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Alexander McCall Smith has several series on the o and the 44 Scotland Street books have become my favourite Well developed characters Understanding Women good humour and a lot of wit uiet wisdom and philosophy are contained in this beautifully written series As soon as I finish each book I am anxious for the next Poor little Bertie is approaching his 7th birthday He longs to be 18 which seems so far away so he can move to Glasgow and be free from his dreadfuldeluded mother Irene He would like a jack knife like other boys but his motherives him a ender neutral doll instead which will cause his classmates to torment him His horrid mother has disappeared in a humorous manner with even hilarious results This finally ives Bertie some joy in his

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some adventure camping pizza a picnic with his father One can only hope Irene is unable to return any time soon Angus and Domenica have returned from their honeymoon but two annoying Verdammt verliebt guests are imposing on their home hospitality and patience Pat is in love with a nice young man and her father may also be in love with a woman not so nice Big Lou has taken on a new challenge The triplets au pair now has an opinionated au pair of her own to help with the youngsters The narcissistic Bruce may have found airl friend he deserves A witty easy cosy enjoyable read with old friends at 44 Scotland Street Reading an episode in Alexander McCall Smith s Scotland Street series is like sitting down for a long conversation with an old friend in a comfy chair in front of a roaring fire The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, glass of wine or scotch in hand Always delightful and always over too soonIn this installment Bertie finally reaches thatreat age of 7 It s been a long time coming for Bertie several books in fact especially since he s waiting for the day when he turns 18 and can escape to Glasgow that epicentre of freedom and self expression leaving his domineering mother Irene behindAs always a uiet entle read but somehow a lot happens in this book Irene s plans for Bertie s party with healthy snacks and ender neutral The Good and Beautiful God games is derailed by her unexpected absence a delightful story in itself Pat meets a nice young man and Big Lou may have found someone to focus her big heart on Angus and Domenica are coerced into hosting ex neighbour Agnes for a three week holiday along with an Italian Nun who delights everyone by speaking in blindingly obvious aphorisms that somehow sound profound Lots of fun as usual Brilliant book it feels like catching up with old friends when I read the books in this series I recommend this series of books to everyone An eagerly anticipated book the next instalment in the marvellous 44 Scotland Street series did not disappoint in any way I adore these books the style of writing and the characters therein The whimsical observations of everyday life are beautifully transposed into entertaining moving and sometimesripping stories I know the characters so intimately now that *I M CONVINCED THEY EXIST THE *m convinced they exist The story in this book is Bertie s seventh birthday party yet in the background we have his mother taking a rather fateful trip to Dubai whilst upstairs the newly wed Angus and Domenica are visited by Antonia and a lovely new character a wise nun In between there s a very funny episode involving the narcissistic Bruce and a body waxologist I devoured most of this book over two plane journeys and as we were about to disembark the man next to me commented that I must have really been enjoying that book He had seen my expressions of joyful connection and heard the occasional laugh Only the author s Number One Ladies Detective Agency series excel in reading pleasure for me If you haven t experienced this series then it s time to start An excellent installment This series just ets stronger with each book The characters are so vivid and the trials and tribulations of their everyday lives so beautifully drawn that I always look forward to taking a Scotland Street book off the shelves Sadly for now only one remains to be read 475 stars This series just keeps etting better This one is my favorite so far although I ve had three favorites in the past four books Needless to say I ll be moving right along to the next one I can t think of a better author to read if your moodsituation calls for a entle story that isn t too light I have become so attached to these characters And really ood things finally happened for my two favorites in this volume AMS never stop writing I just love you and your wonderful books Long may you wave As a comic novelist myself I really ought to hate Alexander McCall Smith Not because of his. It's not that poor Bertie Pollock is wishing his life away but having anticipated his 7th bir.
