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Ional connection form with the physical One of the things I really admired about this story was the focus on the emotional bond between these two the love story was the priority and it was so tender seeing these two come together They go through some rough patches but when I finished itI had the "FEELING OF PURE SATISFACTION AND I WANTED TO READ "of pure satisfaction and I wanted to read again I loved it so much Overall a winning romance that stole my heart and a story to win yours EMOTIONALLY RIVETING Rafe is a dangerous business man a wonderful lover fierce loyal and a man born on the wrong side of the blanket and a man born on the wrong side of the blanket is a widow protective of her family kind selfless and has never known the pleasures of the bedroom She agrees to be his mistress for six months in exchange for his forgiving her brothers gambling debts which are extensive The affair starts out as fun but affection grows on both sides though neither tells Past crimes against Rafe are paid for protection becomes necessary marriages take place and someone is not barren as thought Hot love scenesI loved it Great read This review first appeared on I Heart Romance YAThis is perhaps one of my favorite books by Tracy Anne Warren In fact I believe this was the first book that I have read from her and she has become one of my auto buy authors ever since I have probably read this book about 5 times and I just love it It s like every time I read it I get sucked into the romance between Rafe and JuliannaThe way Miss Warren weaves in romance love and lust in the book is believable in a sense that as a reader you would think that this kind of situation would really happen in reality I love how both characters grow in this story most especially Julianna She starts off as a very proper sort of insecure widow and becomes this independent and strong woman Although there is still a bit of damsel in distress in her it is not as pronounced as other heroines I have read Her ltimate devastation when Rafe leaves her is typically a reaction and again very believable I can feel her anguish and to be honest I always shed a tear when I get to this part no matter how many times I read itWhen they are forced to marry I love how Miss Warren wrote in Julianna s initial reaction Julianna tries to show indifference to Rafe Of course she still loves him but she does show how hurt she is because of what he didI also love the hero Rafe Personally I love reading about rags to riches heroes and Rafe is one of them Rafe is also mentioned in other books and I think other series as one of the financiers that the gentlemen trust and The Ascent of Man use He starts off as anncaring self centered rogue Late. Er and sensuality Julianna boldly agrees to Rafe’s shocking terms six months as his mistress As Rafe’s intense green eyes pierce her body and set it afire Julianna can only imagine what emotions his kiss may nleashSurrendering to the pleasures of seduction and carnal delight Rafe neve. ,
When Julianna hears that her brother has been gambling a big debt that he is nable to pay off She sets off to see Rafe Pendragon one of the major financiers in London When she goes to Rafe trying to work out a deal he will only except one things full payment of the debt OR HAVE HER AS HIS MISTRESS SIX MONTHS have her as his mistress for six months she agrees against her better judgment but there something about Rafe that calls to her Julianna was married for five years before she became a widow and since that time has never thought of another man ntil Rafe As he shows her the pleasures of the bedroom they start to form a bond to each other sharing deep secrets and for the first time Julianna finds herself being able to share with Rafe what she can t share with others every part of herself But Rafe has a enemy a brother who despises him Afraid that if he continues a relationship with Julianna that her life may be put in dangerhe has to decide what is the better course of actionchoose to be with Julianna or set her aside for her own protectionMy Fair Mistress is the first book in this trilogy Tracy Anne Warren is one of those authors you can enjoy her stories over and over again My Fair Mistress is a prime example of what makes me love romances especially the historical genre She brings characters to life and in my opinion this is one of her best works Although I will say there hasn t been a book of hers that I have read that I didn t enjoy immenselybut there was something so sensual and poignant about this story Its not your typical mistress romancein fact pon reading this you see of a slow and sweet romance story that just pulls at your heartstrings Rafe is a illegitimate son of a Lord but his father died and his brother kicked his mother off the property that she was living at and as Rafe was making a name for himself in the financial world his brother sought revenge Rafe will do anything to protect those he loves What he doesn t expect is to fall in love with his mistress but he finds Julianna a woman of beauty and caring a woman that doesn t deceive and she is like a breath of fresh "Air For Rafe But "for Rafe But his past starts to take over his future and will he be able to find a future with the woman that he truly loves and would do anything forI found myself falling in love with Rafe and Julianna with each chapter In the first half of the story there is O viziune a sentimentelor uite a few bedroom scenes but nothing too explicit just sweet and charming and even though its sensual there is a sense of friendship and affection forming between the two scenes were they are playful together those were my favorites just seeing a emot. He drives a hard bargain but the pleasure is all hersLondon financier Rafe Pendragon has a reputation for ruthlessness and exotic beauty Julianna Hawthorne is determined to clear the debt her brother owes him Captivated by Rafe’s virile good looks weakened by his intoxicating mix of dang. R in the story you see him develop into a hero worthy of Julianna s love I love how Ms Warren wrote in his back story how we the readers are slowly introduced to why Rafe is asncaring as he is and we get to nderstand the reason why he left JuliannaAll in all this is a very enjoyable read that I love to read again and I have been re reading itRead the full review on I Heart Romance YAReread ReviewTIMES READI have read This Multiple Times In multiple times in last 6 yearsWHEN I FIRST READI read this in paperback I have "a copy back in the Philippines around 2008 or 2009WHAT I REMEMBERI remember "copy back in the Philippines around 2008 or 2009WHAT I REMEMBERI remember lady bargaining her virtue to the financier Rafe Pendragon and the story was and still is sizzling I have also read multiple books by Tracy Anne Warren that mention Rafe Pendragon as the investor that helped a few heroes in Warren s other books become rich see Wicked Delights of a Bridal BedWHY I WANTED TO RE READBecause I wanted to go back and read a sizzling historical romance without the eroticaHOW I FELT AFTER RE READINGI felt the same A few parts brought me to tears again and the romance still worked for me However I hated Rafe a little after he broke things off with Lady Julianna Hawthorne I knew that he had a valid reason for it but now I did not find what he did forgivable I still like him as a hero but now I see this aspect of his personality in a different lightWOULD I RE READ THIS BOOK AGAINDefinitely As with most of my favorite books I reread them every few years or so Absolutely wonderful storyRafe Julianna both have suffered so muchRafe for being a bastard and Julianna from her first husbandthen these two meet cause Julianna s brother has gambled and Rafe wants his money so Julianna goes to him to ask for time or a way for a solutionRafe comes to a solution making Julianna his mistress that is the deal which Julianna accepts but then it will be very discreet no one knows about it and from there the love journey starts i adored Rafe and Julianna is the perfect other half for himthere is a suspense also which is solved in the endliked the way the love story begins and in between the suspense was also very very goodthe sexual "scenes were steamy and Rafe Julianna s chemistry and passion is added bonusKeeping my review shortfound it difficult to "were steamy and Rafe Julianna s chemistry and passion is added bonusKeeping my review shortfound it difficult to so wanna say so much things but don t wanna give out any spoilersAbsolutely wonderful reada keeper for meRecommend it The PlotBeautiful Lady Julianna Hawthorne strikes a bargain with dangerously handsome Rafe Pendragon She will become his mistress for six months in order to save her family from financial ruin The GoodJulianna is a widow Her. R anticipated that love would be the cost of his bargain When he realizes that a vindictive enemy may harm Julianna should their clandestine liaison be exposed Rafe must choose between loving her and protecting her To save his fair mistress Rafe must risk what he has already lost his heart.

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