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As is the case for many people heavily into computer ames especially the interactive kind that take place online Ash is comfortable in a Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, gaming environment than in real life The computerame in many ways becomes real to him than his own life The theme is very topical with and people having virtual existences whether in The Subtle Beauty games or on Facebook so reading about it in the context of a romance promised to be interesting And I wasn t disappointed Ash is painfully shy I don tet the impression he was ever a Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, gung houy but as "Events Unfold And We "unfold and we out about his past which includes being bullied and made fun of and the ex who did a number on him I could definitely see where his hesitancy to ever enter another romantic relationship came from He is a fighter though and that ultimately helps him find his way in the real world It was funny to see how easily his self confidence came to him in the When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, game and initially only there then how heradually transferred that to real life as well His interest in Jayden annoys him but on the other hand it helps him deal with what happened beforeJayden is the baker whose shop is across the road from Ash s and he is thoroughly annoyed with the way Ash ignores him Luckily he is a very determined man and doesn t just walk away He too has been wounded by a relationship The Billionaires Runaway Bride gone wrong but he approaches dealing with it in a active way than Ash Jayden plays the same onlineame as Ash and he too has to make A Decision About His Online Relationship Versus decision about his online relationship versus real life one He struggles less with it but it s still a consideration for himThe mix between humor two Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover growing relationships one online one in real life and the tension that added to the budding feelings between Ash and Jayden definitely kept my attention If you like stories about men who constantly fight but can t seem to ignore their attraction to the object of their annoyance if you enjoy reading about contemporary themes and if you re looking for a hot read with plenty of emotion and drama you will probably like this book NOTE This book was provided by Silver Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews It started outood then somewhere along the way the story lost its purpose and became something I never expected it to beIn Dragon Games the only p 35 stars rounded up Sweet. The only place where shy and insecure Ash can unleash the beast inside him is the online world of Dragon Games When he meets Jayden the attraction feels real but is there a world for them outside of cyberspaceShy and insecure around men there's only one place where Ash can unleash the.

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R interests and they have instant lust between them they have brief flashes of connection before their insecurities et the better of them and then just as they "BOTH OPEN UP TO EACH OTHER "open up to each other terrible accident makes them rab happiness while they can This is a well written story that has some really hot cyber action which carries over beautifully into the real world It has two Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, great characters who are both insecure and perfect for each other and make a really hot coupleI will recommend this to those who love characters that fumble with life some hot action with a Chocolate Mousse Mountain opening your heart and a very happy ending WellI ve never seen it spelledizzm beforeAside from that there are a few Arabian Nights grammatical points mostly commas that could use a bit of workI m confusedintrigued by this dusty demeanor thing What would that look likeThe wangst is kind of killing meTheyot elements of Mary Sue Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place going on The technical stuff is so vague it seems like the author doesn t really know what xe s talking about and just used something convenient for angst fodderThat rp thing is the weirdest thing I ve ever heard of Kissing option okay SexIn aameWhatIWhatOOIt san MMORPG simthingThe sex is very very purple And the Big Miscommunication is kind of really ridiculousIn a stupid sort of wayAnd while it was kind of nice there wasn t a last minute angst session it seemed a littleunrealistic Jayden couldn t have known a myriad Of Other Background Info other background info up to this point so there was no reason for him to react so calmly Especially since he reacted to the view spoileralmost breakup hide spoiler 35I liked this book but after the steady build up it felt likeIt s happening It s happening It s over So It s a happy ending at least but it feels like there should have been an epilogue after I would have liked it so much if it hadn t felt so rushed in the last chapters And Enjoyable read though 3 NERD ALERT Omg There was a sex scene involving cyberspace and avitars and it was so embarrassing I could only skim it lmao I can t believe ppl really do that But the story was sweet and Jayden and Ash were perfect for eachotherin all their nerdiness I love Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss gamingeeks I am one myself So I thought that part was cute The online names were hilarious and exactly what you see in Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, games Cute fun rea. Y recently started exploring the wonders of online intimacy He is constantly pulled further into a fantasy world where his virtual heart and virginity are soon claimed by an intriguing dragon rebel who enchants him If only he could convince his cyber lover to meet him in the real worl. Easy read The story starts in theaming world so there are Always You goofy names for everyone That was a little odd I thought this wasoing to be a comedy satire or something along those lines Thankfully the MC Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, gets distracted by something and has to step away from his computer so I finally figured it out and kept reading I mlad I kept reading because this is a cute little romance It s not a short but it is a "uick read I thought this was a cute idea and well "read I thought this was a cute idea and well I liked the characters and their insecurities and past stories and enjoyed Reading About Them Meeting Online about them meeting online in real life Fun story 35 stars for me I went in with pretty low expertations and came out pleasantly surprised Sure the online scenes are just silly but I really liked both characters and the story telling Some low key angst on top and we have a lovely and cute romance 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoAsh has had his confidence bashed for MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscoAsh has had his confidence bashed his ex boyfriend now he can only really let himself Lucy Carmichael go when he is playingames in the online world and when he connects online with another character he wishes he could et to know him And then there is also the sexy baker across the road who caught his eye but Ash just can t see the baker ever being serious about him Jayden has started anew in a new town his past experience with an ex boyfriend also haunts him and although he has had some hook ups he is drawn to the sexy uy in the antiues store across the road who won t One-Click Buy give him the time of day so he relies on his online friendship with a dragon who intrigues him This is areat story about two men who have both had their confidence bashed by their ex boyfriends they both have their own ways of dealing with it but they are both vulnerable to how others see and treat them Ash has crawled into his shell and rarely leaves it his view of himself is skewered and he has no social skills to speak of Jayden was stripped bare by his ex and although he still tries to be confident the slightest knock sends him running for something sweet and chocolaty to eat I enjoyed this story as we see Jayden and Ash meeting in cyber space unaware of who their new friend is and then out in the real world as both characters lust after the other but mistake each other s actions Both men have simila. Beast inside him the online world of Dragon Games It's here that his virtual character enables him to express traits he's normally hesitant to share When a hunky knight unexpectedly suggest they explore a raunchier kind of role play Ash is only too happy to lead the wayJayden has onl. ,