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He thought Hollywood movies were flashy and then Sam being nice to her when she helped Gracia Or the stereotype f Carla I understand the mean antics f girls but SamElla and Lola put her down for being popular and being rich just because they aren t And when Lola ended the book by standing up Carla it didn t make her look any better So as I said this book is full f some masochistic vertone that appreciates nicecautious and pious like Ella r logical dreamless mothers nicecautious and pious women Ella r logical dreamless mothers Lola s mom instead f women with dreams like Lola who consistently get scorned for having such thoughts The seuel to Confessions f a Teenage Drama ueen Lola Sam EllaMorty and the infamous Carla Santini are back in this never ending war at Dellwood High They have graduated from high school and are almost about to enter the real world But their summer would repeat the same ld teenage girl battles in Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan order to claim the throne as ueenf DEADWOOD Lola wants to be in a movie that is being shot in DW and The Santini is going away to Europe for the summer But with lola s lies claiming she was in the movie to get Carla jealous instead she cancels her talked about european trip The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes of the year so she can get a role in the movie and stompn Lola Cep for goodThe story then goes and explains the struggles and embarassing events that lead up to a triumphant ending It is a very funny book which you can t stop reading because Lola s eccentric ways keep you up all night Warning Spoiler This book is amazing Its like the story told by a teenager as the title says This book is the seuel to Confessions f a Teenage Drama ueen Its very interesting I laughed a lot with it So many adventures and silliness in this book The author Dyan Sheldon uses italics when you need to talk louder r softer Y She can't wait to move Rescuing a Werewolf on to bigger and better things even if it means she'll be studying theater at Brooklyn College and not her dream school London's prestigious Royal Academyf Dramatic Arts But destiny intervenes when Lola learns that a major Hollywood movie is being filmed right there in Dellwood This was good but the movie that was based Making Women Pay on it confessionsf a teenage drama ueen was better Very hardworking and ptimistic Lola is What a disappointment from the first book This portrays Lola as being so irrational and disillusioned that it didn t even seem humorous like it did

In The First Book The 
the first book The just follows her n a wild goose chase that was very unfulfilling Funny Highly dramatic Lola s chasing for fame is unbelievable But highly entertaining Must read if you wanted to laugh and feel like you want to be high school again where you are still chasing your dreams and won t stop till you have it Another Funny Book In The Teenage book in the Teenage ueen series It s basically the same as the first ne nly Lola and Carla are competing for a different role A bigger role And also Lola and Ella do different crazy stuff But that s it Good book but fairly forgettable I liked the book The Jesuit overall The ending was weak Lola had some great adventures but they weren t laughut loud funny The mai point for me was that I hadn t read Confessions With Bound Hands of a Teenage Drama ueen but I still figuredut who the characters were so good job author I didn t realize it was the seuel to Confessions Rim of the Pit of a Teenage Drama ueen until AFTER I read the book though I started thinking about the movie which I never finished while I was reading it I didn t like Lola in the movie so I guess it s no surprise I didn t like her in this book Maybe I would ve felt differently if I d read the preuel first butverall I was not a huge fan f this book I Thought I Would thought I would this book because I liked the movie and Sam accepting Lola as she was in it But this book is full f sadomasochism Such as this ne time when Sam and Morty moaned because Lola got to thinking r Sam was ignoring her because. Dyan Sheldon's comically melodramatic heroine casts her best friend Ella in a supporting role as they conspire to land a part in a real live movie that's filming tantalizingly close to homeAfter enduring years Stripes of All Types of angst Lola is graduating from high school and finally gettingut f Dellwood Deadwood New Jerse. Hen reading a word Dyan writes the book as a real drama ueen so it will be interesting and its for teenagers r kids so kids understand better So here it goes Lola is in Dellwood New Jersey r as Lola Likes To Call It Deadwood She likes to call it Deadwood She a boring life until she hears her boss Mrs Magnolia talking about a movie being filmed in good ld Deadwood Lola thought she could get at least a small role in it and then win the battle betwen Carla and her She Gets So Excited gets so excited decides to tell the whole school including the mean Carla Santini that theres a movie being filmed there This news makes Carla s mind change idea Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of going to spend her vacations in Europe instead Carla decides to stay get a role in the movie and show itff to Lola because Carla knew Lola didnt have a role yet So Lola goes crazy just for the role that she makes Ella come with her wherever she went just to talk with the movie producer So they go looking for the producer all aroun Dellwood They look for them in Inns cafe s and Bed and Breakfast They finally find Mic manual de campanie electorală out where they were staying at andf course Lola had a plan First Lola uit her job giving a terrible excuse to Mrs Magnolia She told Mrs Magnolia that she needed money because her mom had a little and their grandma died After getting rid The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects of herld job she looks for a job in the same hotel the movie producer was f course Ella wasn t used to clean They makie many silly things together they even climb a huge mountain just to get to the movie set and be Kikked Off Again I Wont Tell You The Rest Because off again I wont tell you the rest because want you to read the book and laugh as much as I did with all the adventures Lola and Ella have I recommend this book to all the p ple that enjoyed Confessions One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones of a Teenage Drama ueen because in this book the adventures have no limits. Hat very summer Lola wastes no time in telling everyone including her nemesis Carla Santini that shef course is going to be in the movie Now it's just a minor matter f convincing the director to give her a part Is the Drama ueen ready and wily enough to make the leap from the stage to the silver scree. ,

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Confessions f a Hollywood Star
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