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Of transactions taking place very day in the Workers and Peasants State where the weighty and significant a need the in the Workers and Peasants State where the weighty and significant a need the touched upon the innermost desires and the deepest fears the likely it was to remain unspecified An xtraordinary "book part political thriller part love story it narrates the life of a popular East German author during "part political thriller part love story it narrates the life of a popular East German author during last years of the GDR It is both a fascinating story and philosophical tale about life under dictature and creativity the role of the artist in such a society the compromises made in order to survive A wonderful read The Valley of Unknowing is the sort of novel that once you ve finished reading it you regret having to put it away in the bookshelf Philip Sington has successfully combined a poignant love story with a seductive thriller At first the story moves slowly but gradually the tension rises and the plot becomes complex and the pace relentless If one reads carefully the clues to this thriller are salted throughout the book Sington doesn t miss a step The story is a haunting one of a flawed man who missteps in a changing world and loses a dream and the novel continues to surprise up until the last page Delightful mix of comedy tragedy and suspense Reminded me a bit of Milan Kundera for the setting Nabokov for the humour and Philip Roth for the sexualconfessional candour All I can say is I had a great time and didn t want it to nd A tale of literary thief betrayal and loss mainly set in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin WallI found this book very powerful moving complex gripping The central character was deeply flawed but utterly believable in his calculated but paranoid view of the wor. Riter who delights in satirising Bruno’s recent tamer offeringsAsked to appraise a mysterious manuscript Bruno is disconcerted to find that the author is none other than his rival Worse than that the book is good very good but also subtly subversive If his purs. ,
Convincing portrait of the grim and stultifying atmosphere of Communist East Berlin Some gorgeous writing and a compelling story Really njoyed this book It s a gentle subtle read unsensational but compelling I kept turning then pages to see how it was all going to turn out The author uses language beautifully and the story has been informed by his wife s memories of actually living in the GDR before the Berlin Wall came down Definitely worth reading Full disclosure I received this book as a giveaway There was no promise of compensation for this review This book is amazing I read it in 2 days The story takes place in Eastern Germany and it has intrigue mixed with a little love story The character development IS SUPERB I FOUND MYSELF ROOTING superb I found myself rooting Bruno Klugflaws and all The plo Well I didn t xpect to cry at the very last page but I did There s humor and mystery and writerly advice and abandonment and informers or not and plumbing I loved it To rehearse imaginary conversations on paper is called literature To do so out loud is called madnessEven if she is a spy what s she going to learn from me The secrets of punctuationFictions unfold naturally when accompanied by xercise Blood flow invigorates the imagination as well as the musclesCharacters do not come alive by conforming to typeTerror and Shrugging Were Unlikely BedfellowsNobody were unlikely bedfellowsNobody in my xperience was capable of such unselfish devotion to the written wordIt s been an Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem exercise in literary preservation necessarily disguisedNot for the first time I had the sensation of living down toxpectations the descent into creative timidityIn that sense it was no different from many thousands. In the twilight years of Communist East Germany Bruno Krug a womanising 'People’s Champion of Art and Culture' who once penned a world famous novel falls for Theresa Aden a music student from the West But Theresa has also caught the ye of a cocky young scriptw. ,
Ld The storyline was not only full of twists and "Turns But Also Contained All The Humdrum Elements That Make "but also contained all the humdrum lements that make life I particularly His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, enjoyed the central character s who was a writer view of the creative process and waning of his artistic powers Oh I loved this book so much A beautiful gentle but powerful read I was swept along in its current and was mesmerised by themerging story as it was played out in its paranoia and self doubt of an older man struggling with a young love which reflects his receding fame and success in East Germany Highly recommended This book was not only fascinating in its depiction of the German Democractic Republic two years before it fell but also in the character

"of bruno krug "
Bruno Krug writer at the centre of the story Although Bruno s character is so flawed in many ways I never lost sympathy with him I think because his flaws were so very human and primarily motivated by love He does not come across as an The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, evil man but simply a weak one andven though the prologue has already set the scene for a less than happy nding the hope is there that he will find one Sington s writing Is A Joy To a joy to there were so many lines and paragraphs I reread and tried to remember for their wisdom and their beauty and in contrast to the dreary scenery he describes so well there was a lot of comedy in the book Bruno s uest for toothpaste in a socialist state for xample had me smiling and this happened often in the first half of the book The theme of betrayal however runs throughout the book by the state by informers and by lovers and so ultimately this is a somber book yet I found it a poignant often Dangerous to Touch exciting andngaging read45 stars. Uit of Theresa is to Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude end in triumph Bruno decides he mustmploy a small deception However in the paranoid labyrinth of a police state knowing the deceiver from the deceived the betrayer from the betrayed isn’t just difficult – it’s a matter of life and dea. ,

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