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This is a lovely book for anyone who teaches reading I ve read parts of it over and over My students love the connections to ordinary objects This is one I will pick up and return tow on and off depending on the Genre we are learning about Reuired reading for a grad course and it was a good read McGregor as a wonderful method of teaching using objects to make the abstract concrete ReadingELA teachers grades

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8 would benefit giving this a try Read this book while I attended a training using this book Has some would benefit from giving this a try Read this book while I attended a training using this book Has some ideas about introducing each genre with a concrete connection so that kids ave a concrete object to start with before moving into the abstract More great ideas for making the abstract concrete through various modes of teaching Tanny McGregor connects many of er ideas from Comprehension Connections to The Einstein Theory of Relativity her work in Genre Connections Good companion books for an ELA program The ideas can be adapted for a variety of grade levels I ve just started this one and I am already excited about it Another one about using different realia toelp students work with abstract notions Should be good There were some nice suggestions on How to Negotiate Your First Job how to introduce different genres to students The importance of the concrete experience in Tanny s launching seuence became evident to me throughout this book The. These lessons work And not just for kids who read well They also work for kids who struggle in reading who don't respond to abstract concepts Tanny McGregorInside every kid wants to love reading sometimes they need ourelp to see itThat's where Tanny McGregor's memorable sensory driven lessons come inThe chapters in this book she writes are a collection of ideas about ow to launch genres ow to introduce your students to the personalities of each and ow to build a curiosity and app. .
Genre ConnectionsChapters were short and sweet and it was an informative read I love Tanny s suggestions of using images and music to teach genre Her ideas for scaffolding instruction beginning with a concrete object and moving students to think about genre critically elped me to think about introducing and teaching genres in a way I never considered before Once again Tanny McGregor doesn t disappoint Read to participate in a discussion with the third and fifth grade Language Arts teachers in my school I found Genre Connections to be at times informative and at times affirmingIn true informational text style I skipped over chapters 3 times affirmingIn true informational text style I skipped over chapters 3 5 adventurefantasy and drama respectively because my content this Year Does Not Specifically Address does not specifically address genres I intend to reread the book with a focus on the skipped chapters this summer Much like er Comprehension Connections Poetry Historical Fiction BiographyAutobiographyMemoir and Informational Text chapters are ripe with teaching gold
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have immediate steps both a new and seasoned teacher can try out immediately in the classroom She again Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber has the concrete objects toelp kids make the connection from their lives to an abstract genre but I particularly liked New Exploration her inclusion of art and music into the mix As a teacher myself I use both regularly with my kidsMy favorite cha. Reciation for what each genreas to offer Use the seed ideas suggested in this volume with a genre of your choice and see The Shaping of Western Civilization how it growsGenre Connections makes learning achievable accessible and incremental for all readers including struggling readers Tanny's lessons use everyday objects works of art music ander much loved anchor charts to elp readers get acuainted with seven commonly taught genres and to discover what makes them uniueHer launching seuences gradually release respons.
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Pter though was the Reading chapter Ever since I became familiar with Visual Thinking Strategies thanks to the training from Smithsonian American Art Museum am a bonafide believer in the power and the complexity of reading pictures and images with kids This chapter doesn t disappoint and gave me even ammunition to place in my arsenal i look forward to in my arsenal I look forward to with my colleagues and friends to discuss McGregor s book and only wish that I adn t waited to read it for so longHighly recommended McGregor as designed yet another elouent seuence of Arts infused lessons perfect for any classroom Students and teachers can embrace the genres together through these well crafted ideas The lesson structure is also intentionally open ended for teachers to authenticate by adding their own variety and creativity as they strive to meet the needs of the learners in their own classrooms As an advocate for the whole child approach to education I recommend this book along with its companion Comprehension Connections to all educators Both provide a strong foundation for turning abstract concepts concrete and allowing metaphoric language to become a natural part of the learning process Engaging students in become a natural part of the learning process Engaging students in processes that support and challenge their thinking is absolutely possible through these resources. Ibility for learning about text types and they can be adapted for any genre They elp readers weave creative sensory threads into a tapestry of understanding by taking them from a fun introductory object lesson to an immersive experienceLooking for the perfect partner for Tanny's Comprehension Connections Or for a new way to bring the inner reader out in any student Let the ideas in Genre Connections inspire you to Shunned help your students get to know genres uickly confidently and effective.