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HIPPO IN THE GARDEN eClear line points that the dad did it but Mistress of Evil Mather dropped that plot line unless my skimming missed it NOT going back to checkFilicide or fraticide Gosh what choices to have in a romanceNot one nice person in the book unless you count poor dead NathanThe hero has sex with the heroine on thedge of a bayou no in the bayou where anyone could and oh yeah actually does seem them Precursor to some of the stupid crap authors are churning Out NowMa Admits To nowMa admits to hero she was the one who sent anonymous letters that the heroine *was having an affair with is half brother *having an affair with is half brother to Medea for adviceAfter struggling to do her art could care less once the H comes back to her and she s pregnant cause it never matter much anyway I m done hide spoiler Re Tidewater Seduction Anne Mather s Spinal Trauma epicly and too rotten toven be culticly bad attempt at a Southern GothicMelodrama is nothing short of an utter angsty bitter trainwreck in an avalanche wrapped up in a typhoon smouldering mess This one starts with the 26 yr old artist h taking her first holiday in a long while in the BahamasShe is having fun in the sun when the H shows up He is her x husband who is a good in the sun when the H shows up He is her x husband who is a good Southern Boy with a plantation family heritage from South Carolina He wants the h to go back to his family home with him as his cancer ridden dying father is asking for her The h right off tells him no Tho please note that what is commonly called the Tidewater area of the US is actually in Virginia along the Chesapeake Bay and it borders Maryland and North Carolina not South Carolina where this story takes place that area is called the Lowcountry and it really matters to people who live there I learned But in this case Tidewater is the name of the H s big plantation home The H and h had a passionate youthful marriage until the H believed the h was having an affair with his illegitimate half brother and so he went and hooked up with an 細味人生100篇 ex girlfriend while married to the h Naturally the h tookxception to that plus his parents are true scum sewer turd blossoms from Hell and they hated the h s guts there was a shocking death on top of The Gathering (Darkness Rising, everythinglse so they got a divorce and the H married his MongoDB ex girlfriend at mummy dearest parasite blob s demand The h is English and the H s aunt is her agent Because it is Anne Mather and she likes to stir the pot the h never dumped the H s aunt for someone who doesn t have a whole really horrible history with her Plus AM is never short a pandering relative or six to pimp out her h or guilt her into pimping out herself The h still doesn t dump the silly pandering bovine blob when she tells the H where the h is on vacation at and then also tells the h that she should go see what the H s father wants irregardless of the fact that they hate the h and the h despises them as she holds the family responsible for the H s half brother s death The H whom the h believes is currently married to thex he dumped her for asks the h out to dinner The h for some unknown and probably pathetic reason agrees to go There were h thinky thoughts of a uid uo pro seduction of the H while he is married to the OW just as the OW did to the h with H s mummy dearest s Chastity encouragement There is several pages of the H and h making bitter biting comments and trying to score verbal points againstach other over dinner while both of them are trying to keep from ripping the other s clothes off as well When the Experiential Learning evening is over after the H first strangles and then roofie kisses the h in a taxicab the h decides she will go back to the H s home with him after all It only gets tackier from here The H s mother is anvil leech of giant suid proportions The H who is no longer married for some reason is an utter spineless doormat in the face of his parents but specially his mother s manipulations and the h is an idiot for keeping any sort of contact with any of these seriously inbred people at all including her agent We find out that the reason the H s dying father wants the h there is to stage a reconciliation between the N't stop it all falling apart amid atangle of accusation and suspicion Was Joanna completely crazy to let Coletalk her into returning with him to Tidewater His South Carol. ,

Perhaps this was meant to be a second chance romance If so wouldn t that mean that the H and h had resolved their differences and were ually working on their HEA Thought so It would not include the H s allowing himself to be manipulated by mommy dearest and dumb father It would not include infidelity It would not include taking veryone by mommy dearest and dumb father It would not include infidelity It would not include taking veryone word over the h s The h kept her agent who was a member of this toxic family Right The h slept with the H to payback the H The h slept with the H to payback the H sleeping with the OW when they were married Not because she loved himno that would have been too A New Philosophy of History easy The H never told h he was divorcedanotherxample of Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction excellent communications Not a good book unless you are into stereotypes cliches misuse of geographically specific termstc Can t remember much of the book but my ratings have always been based on fairness and likability for me so the book have been on of those on the fence type novels for me As I usually rate them three stars Certainly because they are Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer enjoyable but something always holds me back from four staring it the fact dat Cole did not trust his wife and married Sammy Jean after the breakdown of his marriage wid heroine condemned him irrepara 2008 Review AlrightMY THOUGHTS Ok the story is that Cole and Joanna were married and had a passionate relationship but because of mistrust and thevil machinations of Cole s parents they separated and got divorce But now Cole s father is dying and he asks Joanna to come back to help mend the fences with his son Cole Anyway I was a bit SO SO in the story because god the first half of the book was full of bitterness anger from both sides I guess it was understandable since they were divorced but I felt that pain and anger overshadowed the love they supposedly had And I can t believe Cole married someone FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck else too by the way so as usual I don t like it when the hero supposedly does another girl when he s already met the heroinetc I guess the only saving grace for me is that they got divorced so its not like he cheated or