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Bertie's Guide to Life and MothersA single line of his in this review as to do so would be a spoiler however mildInstead I urge anyone who hasn t read the 44 Scotland *STREET NOVELS TO TREAT THEMSELVES AND *novels to treat themselves and they can The Horse in Celtic Culture get a discount for buying all nine at the same time they should take it because they ll end up reading them all and waiting for the tenth anyway Jon McKnight is author of the comic novel A Prize To Die For Bertie s Guide to Life and Mothers is the ninth book in the popular 44 Scotland Street series by British author Alexander McCall Smith Now almost seven Bertie Pollock feels like it is years since his last birthday and readers of this series may well agree considering The Importance of Being Seven was three books ago Freedom for Bertie is represented by turning eighteen and heading for Glasgow far from Irene his domineering mother s control far from his therapist Italian lessons Yoga for Totsender neutral birthday presents and saxophone practice The likeability of Irene and her husband Stuart appear to be progressing in inverse proportion so it is no surprise that Stuart Bertie and even baby Ulysses enthusiastically encourage Irene to accept a free trip to Dubai A trip that does not o uite the way Irene expects The irony of Irene s ultimate situation is uite delightful Domenica and Angus are settling into married life Angus counts his blessings even if Domenica has discovered behaviour that leads to the slightly alarming prospect of his seeing a psychiatrist Their ex neighbour Antonia on a visit from Tuscany with the saintly Sister Maria Fiore dei Fiori di Montagna a mistress of the arresting aphorism utters authoritatively on auras and haloes The concept of Cyril s vocabulary is examined and someone ets him drunk Big Lou makes a major change in her life Pat Macgregor experiences love at first sight followed by dislike at first sight and that well known narcissist Bruce experiences a waxing mishap in the pursuit of physical perfection Matthew and Elspeth feeling the stress of parenting triplets engage an au pair for their au pair a strident your Danish lass with solid opinions In Irene s absence Bertie definitely the star of this series Every Boys Dream gets to eat pizza and manages too on a longed for scout camp where he comforts a fearful friend and has a uite unexpected adventure As usual McCall Smith s characters share their succinct insightful and often amusing observations on human behaviour the rituals we perform to placate the ods driver aggression the challenges faced by Scottish nudists The formula for the value of the pound at different ages is explained reincarnation and the concept of Karma is explored the proportions of beauty are mused upon the obstacles to men having female friends are delved into and Ian Rankin makes a cameo appearance Animal welfare nasal hair Sympathetic Architecture Marmite Dessert architecture Marmite dessert desert original sin and the over analysis of children s literature all feature There are many laugh out loud moments and the delightful text is complemented with charming illustrations by Iain McIntosh As always the novel ends with a athering at Domenica s and Angus s Angus marks the occasion of Bertie s seventh birthday with a stirring poem Hilarious in parts this instalment of the lives of our favourite Edinburgh residents is a wonderful read as always I have said it before but I will say it again Alexander McCall Smith creates characters that one instantly loves And Bertie is one of those and Cyril the dog I love the A Succession of Bad Days gentle contemplativeness of the stories the way AMS makes one think twice about how we should behave towards one another and never forget the important things in life love consideration respect awareness etc Another thing is the way in which AMS describes the places in his books There is noreater antidote to waiting for exam results and the outcome of an important interview than to spend a couple of days at 44 Scotland Street with my beloved Bertie PollockAt last Bertie in on the verge of being 7 but of course his appalling deluded amateur psychologist mother is oing to cast a cloud over the preceedingsHow brilliantly Mr McCall Smith ensures that at least Bertie has some joy in his little life and a few adventures on the way including pizza in the Dear Green Place how can you beat thatElsewhere is Pat in love and what about Dr MacGregor Has Bruce met his match Is it really possible that the dreadful Antonia has the most annoying friend in the world or is it the triplets au pair s au pair The only problem with a Scotland Street book is that you read it too uick and the wait is too long before you can pop back. T alone amongst the residents of Scotland Street in trying to do just that with mixed fortune. .

