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Arded This story is told in a third person perspective that alternates focus between the lives of three women whose paths will eventually and uite literally collide I found myself growing protective over these heroines which initially I wasn t expecting Yes they were severely damaged and at times completely unhinged and I loved them for it Because they felt so honest and just so real I began to find myself empathizing with their weaknesses I felt their pain and I wanted to unravel their secrets and I tore through this captivating book in a single day You may believe this story is based solely upon figuring out the infamous Husband s Secret It s not Yes for a small percentage of the book we are made to wonder But the secret is revealed rather early on and we are left to witness its aftermath the uiet chaos that gradually spins itself out of control until the plot is taking ou places The Power of Habit you couldn t have imagined goingObviously I won t reveal what this secret is but I will say that it certainly lives up to the hype You may even figure it out forourself somewhat uickly But that is not where the mystery dies In fact it s precisely where this haunting story fully begins and there are lingering secrets hidden everywhereThis story takes it s time which is not to say it drags or ever gets boring far from it The first 20% is fairly slow but then it grows addictive Cecelia Tess and Rachel are women of different ages suffering distinctly different circumstances When they all end up living in the same town they begin to build unlikely bonds and start to learn of the heartbreaking ways that connect them Sometimes when I truly love a book it s difficult for me to explain why But in this case I can confidently pinpoint the reasons I ll start with the plot which was thickly layered with mystery and originality Each chapter pulled me in a new direction and finished with a suspenseful edge that had me racing for the next one The themes Debilitating grief The secrets we keep the lies we tell ourselves and the guilt that follows The writing I m in love Gripping polished and so so witty This author not only knows how to breathe life into her characters but she masters the art of sarcasm and irony It was all thinly veiled nothing excessive and it worked wonderfully When a character appeared shallow it was clearly intentionalalmost as though the author and reader were in on some joke at the character s expense The storyline is melancholy at heart somber and unsettling Parenting in the Present Moment yet one can still draw inspiration from the subtle moments of strength The sometimes silly thoughts that spun through the characters minds help to lighten the tone a bit And finally that epilogue Wow d me YET again A final sweep of the the rug from under my feet As readers we become privy to secrets which the author does not reveal to her characters It was a uniue approach and a highly emotional experience I wanted to run and tell the characters what I d learned and even though it left me pretty damn frustrated I thought that particular element was geniusIfou browse reviews and ratings for this book Brief Answers to the Big Questions you ll see that not everyone was as smitten with this one I wouldn t recommend this to all readers but for those ofou who love a well written gripping mystery that bravely showcases the ugly and painful sides of life while offering a healthy dose of dry humor DON T pass this one up Book Stats GenreCategory MysterySuspenseRomance Romance Twistedbroken Not the driving force of story Characters Very well fleshed out Extremely troubled Plot Three women with separate struggles come to find their all somehow connected Writing Brilliant uick witty respectfully humorous POV 3rd Person Perspective Alternates between heroines Cliffhanger None Standalone Cecilia Fitzpatrick thinks she knows her husband inside out so she s surprised to accidentally discover in the attic a dusty sealed envelope with For my wife to be opened only in the event of my death written on it in his handwriting When she casually mentions it to him on the phone his reaction makes it clear that the last thing he wants is for her to open that envelope but whyLeaving us with this intriguing Puzzle The Story Then Jumps To Another the story then jumps to another Tess whose husband has fallen in love with someone else Shocked and distraught Tess makes immediate plans to go and stay with her mother in Sydney taking her Surf Ache young son with her Then we move onto a third woman Rachel whose much loved daughter died manyears previously and whose life now centres on her grandson Shortly the three women s lives will intersect and the secret that Cecilia s husband has been guarding for so long will impact on them all Despite strong word of mouth I wasn t expecting a lot from this book having once tried to read another by this Australian author and giving up on it But I absolutely devoured The Husband s Secret From the first chapter I was gripped and I read it in two sittings I worried about the characters I even woke up in the middle of the night wondering how the author could possibly resolve the events that "She D Set In Motion "d set in motion isn t epic literature by any means but it s incredibly readable and totally gripping the kind of book ou want for a long plane flight Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever Just ask Pandora The Husband s Secret is a decent book but I honestly expected to enjoy it a lot than I did I love mysteries that focus on the characters and their relationships with each other and I love reading about morally uestionable people especially women I find complex relationships between women to be fascinating woven with friendship jealousies and secrets but I found this book superficial and at times even boringFirstly the titular secret is not a mystery and is so easy to guess immediately that I was hoping it would be something else Secondly I think the secret and the details behind it are not very interesting and despite it being a serious issue it doesn t feel particularly scandalous or exciting You open this book just like Pandora opening her boxjar promised this huge secret by the title and blurb and et for me it was very anticlimacticIt