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Forbidden Stranger eHen Grigory wasight years old His Brother Dimitri Died From brother Dimitri died from disease called pneumonia Later on after the shocking news Grigory learned about his brother he started to act really strangely He went to the forest for many hours and spent most of his time with animals then with boys of his age A rumor said that Grigory has a great talent find lost objects could tell when a stranger was about to arrive when someone would die could heal people and animals and could possibly read minds All the powers that Grigory possibly had may not be true but he had one true talent the talent to make people believe in him He was able to make people believe in him One day that talent would give him power over many thousands of lives Goldberg 24 As one can see Grigory had chances to become the tsar of RussiaWhen Grigory was see Grigory had chances to become the tsar of RussiaWhen Grigory was years old he had his first religious vision Grigory Rasputin claimed to see God in his vision Even though he claims to see God he had done many bad things Grigory stole was drunk almost Snowy River Man every night and sold goods to receivenough money to buy vodka Grigory claimed the furs had been stolen by robbers The villagers thought he had sold the furs and spent the money on vodka Goldberg 29 30 Thus Grigory might have seen his first religious visions and have talents but he has done many terrible things as a teenager Taha AbabouFebruary 13 2015English 7 1Pages 34 55During Grigory s lifetime as a child he was taken to a famous holy man named Makari by the monks Grigory confessed verything to Makari about what he recently did He told about hid crimes and his desire for women When Grigory told Makari about his religious vision to Makari Makari responded that his vision of God was real and that he had a special purpose in life to become a man of God This has completely changed the life of Grigory After three months Rasputin returned to his village His neighbors saw right away that he had changed He had stopped drinking and smoking Goldberg 37 Therefore when Grigory visited Makari he had become a completely different person After Grigory s trip talking to Makari Grigory started his path to the search of God Grigory stopped drinking and smoking He started to memorize and mumbled to himself the lines from the Bible while he walked Grigory claimed that he started to view his visions again Once he saw Jesus walking along the Tura River Another day he once saw a vision is when he slept under an icon of Mary the mother of Jesus He woke up and saw the icon crying he claimed the painting spoke to him saying Go wander and cleanse the people of their sins Goldberg 38 As one can see Grigory Rasputin is becoming a holy manMany people didn t like and believe in Grigory The people in his village couldn t believe that Rasputin was a thief that became a holy man Some people believed that Grigory had become the way he is because of the way the farmers would treat him When Grigory started to do many good and no trouble people started to Spread Rumors About Him In 1900 A Woman Complained That rumors about him In 1900 a woman complained that tried to kill her She said she had seen Rasputin attacking two young women in a fieldWhen she tried to protect them Rasputin attacked her Police looked into the woman s charge They decided she was lying Goldberg 42 Thus there are some people who believes in Rasputin and there are some people that doesn t believe in Rasputin Taha AbabouFebruary 21 2015English 7 1Pages 56 82During Rasputin s journey he decided to go to new places in Russia instead of what he already knows In 1903 he decided to go to St Petersburg Back then St Petersburg was known as the city of the tsars Rasputin decided to become friends with church leaders for he can have power over most important people that was already there In St Petersburg lived the Romanovs the tsar family Everyday he tried to get closer to them for one day he could have power over Russia However ven though Rasputin had some power he decided to go back to his village Therefore Grigory Rasputin began as a teenager thief to a powerful holy manIn 1904 Rasputin went back to his village That s when the real conflicts in Russia began Russia was in war with Japan in January 1905 This war led to revolution in Russia The tsar of Russia Nicholas was scared that he would die and let another ruler rule Russia His wife Alexandra gave birth to her fifth son which finally was a boy Her birth didn t change anything in Russia Russia was still in war with Japan and the people of Russia started to hate their tsar because they thought that he was bringing Russia to an nd Thus Russia was starting to collapse because of the war against JapanWhen Rasputin heard the news about the war between Russia and Japan he decided to go back to St Petersburg He thought that he could help the tsar during the war He believed that God had sent him to St Petersburg for a reason When he got there there were bad news than before Alexandra s son Alexis was ill he had a disease called the hemophilia Rasputin s reputation became known in Russia as a healer It was the perfect moment for Rasputin to get close to the Royal Family One day Rasputin was invited to the palace for the first time He improved Alexis s health that s when the royal couple started to trust him Therefore many people still believed in. 