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My Fair MistressI liked that Julianna was legit his mistress at first and wasn t a kindasorta situation This review first appeared on I Heart Romance YAThis is erhaps one of my favorite books by Tracy Anne Warren In fact I believe this was the first book that I have read from her and she has become one of my auto buy authors ever since I have Land of Fright - Collection II (Land of Fright Collections Book 2) probably read this book about 5 times and I just love it It s like every time I read it I get sucked into the romance between Rafe and JuliannaThe way Miss Warren weaves in romance love and lust in the book is believable in a sense that as a reader you would think that this kind of situation would really happen in reality I love how both characters grow in this story most especially Julianna She starts off as a veryroper sort of insecure widow and becomes this independent and strong woman Although there is still a bit of damsel in distress in her it is not as The Elders Speak pronounced as other heroines I have read Her ultimate devastation when Rafe leaves her is typically a reaction and again very believable I can feel her anguish and to be honest I always shed a tear when I get to thisart no matter how many times I read itWhen they are forced to marry I love how Miss Warren wrote in Julianna s initial reaction Julianna tries to show indifference to Rafe Of course she still loves him but she does show how hurt she is because of what he didI also love the hero Rafe Personally I love reading about rags to riches heroes and Rafe is one of them Rafe is also mentioned in other books and I think other series as one of the financiers that the gentlemen trust and use He starts off as an uncaring self centered rogue Later in the story you see him develop into a hero worthy of Julianna s love I love how Ms Warren wrote in his back story how we the readers are slowly introduced to why Rafe is as uncaring as he is and we get to understand the reason why he left JuliannaAll in all this is a very enjoyable read that I love to read again and I have been re reading itRead the full review on I Heart Romance YAReread ReviewTIMES READI have read this multiple times in the last 6 yearsWHEN I FIRST READI read this in The Pharisees Guide to Total Holiness paperback I have a copy back in the Philippines around 2008 or 2009WHAT I REMEMBERI remember a lady bargaining her virtue to the financier Rafe Pendragon and the story was and still is sizzling I have also read multiple books by Tracy Anne Warren that mention Rafe Pendragon as the investor that helped a few heroes in Warren s other books become rich see Wicked Delights of a Bridal BedWHY I WANTED TO RE READBecause I wanted to go back and read a sizzling historical romance without the eroticaHOW I FELT AFTER RE READINGI felt the same A fewarts brought me to tears again and the romance still worked for me However I hated Rafe a little after he broke things off with Lady Julianna Hawthorne I knew that he had a valid reason for it but now I did not find what he did forgivable I still like him as a hero but now I see this aspect of his ersonality in a different lightWOULD I RE READ THIS BOOK AGAINDefinitely As with most of my favorite books I reread them every few years or so 35 stars When Julianna hears that her brother has been gambling a big debt hears that her brother has been gambling a big debt he is unable to ay off She sets off to see Rafe Pendragon one of the major financiers in London When she goes to Rafe trying to work out a deal he will only except one things full Craft Notes for Animators payment of the debt or have her as his mistress for six months and she agrees against her better judgment but there is something about Rafe that calls to her Julianna was married for five years before she became a widow and since that time has never thought of another man until Rafe As he shows her theleasures of the bedroom they start to form a bond to each other sharing deep secrets and for the first time Julianna finds herself being able to share with Rafe what she can t share with others every art of herself But Rafe has a enemy a brother who despises him Afraid that

If He Continues A Relationship 
he continues a relationship Julianna that her life may be ut in dangerhe has to decide what is the better course of actionchoose to be with Julianna or set her aside for her own Popular Representations of Development protectionMy Fair Mistress is the first book in this trilogy Tracy Anne Warren is one of those authors you can enjoy her stories over and over again My Fair Mistress is arime example of what makes me love romances especially the historical genre She brings characters to life and in my opinion this is one of her best works Although I will say there hasn t been a book of hers that I have read that I didn t enjoy immenselybut there was something so sensual and Sister for Sale poignant about this story Its not your typical mistress romancein fact upon reading this you see of a slow and sweet romance story that justulls at your heartstrings Rafe is a illegitimate son of a Lord but his father died and is a illegitimate son of a Lord but his father died and brother kicked his mother off the The Blue Door (Threshold property that she was living at and as Rafe was making a name for himself in the financial world his brother sought revenge Rafe will do anything torotect those he loves What he doesn t expect is to fall in love with his mistress but he finds Julianna a woman of beauty and caring a woman that doesn t deceive and she is like a breath of fresh air for Rafe Bu. He drives a hard bargain but the leasure is all hersLondon financier Rafe Pendragon has a reputation for ruthlessness and exotic beauty Julianna Hawthorne is determined to clear the debt her brother owes him Captivated by Rafe’s virile good looks weakened by his intoxicating mix of dang. .

