape the weddings she lans for others It will give her enough to fund her store which she already has ideas for It s a gamble and even her associates think it s a good oneShe is than surprised when she finds that Ben and his assistant will be the ones to tape the show Her assistant has to step in and inform her that she needs to stop wanting to go to bed with Ben and concentrate on the weddingsHe is there to see how Crash Landing (Bear Creek, problems are handled and he asks later how she does it and she tells him She does not want to have a replay of his earlier one night stand she says he s alayer and she doesn t want to be Piper playedBen tries to out run hisroblem and then the manager finds him trying to outrun his The Famoux (The Famoux, problems and he s not a runner Talking to the manager helps a bit but he can t get her out of his mindLove how there are essentially just the two of them and a handful of other workers in this book very easy to keep track of who s whoLove all the marriage uotes from famouseople at the start of every chapterPotential disaster from the TV show and now the wedding she can t take much but Ben has something up his sleeveHe tells her about the family curse and she kinda thinks it not believable at all I am a sucker for wedding romances Have always loved wedding themed movies even if they weren t such great uality films I very much enjoyed getting a behind the scenes glimpse at the wedding industry and how wedding Dragons Gap planners and all the little fairies work behind the scenes torovide the bride and groom with their Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears perfect wedding So when I glimpsed the cover of Planning for Love my interest wasiued then I read the blurb and I was hooked and when I saw it was the latest novel of Christi Barth whose two novels Act Like We re in Love and Cruising Toward Love I enjoyed I knew I would be reading itThe blurb gives you a fairly good idea of what you can expect of Planning for Love lots of Best Seller (English Edition) pastel coloured frosting and wedding bells with a side of sexy banter and sweet romanceIvy is theerfect wedding The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances planner not only is she crazy organized in her agenda she has Pink tabs for showers lilac for engagementarties and deep urple for weddings can keep her cool even when faced the most disastrous wedding roblems but most of all she is the kind of Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, person who believes in romance and happy ever afters 100% She was such a sappy romantic seeing the world through her rose coloured lenses that she even sounded a bit like a disney cartoon heroine with birds braiding her hair and her constantly bursting into song and Hallmark card worthy linesBen on the other hand was black to Ivy s white or rather rose lilac combo the complete opposite of Ivy He is the epitome of commitmenthobic Not only he can t and won t commit to a woman he doesn t even spend than a few weeks in a city Paired to his revulsion of relationships and romance is his To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, profound disillusionment and cynism All kidding aside I don t believe romance is evil Really Cause you do aretty convincing impression You see a guy walking down the street with a dozen roses and you all but whip out the holy water garlic and crosses Christi Barth couldn t have created two different characters Just a line which Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet perfectlyortrays their different outlook on life and love I don t know how anyone can stay dry eyed at a wedding Easy Know the divor. In the reality TV show Planning for Love it doesn't matter that the show's videographer happens to be a recent and heartbreaking one night standBennett Westcott admits he didn't handle his encounter with Ivy very well But looking at her beautiful smile and great body through a camera ,

Planning for Love is Christi Barth s first novel in her Aisle Bound trilogy This is a contemporary romance with the theme being Wedding Planners I icked up this book because I loved Nora s Bride uartet series and thought this might be a good relaxing and fun read Having finished this book I am happy to say that I really enjoyed Christi Barth s take on Love Romance and Weddings Our awesome heroine is Ivy Rhodes whom we meet at the start having fallen on the steps during #her reparation for an upcoming wedding Little did she know her rescuer #preparation for an upcoming wedding Little did she know her rescuer become the man of her own dreams the very handsome and sexy Bennett Westcott Ivy is the erfect heroine who also makes a super wedding lanner as she is all about romance love Ivy grew up in a family filled with happiness and successful marriages Ivy runs Aisle Bound Wedding Planning business with her best friend Daphne and they are considered the best in the business Ivy with her strong belief in marriage is also a miracle worker as she always is a step ahead being repared for any mishap that might occur When she meets Bennett she is appalled that he works for the trashy reality tv show that makes it business to show wedding disasters But by the time the wedding is over the two find themselves attracted to one another Their chemistry clicks immediately and they spend the night Bennett s hotel room having mindless intense sex The next day Ivy takes Bennett on a tour through Chicago and the fun day comes to an immediate halt as Ivy discusses her belief in love and marriage Bennett who is a believer of one night stands immediately walks away and flies home Ivy stunned realizes Bennett was against relationships and though very hurt she ushes herself back into work mode to forget himA couple of months later Bennett returns as a Personal Delivery producer of a different but nice weddinglanning reality show Ivy having agreed to La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I participate in this show she needed the money did not know Bennett wasart of it They agreed to work together but no relationships As Ivy begins to realize Bennett has a fear of any kind of relationship knowing his family has been cursed on any chance of happiness She sets on a Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton plan to make Bennett open himself to love and a chance at happiness Bennett wants Ivy back in his bed and Ivylans to make Bennett fall in love with her by holding back the one thing he wantssexIt was a lot of fun watching Ivy work her charms and seduction on Bennett and at the same time shut the door on him causing him to go back to his hotel and take cold showers The ending was exciting emotional and fun It will take everyoneincluding friends to try and help Ivy Bennett have a HEAOne of the nice things about this story is that Barth has created some very likable secondarily characters She has a great group of friends some of whom are her has a great group of friends some of whom are her workers They are fun and add to the story There are two books to come and it should be interesting to see whom will be the leads If you love romance and want an enjoyable read the Planning for Love is the book for you Christi Barth has done a wonderful job in writing this novel and I for one look forward to book 2 of Aisle BoundBarb Two haiku reviewShe s wedding Husband In Training plannerHe films reality showDo sparks ever flyDidn t love the startThen finally got betterNice happy ending Summertime goes hand in hand with wedding season The flowers the food music and dresses And what better job to have than that of a weddinglanner Ivy Rhodes is the wedding #planner to have she doesn t crack under Live Wire (Elite Ops, pressure and actually manages to begin weddings on time Shelans #to have she doesn t crack under Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive pressure and actually manages to begin weddings on time Shelans everything even lovethough the love that finds her still manages to surprise herIvy meets Ben in true wedding blooper fashion And the fun doesn t stop there You get to follow along with Ben as he films the numerous crazy things that happen to Ivy at weddings For Ivy the idea of revealing the behind the scenes workings on national tv is nerve wracking but not than the fact that it is Ben behind the cameraYou will be Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, pulled into Ben and Ivy s story from the beginning From their hotassion filled night to the surprised anger at having to work together You will want to believe in love as strongly as Ivy does and you will keep hoping that Ben can learn how to accept her view as well Christi Barth has written another fun summer hit with Planning For Love Fun characters great story line and a erfect happily ever after It is a book. Hopeless romantic Ivy Rhodes and anti Cupid Bennett Westcottreuest the leasure of your company for their disaster of a courtshipWedding Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl planner Ivy Rhodes is the best in the business and she's not about to let aersonal roblem stop her from getting ahead So when she's asked to star. ,

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