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This is the second one in this series I have read I think this is for younger readers but I liked I got a lot of good information in a short book I learned about him than the little I knew beforeespecially about the influence he had over the royal family I would like to read about that as well This was an okay book for its story but it wasn t what I thought it was That is okay because of its story and how the main character went from a criminal to a saint that the church loved I believe that it shows a moral that the power that you have the people want to bring you down But on the other hand it wasn t the best because it was mainly only on one person and the other characters just kinda moved with him In chapter 16 there was a part that he had to come back to Russia for no reason other than that some higher up s daughter was sick so he came to help her but it was just a trick to make him look bad in front of the church there are small little things that I want to pick at but other ways it is a good find and a good informational book This book caught my ye at the middle school library where I was doing a talk about summer reading I have an old story that involves Rasputin and so I started reading it while I was waiting for the classes to come into the library I got about halfway through then had to leave it and order it through my own library Rasputin is uite the interesting fellow and this book leaves the uestion open as to whether Rasputin could actually foresee the future or if he was basically a con man who wanted power I had Malakai (Wicked Games, expected something about the legend of Anastasia but this book neatly avoids that It also avoids any of the conspiracy theories about his death and sticks to the facts which on the one hand I liked as it made it all simpler but on the other hand all the mystery was what made Rasputin so well known Still this was a good introduction to Rasputin as well as to Russian history and the beginnings of World War I Grigory Rasputin Holy Man or Monk was published by the series The Wicked History Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin was born in January 21 1869 in Russia and was assassinated in December 30 1916 Her daughter claims that meteor fell when his father was born in Serbia Rasputin was a Russian peasant and a noble friend to the tsar family Further it is said that Rasputin was one of the causes to the fall of the Russian monarchy and Russia s depression during World War I Since Rasputin lived in Serbia life was hard most villagers were farmers and many died at night freezing to death Efim his father moved to Serbia to get away from the law and generations of his family came him Most villagersven his own mother described Rasputin as strange since he always looked up the sky Dimitri his brother and Rasputin strange since he always looked up to the sky Dimitri his brother and Rasputin not go to school but farmed instead One summer day Rasputin and Gregory went down the Tura River to swim the two boys almost drowned until a farmer saved their lives before one The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone ended Rasputin was strong and survived the cold nights but his brother on the other hand died of pneumonia when he was ten Since Rasputin lost his best friend and brother he acted strangely than before As an act of being strange he was usually uite but other days he would speak loudly or go for a walk in the walk for hours Years after his brother died rumors started to spread about Gregory someven came out of the mouth of the members of his own family They said that the boy had strange talents He could find lost objects He could tell when a stranger was about to arrive He knew when someone would die Goldberg Itzkowitz 23 Most of these rumors started to be true around one day at lunchtime His father mentioned that one of his horses was hurt Grigory then went to the barn and put his hands on the horse as he looked at the ceiling for a few moments According to his father the horse was then healed After the incident the villagers came with health problems so the Rasputin could heal them Most of these stories were written after his death so no one knows if they are true although Rasputin had one talent that is surely true He was able to make people believe in him and this talent gave him power over thousands of people Rasputin was very religious and went to church very Sunday although he caused a lot of trouble as a teenager he was always drunk on Vodka I was unsatisfied I couldn t find the answers to many things I was sad and took to drinking Goldberg Itzkowitz 30 Later in his life Gregory decided to visit a monastery but no one knows xactly why but rumors say he wanted to live a holy life but the Taha AbabouFebruary 6 2015English 7 1Pages 1 33Grigory Rasputin was a Russian tsar that was born in Siberia a cold land that covers a huge part of northeast Russia Gregory Was Born In 1869 was born in 1869 daughter claimed that a meteor fell at the moment his father was born Life in Rasputin s village wasn t so pleasant there were many muzhiks and modern people who lived the way their grandparents lived In Siberia people lived much the way their grandparents did Peasants farmed the land They traveled only by horse and cart Until he left home Rasputin saw only pictures of steamboats and trains Goldberg 19 Therefore Grigory Rasputin was a Russian tsar who was first raised as a peasantW. 