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Hen two characters lectured each other about how they A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners really needed to forgive and let go While true neither had asked for the other s opinionThere was no sex I don tecall any bad language Overall it was humorous clean eading I Don T Often Give A Book 5 Stars But This t often give a book 5 stars but this was worthy of it Crisp dialog a likable main give a book 5 stars but this whoodunit was worthy of it Crisp dialog a likable main and just enough or few clues to keep the eader guessing makes the story a must ead for mystery fans I enjoyed this story of a young journalist who leaves her home town to get away from a elationship that s going nowhere and does her best to move on with her life When she finds a dead body in the trunk of her car she becomes embroiled in the first of several mysteries and the lives of a number of folks in her new townI liked the heroine who earned the description of feisty but wasn t obnoxious I enjoyed her family especially her younger brother The people she worked with and the new friends she made were ealistic and interesting I thought the Christian aspects were handled well without over simplifying faith or our elationship with God And the mystery did keep me guessing all the way through So all in all it was a solid book Though listed as a omance there eally wasn t any omance in this one it was pretty straight suspensemystery if that matters to you I ll probably ead by this authorI have one minor uibble though When will authors learn that car trunks have glow in the dark handles to open them from the inside so kids can t get locked in and die So if you e going to lock your conscious victim in the trunk you have to have it broken or emoved somehow you can t just ignore the fact that that handle will be there It s like cell phones people have them and you can t just ignore the. E seemed Surrounded by suspects Merry would have to use all her investigative skills to keep frombecoming front page news as the killer's next victim. ,

Great majority of the danger she was in came from her doing stupid things like antagonizing someone who just admitted to killing someone in a fit of anger And Merry often knew that what she was doing wasn t wise and went against common sense but she did it anywayThe mystery also wasn t very difficult to figure out Merry had to actually be told the answer and then the author tried to get cute and kept having the characters efer to the guy hunting her as him ather than by name as though it was some big secret that she wasn t going to let the eader in on I found that annoyingI also let the eader in on I found that annoyingI also t like the hero Merry had just freed herself from a verbally abusive jerk boyfriend only to pick up a nice wonderful Christian guy who did things he knew annoyed her always ordered her around like she had no brain and always ordered her around like she had no brain and had a brain just no common sense didn t listen to her and was otherwise just as bad as her last boyfriend I did like that she didn t follow his orders but the problem was that sometimes they were sensible ones and he never learned that ordering her around would backfireFinally there were some problems with the suspense scenes For example Merry was wearing a thick scarf wound 15 times over her neck but was uickly almost strangled to death It s hard enough to strangle someone without thick padding in the wayAll that said if you e into cheerfully get herself into trouble heroines with spunk you ll probably enjoy this novel It s otherwise well written it just happened to hit all my pet peevesMerry and several other characters were Christians and it was portrayed as a part of their lifestyle Merry prayed for help mused about how she ought to be trusting God instead of worrying and so on The end got a little preachy though D the holly bushes when a dead body turnedup in her carThe trouble didn't end there gunshots attacks and a handsome newfriend who might not be what ,
Caught in the Middle Amhearst Mystery Series #1I thought this book was eally good Had no clue who the murderer was and want to ead the others in the series The first book in the who the murderer was and want to ead the others in the series The first book in the curt omance saga proves to in the Curt Romance saga proves to a very good ead Merry is a newspaper eporter and discovers a dead man in her car Somehow she gets wrapped up in the mystery maybe because someone is trying to kill her In the mean time she meets ex jock and aspiring painter Curt Curt is one of the sweetest men anyone would ever meet Why Merry gets so angry with him for trying to protect her is beyond me I would love to have a knight in shining ArmorThe SuspenseOkay Let Me Just suspenseOkay let me just that I think the author was trying to keep us guessing to the very end of the book But it was SOOOO obvious I knew almost from the beginning I ve a feeling she was trying to make us think it was curt at first But since Curt is the hero in the story I m not sure why she even tried All the the gunman instead of saying the person s name eally was a bit silly since it was so obvious Though the violence is minor compared to other suspense books I m going to call this graphic violence in the uestions because the author went into pretty gross detail about one thing that happened in this bookThe omanceLike I said Curt was a sweetheart This omance actually takes place over four books We get to meet the sweetheart of a man in this book there were some especially good scenes like his blow up when he finds out what Merry did late one night His blow up was mild compared to what it would have been had the circumstances been differentI actually thought Merry had that one coming and that curt let her off pretty easy Caught in the Middle is a humorous mystery However since Merry had no common sense I didn t enjoy the novel very much The. Amhearst Pennsylvania was just the kind of place for new beginningsfor brokenhearted eporter Merry Kramer But she soon discovereddanger lurked behin. .