anything But to me he s a tainted hero And Cole s parents are kinda Big Little Man evil too Basically Cole s father actually had a secret son Nathan and Cole s mother hates Joanna and lets Cole believe that Joanna and Nathan had something going on Aaah the only good thing about the book is that at least Cole does beglowered his pride and says he loves her do anything for her and has learned his lessontc As you can see I still can t forgive Cole for marrying another woman I want my hero untainted and true to the heroine I also liked the fact that they give you an The Man from Beijing epilogue that s cool I m glad I read the book but I don t think I ll re read it again Otherwise I recommend Mather s other books paperback great review here in this tale the vicious OW was his btch of a mother and a hateful father and a loomingx girlfriend a shocking death but as the story was coming to a Creating Lasting Value end i had high hopes for the hero which he killed on page 208 with a confession that had i been paying attentionarlier and realized he had told the truth about this situation not just lying to hurt her so the book went from 3 to 2 stars too lying to hurt her so the book went from 3 to 2 stars too unredeemable people in itjust wanted the heroine to tell them all to GTH and grab the next plane back to England Oh My God I didn t know Anne Mather smoked crack I don t know what she was on but whatever it was I never want any of itWhen Boogenhagen gives a one star Listen I didn t I am troubledBoogehagen s rundown if this nightmarehttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowRandom Thoughts view spoilerOn a scale of one to ten with a snuff film being a ten this is a hundred Maybe a thousandHero is blondeHero is cruel and stupidMean Jethro hero calls his parents Ma and PaMa is now an Understanding Markets and Strategy extra with The Walking DeadPa is a racist and probably a rapistSad state of affairs when the hero s marriage to the other woman is a mere minor offense in comparison to all the other crapola he s done The heroine ain t no prizeither The hero is jealous because the h sketches HussyWho killed Nathan the H s mixed race half brother Joanna had loved Cole MacAllister with a passion which had taken hercompletely by storm And she'd thought he felt the same Theirs was amarriage made in heaven But that did. ,

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And his father for some reason these people believe the h can still influence the H ven after he dumped her for the family approved next door TO INCREASE THE FAMILY LANDS APPARENTLY increase the family lands Apparently H hasn t been toeing line in recent years to the slime parent s satisfactionWe get pages and pages of irrelevant H relations and family subplots that ssentially all boil down to the fact the H his parents and all the other siblings are cliched stereotypes of Southern Bigots straight of out the lower depths of a Tennessee Williams inspired ninth circle of Hell and the h now gets her chance to get her own nasty digs in for retaliation The h was of course the only Immerwelt - Der Pakt euitable decent and fair minded person in thentire bunch of racist bigots and so of course she wouldn t fit in and of course she would make friends with the despised illegitimate half brother and of course this drove the H s mother in particular around the bend as her husband liked the sharecropper trash bimbo he had the mixed race illegitimate child with than all her breeding tc The h was also blamed for not conceiving right away and the H seemed to be convinced she was secretly taking birth control The final straw was the h starting a health clinic to help the poor sharecroppers and betraying the fact that the H s father had an illegitimate mixed race son The H got really nasty and vil to both his half brother and the h and then tragedy struck The half brother was pulled dead from the river and his mother the H s father s mistress accused the H s father of driving their son to his death by accusing the h and the half brother of having an affair in a really ugly racist way and hounding the young man about it until he was driven to an act of desperation The h holds the H s parents Picture Theory eually complicit in the half brother s death and since the H is cheating anyways she leaves and they divorce The H s father in anffort to gain some local respect back funds the h s health clinic and names it after his dead son The H apparently is very bitter towards his father and they have a huge falling out So this your basic standard AM betrayed by family plot with the Ancestral Voices especiallyvil mother in law and an And Bid Him Sing evil father too just add a magnolia or twenty Then since this is an HP Plus add a few pages of digs and nasty remarks and thundering lurve force mojo and a beach sex scene with some useless subplots that peter out and that is basis for this very bloated and ugly book After a few days and intermittent pages the h realizes that she is getting nowhere so she pleads with the H to make amends with his father who has had a stroke for whatever reason maybe she was smoking hash and the H s mother tells her she knows she was sleeping with the H s half brother as the h is on her way home The h denies it but really who cares at this pointOnce back in England the h has the standard mopey moment realizes she is preggers from the beach lurve club moment and the H shows up He doesn t know about the pregnancy he offers a half hearted sorta apology because it was the H s mother who wrote anonymous letters insisting the h and half brother were lovers she claimed it for his own good But really it was his mother s attempt to get revenge for being cheated on As the h suspected the woman knew all about the father s mistress and child and she wanted to getvenSo now the H loves the h he Aristotle Detective (Aristotle evenxplains that he did not do the full lurve club with his OW until the h left the H s home the first time but he did cheat and he did just fall into line with his sewer slime pustule parent s wishes and now he just wants the h and they will live at his family home minus the slime gulping they will live at his family home minus the slime gulping sewer blobs and have the baby for the big HEAThere are just no words for this ugly wreck of a book But really HPlandia should leave Southern Gothic stories to Southern writers cause the theme just doesn t carry over well for an HP outing and AM clearly isn t able to write coherently using it this is ven worse than her usual so I don t recommend spending any uality HP time with it. Ina home Whatlay between them in the past was surely smashed beyond repair He hadanother woman in his life now But it seemed that Cole's desire for Joannawasn't dead at al. Tidewater Seduction