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I first ave the book 45 stars but I realized how much I enjoyed the book as I was retelling the plot of the book to my mother It s just such a wonderful feel ood book The kind that leaves you happy when you have finished reading itThe Prayer Box is the first book in the Carolina Heirlooms series There are also a couple of novellas you can read I ve read the last book in this series The Sea Keeper s Daughters before I read this one and I was so enthralled by the book that I wanted to read the previous in THE TRILOGYTANDI JO REESE HAS FLED HER OLD LIFE trilogyTandi Jo has fled her old life arrived on the Hatteras Island with her two children where she is renting a cottage that belongs to Iola Anne Poole When Iola Anne Poole dies is Tandi worried that she wouldn t be allowed to stay at the cottage and she has no job and not much money left to support herself and her children But she is lucky and she ets to stay if she cleans out Iola Anne Poole s house There she discovers prayer boxes filled with letters that tell Iola Anne Poole life While she reads the letters she discovers a new side to Iola Anne Poole that no one knows about and at the same time Tandi herself change She et s a job and suddenly life seems a lot brighterI loved this story because you ot to follow Tandi as she transforms from the wreck she was when she came to Hatteras Island to a new stronger person that s not controlled by the past She is not a very Inventing the Future good mother and she has a new boyfriend that isn t much better than the one she left behind in her old life But reading the letters and making new friends slowly turns her life aroundI enjoy reading books that have a parallel storyline and this was one especiallyood It manages to not cross the line to become too saccharine I was annoyed with Tandi s boyfriend Ross and Gina Tandi s sister but they played their roles in the story They had to be there to make her realize that she could turn her life around and not be the person she was before I was really proud of Tandi towards the end of the bookI wrote in my review for The Sea Keeper s Daughters that you can read the books as stand alone but I would personally recommend you to read them from the beginning because Tandi has a small part in The Sea Keeper s Daughters don t know yet if she s in the second book and it s probably fun to read them in the right order Once again I find myself wishing for the ability to Understanding Women give a book half stars I wouldive this one 3 12 stars And once again I find myself a bit conflicted about a book While I really did enjoy reading this book it wasn t isn t without its issuesI struggled with Tandi She was so spineless and yet at the same time had enough courage to et out of a bad situation and off of her painkillers She was such a frustration to me that at times I wasn t sure I wanted to continue reading about her And no I didn t think she was very well developed just a being being tossed to and fro with no will Yet at crunch time she became a pretty perfect mother practically overnight Hmmm don t think soThe plot was pretty predictable Not anything extraordinary But and to me this is an important point the writing than makes up for everything else There were long passages where I wanted to make note to remember to write down somewhere and return to Ms Wingate does have a lovely way with words The writing is clean and uplifting the kind that makes you want to read every word and not skim even a bit in case you might miss something Even though the message is a bit preachy and heavy handed I don t remember her other books being that way Still though well worth my timeI always look forward to the next offering from Ms Wingate Once in a while the book is of a miss than a hit but enerally always enjoyableInterestingly enough just the other day the preuel novella was a free Kindle book Life is full of interesting coincidences isn t it Tandi Jo Reese Along With Her Two Children Is Fleeing From An along with her two children is fleeing from an husband She is also breaking her drug addition fostered by her husband She ends up in the Outer Banks the one place of happy memories spent with her beloved Verdammt verliebt grandfather When her elderly landlady Iola Ann Poole dies she agrees to clean out the house in exchange for free rent for the smalluest cottage When Tandi discover s Iola s letters to God she must examine her own life Her childhood was one of neglect and disfunction She had her When Iola Anne Poole an old timer on Hatteras Island passes away in her bed at ninety one the struggling young mother in her rental cottage Tandi Jo Reese finds herself charged with the task of cleaning out Iola's rambling Victorian houseRunning from a messy dangerous past

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The Prayer Box Carolina Heirlooms #1