T soon his A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, past starts to take over his future and will he be able to find a future with the woman that he truly loves and would do anything forI found myself falling in love with Rafe and Julianna with each chapter In the first half of the story there is uite a few bedroom scenes but nothing too explicit just sweet and charming and even though its sensual there is a sense of friendship and affection forming between the two scenes were they arelayful together those were my favorites just seeing a emotional connection form with the Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience physical One of the things I really admired about this story was the focus on the emotional bond between these two the love story was theriority and it was so tender seeing these two come together They go through some rough The War to End All Wars patches but when I finished itI had the feeling ofure satisfaction and I wanted to read it again I loved it so much Overall a winning romance that stole my heart and a story to win yours EMOTIONALLY RIVETING My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 4 Death Comes for the Archbishop partsJust read 45 chps and have to say it started off very good I LOVE the heroine Julianna Dark hair eyed with a goddess body according to Rafe Well not only that I m just liking her a lot temperament and all Rafe is intriguing dark haired and vivid green eyed I d love to discover about him as I Mostly Mama progress Love scene the only one I ve read so far was yum OK gotta hop on to bed now and readLove scenes are absolutely crazy I want Rafe rwarrrr The Naked Man p Haven t made muchrogress just hovering there lmaoAbout halfway done It is going slow for my style there are a few reasons but wont go there because those are just me lolz So far it s good Rafe is just too good really I love this guy Julianna is sweet The scene where he talks about his dead fiancee Pamela is really really heartbreaking I was very sad to read what happened to the girl Can t wait to find out what happens nextSo I do agree with some of the reviews here 1st half was really good 2nd half not so much Only if they talked all these misunderstandings would ve never happened I know that the way things were and they got married the trust they shared could ve been shaken But it s just that bah really kinda frustrating So it took me a while to finish this book I really liked both Rafe and Julianna in the 1st half they seemed very sensible After they married their brain turned into mush literally They both were stubborn about things sometimes just made me roll my eyes Well it s 4 because I really loved Rafe the babe and some things he did were very sweet which includes his reactions toward Julianna s Damias Children pregnancy all of it Loved the epilogue and now very interested to know about his friends Ethan and AnthonyI have something to say about Burton Some of his dilemmas I could sympathize with father having another family andreferring that family mother cryingdepressed because of that think I can understand how he turned out as he did in the end He wasn t a justifiable villain IMO No I didn t like him of course and the things he did were loathsome but somewhere in my mind doubts were niggling til the end Absolutely wonderful storyRafe Julianna both have suffered so muchRafe for being a bastard and Julianna from her first husbandthen these two meet cause Julianna s brother has gambled and Rafe wants his money so Julianna goes to him to ask for time or a way for a solutionRafe comes to a solution making Julianna his mistress that is the deal which Julianna accepts but then it will be very discreet no one knows about it and from there the love journey starts i adored Rafe and Julianna is the erfect other half for himthere is a suspense also which is solved in the endliked the way the love Story Begins And In Between begins and in between suspense was also very very goodthe sexual scenes were steamy and Rafe Julianna s chemistry and assion is added bonusKeeping my review shortfound it difficult to do so wanna say so much things but don t wanna give out any spoilersAbsolutely wonderful reada keeper for meRecommend it I m giving this book four stars even though it had an element I actually don t like But I really loved the rest of it so I recommend itIt s another contrived lot for Warren yeehaw But as usual it s done well A brother has lost too much money and his sister makes a deal with his creditor for six months of being his mistress for the elimination of the debt This is all arranged without the brother s knowledge and the fun beginsA nice thing which is typical of all Warren books I ve read besides The Wife Trap is that the couple has very engaging chemistry Right away they re dynamite together She s a widow married young to a very old man in order to obtain some security for her two siblings so she s not some blushing virgin and Rafe is not a brute She s scared to death the first time they meet but he knows what he s doing and they become very enthusiastic lovers There are a lot OF SEX SCENES IN THIS BOOK sex scenes in this book although that sometimes bothers me because it feels like adding it works here The whole first half of the story revolves around their affair and I found it uite romanticThere s also a very very nasty villain and a much deserved revenge Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie plot Heart breaking back story and conflict for our loversIt s th. Er and sensuality Julianna boldly agrees to Rafe’s shocking terms six months as his mistress As Rafe’s intense green eyesierce her body and set it afire Julianna can only imagine what emotions his kiss may unleashSurrendering to the leasures of seduction and carnal delight Rafe neve. .

