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S wanted to be in control and Isobel threatened that sense of control He was willing to have a fling with her but he couldn t see her fitting in to his life as he saw it He fought his feelings for her so hard to the point of looking at a friend as the perfect wife because of certain compatibilities rather than the love that is necessary for a good marriage I loved the way it practically took his sister hitting him with a baseball bat for him his sister hitting him with a baseball bat for him finally admit his feelings I loved his rescue of Isobel and his demonstration of his love at the ndIsobel has been traveling since she was a teenager After the death of her mother her dad didn t stay in one place for long and that was what she got used to It also gave her the ability to avoid commitments since she didn t want to suffer the way she saw her father suffer She was surprised at how strongly she and Ethan connected but knew there was no future in it because they were so different I loved seeing the way that she brightened his life and I loved seeing the way that she brightened his life and she made him happy ven though he didn t want to admit it Because of her photography she also had a way of seeing past the surfaces of people Although it caused problems at first I loved the way that she made sure Ethan understood that he was not helping his sister by keeping the truth about their mother from her I also really liked her commitment to using her photography to bring attention to world problems I admired her determination to return to Africa and finish what she had started before I also liked the way that she finally confronted her own past and was able to open herself up to the possibility of a future with EthanI also liked Ethan s sister Tamsyn I will be very interested to see if she gets her own story I see great possibilities in her search for her mother 2 stars More than my normal amount for romance novels because at least it was well structured well written and the characters were developed and believableNot 3 stars because well the story suckedAnother mark against the romance genre My month long gorge is giving me digestive problems Yvonne Lindsay really opened my yes to the world of wine making Oh and the story line was good too Ethan was a little too set in his plans to appreciate Isobel until he almost lost her It s always good to read a story of a man brought to his knees by love Well structured but no storyStarts very wellOne of my fav writers though. N he trust her to keep his secret How can he keep his distance With his family at stake Ethan's playing with firebut he wants Isobel And he'll do anything to keep her uietand in his bed. ,

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The author has brought to Life The Beauty Of A the beauty of a vineyard and famous winery in AdelaideIsobel the free spirit and award winning photographer met master wine maker Ethan Masters in a pub and had a one night stand It s totally out of character for both but the attraction was too strong and Ethan had just learnt some pretty devasting newssecrets about his family so he was looking for scapeSuch a small world we live inIsobel Turned Out To Be The out to be the hired to help with their winery "business catalogue shots and Ethan panicke Ethan s thought he had his "catalogue shots and Ethan panicke Ethan s thought he had his all planned Marry a lady that he thought would fit in with his family but this was before his one night stand with Isobel She was gone the next morning and neither planned to see ach other againBut was in for a surprise when turns out she is the one to take pics of the vineyard His sister had hired her He tired to fire her but she wouldn t leave So things began to heat up and seem he couldn t forget herShe finish her job and both was continue with their lives but when she got in danger the story heats up again Ethan comes to her rescue and they find out that love can conuer all I couldn t keep reading Stopped halfway through chapter 2 This is being reviewed as part of the MWR RuBY Review ChallengeYou can read the full review and my other reviews at My Written RomanceBoth Ethan and Isobel are people with pasts and aspects of those pasts are holding them back from fully The Management Bible embracing the gifts of love It is obvious that both are passionate and honest about whatach is Zu schnell expecting from their interludeven though they don t Sleepless (Bird of Stone, exactly discuss it at the time But the moment they connect in his apartment the heat they generate said to me Oh lordy now you two are so never going to leave it at just one night Their chemistry is pretty combustibleYeah Ethan does get shirty when Isobel turns up at the vineyard but I love that she doesn t just curl up in a ball she gives as good as she gets and I liked that Ethan didn t hold on to his indignation once he realises she didn t know it was his place she d be photographing There are other moments where Ethan cracks it however knowing the reasons behind his actions make themasier to understandThe intimate scenes between Ethan and Isobel are pretty hot There are some rocky patches that they have to travel through in order for them to get to their HEA destroyed vintages an. They'd Had One Night He Wanted MoreWhen Ethan Masters learns his family's xplosive secret it sends him reelingstraight into an uncharacteristic one night stand Too bad he'll never see. D imprisonment among them and how they deal with these and find their way back to ach other was great to readThe background secondary characters are really important to the progression of this story in that they help and guide Ethan and Isobel but don t dominate or become important than them I loved how Ethan s original intended was not made out to be a scheming vil moll but his guide to discovering what really means the most to him I liked Shanal for that I so hope Ethan s sister Tamsyn gets her own story because she deserves SO MUCH BETTER than that Trent character he seems so fishyIn my opinion this is a thoroughly well deserved nod for Yvonne One Secret Night is dramatic romantic sensual and incredibly readable Bring on of the Master Vintners I say Isobel Fyfe is an award winning photographerphotojournalist who travels to war ravaged countries like Africa xposing the horrific conditions the people there are forced to live with She uses the photos and her blog to Invisible (The Curse of Avalon expose the terrible plight these peoplendure and hopefully open the Yummy Supper eyes of the world to these travest Miniseries The Master VintnersCategory Passion Very good book Upon the death of his father Ethan has become the head of the family business While going through some paperwork he discovered that the mother he thought was dead is still alive and that his father and other relatives had kept that a secret for twenty five years This news has upset his normally calm and well controlled life and when he meets an attractive woman he gives in to his attraction and sleeps with her neverxpecting to see her again When she shows up at the winery as the photographer his sister has hired he is not at all happy and is worried about what she will doI liked both Ethan and Isobel Ethan Has Always Been Ethan has always been responsible and controlled taking after his father who pretty much shut down his motions after the loss of his wife Ethan was determined that no woman would ver have that kind of control of him He has never been as drawn to a woman like he is to Isobel and is glad that they ll only have that one night When she appears at the winery he knows he is in trouble He is still attracted to her and now he can t get her out of his mind I liked his sense of responsibility and how hard he worked at making the winery the best it could be It was obvious that he really liked what he did His biggest problem was that he alway. Isobel Fyfe againUntil she shows up as his winery's newest hire Now Ethan's in trouble Isobel is verything he's not a free spirit with no commitments and she won't be controlled How ca. One Secret Night The Master Vintners #3

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