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Rasputin but some didn tTaha AbabouMarch 6 2015English 7 1Pages 83 101Since Rasputin healed Alexis and made him feel better he started to get closer to the tsar and other important people Rasputin healed Alexis and made him feel better he started to get closer to the tsar and other important people Russia As he started to make friends he also started to make The Family Plan enemies One of his greatestnemy was Feofan one of his old friend in his village When Rasputin returned to his village he didn t fasted when he was supposed to and he left church services A Family Practice earlier than usual When Feofan went to complain to the royal couple about Rasputin s attitude they didn t really care the tsar said that he still needed Rasputin When the people of Russia learned what the tsar responded it made them lose faith in the tsar But nothing could make Nicholas and Alexandra lose faith in Rasputin One by one they got rid of Rasputin snemies Goldberg 85 As one can see Rasputin is making friends with important people in Russia and the people of Russia are started to lose faith in the tsar As his A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity enemies were gathering together they started to gain power over Rasputin When Rasputin traveled to Siberia in 1910 Illiodor accompanied him However Illiodor still joined the side of Rasputin snemies Rasputin made a big mistake to show the pile of letters he received by Alexandra When Illiodor read the letters he misunderstood them because it talked about Alexis s illness a secret that had been kept between the royal family and Rasputin Like the rest of Russia Illiodor knew nothing about Alexis s illness Illiodor misunderstood the letters and he was disgusted Goldberg 88 For Illiodor to have revenge on Rasputin he stole a couple of letters to use it against Rasputin At the Celebrity Bachelor end of 1911 Illiodor and Bishop Hermogen decided to stop Rasputin from gaining power They both called Rasputin to a meeting at a monastery Unfortunately it was a trap Illiodor and Hermogen listed all Rasputin s crime he d done Hermogen threatened and hit Rasputin Rasputin then swore that he would never see the royal family again Therefore Rasputin snemies are starting to gain power over himIn 1913 it was the year where Rasputin returned to St Petersburg and it was a big year for Russia The tsar s family the Romanovs had ruled the country for 300 years In Europe there was a war that was going to start The tsar and most of the people of Russia wanted to go to war but Rasputin warned the tsar that it would be a really bad idea The tsar could ve ignored Rasputin s advice and go to war but he felt uncomfortable doing the opposite of what Rasputin would say When the people of Russia learned about what Rasputin told the tsar about the war they started to say that Rasputin is the new person ruling Russia instead of the original tsar In 1914 Rasputin barely scaped from death A poor woman came to Rasputin in the street and stabs him One afternoon in Siberia a poor woman came up to Rasputin in the street Rasputin thought she was a beggar and reached for a coin The woman pulled a long knife from under her skirt She plunged it into Rasputin s stomach Goldberg 97
"Therefore Rasputin S Enemies Are "
Rasputin s nemies are power than what he xpected One of the first four titles in Scholastic s new Wicked History series this book is sure to please *Reluctant Teen Readers It S *teen readers It s from the first page as it starts with Rasputin s murder and then backtracks to his childhood and covers his life Photos accompany the text and separate text boxes break things up with in detail coverage of certain aspects of the book like hemophilia and World War I The book concludes by asking whether Rasputin really was vil It gives a two page review of the bad and the good in Rasputin s life and asks readers What do you think Was Rasputin truly wicked An index glossary short list of sources and suggestions for further reading are included The series A Wicked History is an amazing series but in particular the book that is on Grigory Rasputin by Enid A Goldberg and Norman Itzkowitz is an AMAZING book I really liked the book because it was challenging and i learned many other things by doing outside research The book was really interesting and I did struggle a bitt but it was worth it This man that I read about Grigory Rasputin was a really CRAZY man because he thought he could do things that made others believe that he was special I am planning on reading books from this series and would recommmend this book to anyone who would want to learn about a person that was just crazy My first young bio like this It s much gory than I would have Rescuing the Texans Heart expected perfect for the young reader who is interested in the brutality of history and who isager to delve into some reading It does well at Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., explaining the Rasputin draw and his magnetism Enthralling for a young reader Greatasy read perfect for middle schoolers full of interesting maps photos and illustrations It starts with a gripping account of Rasputin s murder and it gives readers a great historical backdrop What I want to know is this how is it possible that a man who didn t bathe for months on Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch end could be so irresistable to women that they would clip his nasty toenails and sew them into their dresses 425Such an interesting and tragic story I learned a few facts I had never heard before A great intro to Rasputin and the Russian Revolution for students. L Studies Standards for Middle and High School Students Includestchings maps photos and primary source documents Cool digest like trim size Gripping dynamic storytellin.

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Grigory Rasputin Holy Man or Mad Monk? A Wicked History
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