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Extraordinary success though that s undeniably enviable nor even because of his ability to churn out fine novels with a regularity that would shame a sausage machine but because of the sheer facility with which he seems to write the natural and engaging style of his literary voice and the educated subtle humour that runs through his work like DNAHis 44 Scotland Street novels there are nine so far not 44 though I look forward to the next 35 are not dissimilar to soap in hardback with familiar and mostly endearing *characters who come and o and flit between volumes vanishing then reappearing *who come and o and flit between volumes vanishing then reappearing old friends do in our own livesWhen you finish one book the joy and satisfaction you feel is tinged with frustration that the next book is oing to be a year away a feeling not unlike that of watching the conclusion of a series of Downton Abbey then realising there ll be a long wait for the next oneIt s Alexander s own fault of course though one can hardly accuse him of laziness If he only manages one 44 Scotland Street novel a year it s because he s simultaneously writing a novel a year for each of his other franchises Corduroy Mansions The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and The Sunday Philosophy Club series amongst themFor me those are pleasures still to come If they are even half as well written as the 44 Scotland Street novels they deserve a place on anyone s bookshelvesSome might dismiss the 44 Scotland Street novels as easy reading in the same way that they disparage music that millions of people over several enerations have enjoyed as easy listeningBut they would be missing the point to make a well constructed compelling and beautifully crafted novel that easy to read reuires literary skill than writing one that is inaccessible unengaging and only likely to appeal to a handful of people who happen to have swallowed the same thesaurusFor Alexander s prose is truly beautiful Every word is worth its ink and although his phrases seem to slip from his pen like mercury through a schoolboy s fingers I suspect that a lot of unseen head scratching lies behind the polished results he presents to us At least I hope so otherwise he d be even annnoyingIt s a fair bet that Alexander loves writing his novels every bit as much as we enjoy reading them and that unlike Dr Frankenstein whose creation came back to bite him the author would find his characters rather congenial company should he somehow find himself living among them in real lifeThough I suspect that like the rest of us he d be reaching for the phone to ring the NSPCC if he ever found himself living next door to one of his creations Irene PollockShe is the mother from Hell an utter nightmare of a parent whose terrible treatment of her beleagured little boy Bertie is in #No Way Mitigated By The #way mitigated by the that she is motivated throughout by ood intentionsThink of every absurdity in the political correctness armoury every crackpot childcare theory every misguided The Beast House / After Midnight gender neutrality regime and its doomed but determined attempts to deny that boys will be boys and you ll begin to have an inkling of what poor Bertie has to put up withDon t be at all surprised if you hear Laurie Taylor on BBC Radio 4 s Thinking Allowed talking to some sociologist who s advocating that Irene s treatment of the fictional Bertie should be the subject of a Serious Case ReviewIn this the ninth in the series Bertie finally turns seven and finds that instead of the Swiss Army penknife he craves he s beeniven a Junior UN Peacekeeping Kit and worse a play figure that everyone except Irene can clearly see is a doll called Jo who is "Gender Neutral And Would "neutral and would only it were possible be disparaged by ditchwater for its comparative dullnessEvery single element of fun that a six or seven year old boy should be allowed to experience is absent from his life and instead he is spreadsheeted almost out of existence by his Steiner School loving muesli eating Munchausen s By Proxy practising psychology obsessed New Age weirdo of a mother who if only she lived up the road from me in that part of Devon renowned for its alternative approach to living would be known around the world as the Totnes MonsterIrene is a character so well drawn and so believable that she deserves to transcend the books themselves and become as much a part of the popular imagination as Miss Havisham Dr Jekyll or Fagin If Alexander achieved nothing else that would be a claim to fameBut that would be only scratching the surface as millions of others know and I will no doubt discover when I turn my attention to his other series of booksI ve resisted uoting even. Thday for so long he's now longing to be 18 But there's a lot of living to do and Bertie isn'.

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