E conflict I had issues with The whole thing would have been settled if they d just talked What starts out a necessary secret ends up being unnecessarily keptunexplained and there simply was no reason for the why of everything not to be aired Of course if that had happened maybe the book would have been half as long But maybe it would have simply taken a different tack There must be some reason to keep the secret and I do expect authors to come up with that reason An extra threat or rotecting someone else s secret even a major misunderstanding these are all lausible So in the end when the reconciliation is occurring we have the characters info dumping on each other Finally asking the uestions that could have been asked much earlier and giving the reasons that could have been explained And admitting they all could have been asked and answered so the have been asked and answered So the obviously sees it s a roblem I suggest she take a little time in the future and meditate on a lausible why time in the future and meditate on a lausible why than glossing over it with a regret at the endFor the first 50% of this book I was enthralled For most of the rest I was frustrated Still liking it for the most Seven Days in Utopia part but wishing the manipulated conflict between the two of them could be settled and we could get on with the rest of the action The villain sart of the story ends up being wound up in a chapter at the end I would rather have seen the couple in accord and the villain Lots of Love providing the tension for at least the last uarter of the book So even though I criticize I recommend this book Emotional humorous sexy and romantic Just be ready for a little frustration in the final third It s got a very lovely wrap up though and a sweet epilogueETA I think I ve figured out what s been bothering me so much Warren writes her leads together so well that when they re in conflict it doesn t feel right I love reading them together If they must be separated by some misunderstanding or stubbornness I want it to end uickly because what I enjoy most is them together Their chemistry is so nice that it s hard to believe they could stay angry andor unforgiving andor distrustful for so long So my deepest wish for this author is that she would experiment with having the couple remain together and in accord but have to deal with conflict against them as a couple That I would love to see Rafe is a dangerous business man a wonderful lover fierce loyal and a man born on the wrong side of the blanket Juliana is a widowrotective of her family kind selfless and has never known the Reclaiming Love pleasures of the bedroom She agrees to be his mistress for six months in exchange for his forgiving her brothers gambling debts which are extensive The affair starts out as fun but affection grows on both sides though neither tells Past crimes against Rafe areaid for Vegangelical protection becomes necessary marriages takelace and someone is not barren as thought Hot love scenesI loved it Great read Kinda boring Characters rarely did anything but have sex And those scenes somehow seemed really long The whole later Defender of Faith, Revised Edition part of the book the characters were too dumb to talk to each other about anything Really it didn t even occur to them that they should talk about anything they both just chilled in their own miserable little worlds And the entire climax of the book was basically the heroine being too stupid to live That said it had its cute moments I liked the sister and her little romance The PlotBeautiful Lady Julianna Hawthorne strikes a bargain with dangerously handsome Rafe Pendragon She will become his mistress for six months in order to save her family from financial ruin The GoodJulianna is a widow Herrevious husband was selected by her father and as a dutiful daughter she married him For once a No escuches su canción de trueno protagonist srevious marriage is neither abusive nor delightful She Being the Best Me prefers the freedom of being a widow but doesn t really have any lasting trauma aside from a ratherrosaic sexual historyBoy does that change for Julianna when she becomes Rafe s mistress They have loads of inventive sex The author does a good job of establishing chemistry between the two without turning the scenes into a sex education manualThe BadThe second half of the book was a long slog of stupid misunderstandings between the two main characters Lady Hawthorne has a surprise Witch Creek (Wildlands pregnancy okay she was surprised not the reader which results in the two marrying Once they are married as everyone knows it is impossible to spend five minutes talking in order to clear up conflict When it was all about the sex they spend hours talking laughing and sexing after marriage it s all hurt feelings and jumping to conclusionsThe AwkwardWhen the two meet for the first time there are some strangeerspective shifts without any breaks or notice in the text Fortunately they occurred only in that first scene I spent a while thinking about this oddity Stylistic choice Bad editing before I realized the author s DILEMMATHERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MAN WHO MAKES is a difference between a man who makes indecent Sleight (AVRA-K proposal in hopes that it will cut short a lady s arguingpleading and one who takes advantage of a situation to blackmail her into a sexual situation For the record Rafe Pendragon belongs to the first categoryStill violent narrator shifts every couple of sentences are hard on the reader. R anticipated that love would be the cost of his bargain When he realizes that a vindictive enemy may harm Julianna should their clandestine liaison be exposed Rafe must choose between loving her androtecting her To save his fair mistress Rafe must risk what he has already lost his heart.

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