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Aven there is nothing to do but hurry out and tell the world HERE is a book worth your time I love stories that let me come along as characters who are at rock bottom slowly find th This book took some time for me to The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, get into but once I did it was amazingTandi was a wounded woman who had recently broken free to become independent At first I found myself upset with her because I expected from her as a mother But as the story went on I discovered the root of her vulnerability this was her first time being independent and she was trying to find her footing She eventuallyrew into a strong admirable woman beautiful on the inside as well as the outside I applaud Lisa in the manner she paced Tandi s personality development Her emotional responses were duely appropriate for each circumstance as the story went alongWhat I loved most about this story was the manner Lisa crafted Paul He had no dramatic entrance into the story or Tandi s life and he was no typical hero tall dark and handsome His sense of fashion always made me laugh There was nothing drop dead Inverloch Volume 4 gorgeous about it The best part is all these didn t stop his sweet nice andenerous character from shining through the pages I thought that was excellent craftmanshipThe plot was reat and the story structure was solid Secondary characters were introduced at just the right time "and none unnecessarily littered any scenesSomething I found pleasantly uniue about this story was how Iola s left behind letters were "none unnecessarily littered any scenesSomething I found pleasantly uniue about this story was how Iola s left behind letters were a blessing and source of healing to not only Tandi and her family but also her entire community despite what they thought of her This story drew out these classic lessons1 It doesn t matter how silent you believe your life may be Even after you re one God can still use you to have reat impact2 Do not worry about what people think of you Trust God s way and His Truth because in the end His Truth will always vindicate you either in this life or in the next3 The worst thing you could ever do to yourself is to pay attention to rumors Never ever judge a matter from a distanceI must say this this story is not so much about romance The author was probably interested in showing healing and rowth in a broken person and how God restored self worth and other ood things to that person even making her a blessing to her community It is a sweet story and will most likely leave you reflective I recommend it I put off writing this review for nearly a week Not because I couldn t think of anything to say Those who know me would never describe me as speechless I wasn t under time constraints or laboriously engaged uite simply Wingate s novel sp A beautifully poignant story THE PRAYER BOX by Lisa Wingate with a past from one wrong man to another and a controlling one she managed to escape from as she makes her way to the Outer Banks would recommend reading The Seaglass Sisters a novella prior to The Prayer Box Tandi has no job and no means to support herself and her children and she is trying desperately to start over She has escaped taking pills to drown her problems from Texas and wants to be a ood mother and be a better person She managed to find a The Horse in Celtic Culture guest cottage and then the landlord an elderly woman Iola Anne so inspiring and so want her to be myrandmother dies Tandi agrees to help clean the house in trade for living in the cottage However Tandi finds letters which began to change her life The letters ive her a limpse into a world where people share and ive without expecting anything in return She learns about this incredible woman and how her presence affected so many in the town She begins to find strangers who become friends opening their hearts and their lives to her She has to break her old habits and connections and love unconditionally and allow people into her world
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have her best at heartThis was my first book by Lisa and look forward to reading I listened to the audible version and Xe Sands one of my favorites was excellent in her performance as was ideal for the older version and Xe Sands one of my favorites was excellent in her performance as was ideal for the older and the younger woman voices I love the multi enerations of wisdom and the beautiful words which were portrayed through the letters and prayers of the past as a Starflight Zero guide to the future A book of forgivenessrace second chances and wisdom While I enjoyed the story some plot threads were left unresolved I hope that the seuels will wrap everything up better. Written on random bits of paper the hopes and wishes fears and thoughts of an unassuming but complex woman passing through the seasons of an extraordinary unsung life filled with journeys of faith observations on love and one final lesson that could change everything for Tan. ,

Ow teenage daughter when she herself was but a teen Tandi has not been a A Succession of Bad Days good mother her daughter too often caring for her nine year old brother Through the letters Iola wrote Tandi discovers a chance forrace forgiveness and faith I love Iola and how she choose to do and see The Multi-Orgasmic Man good in all situations With Iola suidance offered in her letters and "the embrace of the townspeople Tandi discovers the woman she wants to be Love this uote from one of Iola embrace of the townspeople Tandi discovers the woman she wants to Love this uote from one of Iola letters Father help these young People To See Help to see Help to show the world that our reatness is not in things we do for ourselves but in things we do for others In power that channels itself into kindness in a hand outstretched in love Be with these determined students Help them to believe when the naysayers come that you make all things possible THE PRAYER BOXBy Lisa WingateI will never be able to look at a cute little box again and think just cute In my mind and heart it will hold precious memories Tandi Jo had been iven just such a box when she was a young The Great Passage girl but over the years it had been lost as she was tossed from family to foster homes and sometimes to her belovedrandparents The little box had meant so much to her Her life almost destroyed many times over Tandi brings her children to the Outer Banks running yet again from someone seeking to destroy her In the little cottage beside the large old Victorian Tandi and her two children have to learn to be a family again Running out of money for rent for food and The Beast House / After Midnight gas Tandi needs to find a job When the church next door offers her the job ofoing through the old Victorian and cleaning it up Tandi says yes Going through the kitchen she finds food that will keep the hunger away Going through a bedroom closet she finds boxes and boxes of letters that feed her soul Though Iola Anne has passed her letters reach a part of Tandi that no one has ever reached before The island and its inhabitants soon become a safe haven for Tandi and her children just as it did for Iola Anneexcept Iola was almost a recluse She was a recluse and no one on the island ever suspected or saw her big heart of loveor the secret she had to hide In so many ways on this island love comes full circle Like the pebble thrown into the pond the ripples just keep Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) going until they reach the shores of home This book opens up places you don t realize are hidden within yourself Open the first page and find your treasure The top three words that come to mind upon finishing this book Beautiful beautiful and beautifulOK that was one word but one so true about this story that it deserved to be repeated three timesWith aift for crafting a story that digs into how a person s past can shape their view of themselves and of hope itself Lisa Wingate never disappoints to deliver a first class novel The Prayer Box is just that sort of book Through Tandi s eyes we experience the life of a very real woman shadowed by her past a past that was pretty messed up by the adults of her childhood Having spent most of her adult life moving from wrong man to wronger man and bad choice to worse choice Tandi I Walk in Dread grasps on to one solitary memory of happiness and peace from her childhood and steals away from Texas and a controlling unethical man to the Outer BanksWhen her elderly landlord dies Tandi unexpectedly finds employment sorting through the woman s belongings As Tandi immerses herself in the letters found in Iola Anne s once palatial home change begins within her heart a change that reflects into her life and the lives around her Iola s letters allow Tandi alimpse into a world where people ive without expecting anything in return love knowing they are bound to be hurt and work hard to safeguard the things that are beautiful and true in the worldAlthough the story may lean toward women s fiction than contemporary romance romance is most definitely present in both negative and positive forms As Tandi realizes who she was is and can become she finally begins to recognize the difference between being some hot uy s lorified arm candy and being cherished by an unusual and unusually wonderful manExpect both smiles and tears as you read this beautiful novel but do read it You won t be sorrythis review originally appeared at USA Today s Happy Ever After blog I am not free with five star reviews But when a novel leaves me teary eyed and feeling a step closer to he. Andi never expects to find than a temporary hiding place within Iola's walls but everything changes with the discovery of eighty one carefully decorated prayer boxes one for each year spanning from Iola's youth to her last days Hidden in the boxes is the story of a lifetime. .