gets three stars because Moriarty writes about selfish depressed and troubled middle class women very well The dialogue and dynamics between them are funny entertaining and contain those rare pieces of human honesty that only a few authors can achieve little thoughts feelings or behaviours that are personal and strange but instantly recognizable and true In reality the human reaction to certain situations discovering a dark secret being dumped for someone else etc is not often what we think it should be It s like when ou play out meeting someone famous in our head and The Fifteen Streets you thinkou know exactly what In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts you would do untilou meet them and our plans fly out the window In this #Book I Get The Sense #I get the sense Moriarty has tapped into real human reactions and behaviour these women don t always feel and behave in a typical or conventional way and et it seems all the real because of itBut interesting character studies aside it did get tiresome after a while When ou strip away the not so interesting mystery this is a book about the relationships of a bunch of privileged middle class woman And there s really only so much of that I can take before I start losing interestBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Wow I have been so ashamed of many of the newest Best Sellers that have been released And this hunk of garbage can be added to this list This ear so far has been an overall bummer for me in finding good reads and ikesI wish I could get my money back For realThe Husband About to change everything and not just for her Rachel and Tess barely know Cecilia or each other but they too are about to feel the earth shattering repercussions of her husband’s secretAcclaimed author Liane Moriarty has written a gripping thought provoking novel about how well it is really possible to know our spouses and ultimately ourselve. ,

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T isn t And it isn t really what I want to read about eitherThis book had other problems as well1 FEMALE ON FEMALE HATEWhat is WITH booksmoviestv trying to convince me that women are bitches I certainly don t talk to my friend nicely and then immediately think hateful comments about her Every single woman in this book was likeHi Joan Oh what a lovely dress ou have on Are The Definition of Icing (Dallas Demons, you coming to the party SaturdayInternal thoughts Wow I hate Joan She is skinnier than me Also she makes great potato salad That angers me because I buy my potato salad instead of homemaking itOr some such shit like that WTF I really don t know many women who are like this A very small percentage What is the deal with making us all look like backstabbing hate filled competitors This is not how I feel about other women at all Reading this kind of stuff makes me sad Characters in this book do this to close friends family members distant acuaintances any other woman in the vicinity2 FAT HATEAccording to this book fat women are like the most tragic horrifying people on Earth They are like the victims of some horrible disfiguring tragedy that makes children cry and people avert their eyes No man in their right mind would ever datetouchhave sex withkiss one unless he was a very charitable or b a fat freak who chases chubby women No mentioncomments on fat men which I thought was interestingI was practically laughing my ass of at this Fat women have sex They get married Men fall in love with them Despite what the media tellsou fat women have sexdateslove just like anyone else Almost every single fat woman I know is in a healthy loving relationship with a normal meaning not a chubby chaser or loser or whatever scraps people think fat women end up with guy It would never even occur to me to think She can t get a date because she s fat because in my experience fat women get a lot of play So fuck this shit Don t believe a word of what this book tells Paris Kanonen--The Paris Guns (Wilhelmgeschutze) and Project Harp you You don t have to look like a Victoria s Secret ad to get a husbandWhenever I read a book filled with fat hate I am confused Even if the author is not fat herself doesn t she have fat people she loves and admires and relies on in her life Her grandma Her mom Her aunt Her cousin Her best friend Her favorite librarian It s extra weird with this book because fatoverweight men are NEVER MENTIONED as if they simply don t exist or if they do it s not an issue because they re not womenActually this book is very appearance focused when it comes to women Not just being thin but areou wearing make up Stylish clothes Trying to look Memoirs of Hecate County your best likeou should I didn t like it Basically it was saying that getting a husband and having kids and being a mom is THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING in life Yes it is very important but so is some other stuff 3 EMOTIONAL MANIPULATIONThis book is one of those books that is trying to slam Three Barnyard Tales you with feels as they say on GR Moriarty is very emotionally manipulative Children get hurt badly A teenaged girl is murdered A husband chooses to cheat on his wife with her cousinbest friend A woman loses over a hundred pounds and goes through a radical transformation Blah blah blah tug onour heartstrings blah blah blahListen I don t appreciate this I know some people LOVE going to movies that make them cry They know the movie is going to make them cry and that makes them excited I AM NOT THIS TYPE OF PERSON If I feel like the author is trying to grab me by the ovaries and wrest some emotion out of me I don t get weepy I get angry What s A Short History of Ireland, 1500-2000 your point Really What is the point of this book Yeah it has no point4 EPILOGUEThe thing that most illustrates how pointless this book is is the frustrating and anger inducing epilogue in which Moriarty breaks down about 85 different what if possibilities What if little Bobby didn t choose to ride his bike to the corner store that day What if Jeannie wore a red dress instead of a blue one What if Juan bought a motorcycle instead of an engagement ring for his girlfriend OMG everything would have changed Life would be so different OMG Doesn t that blowour mindcrickets chirpingNO No it doesn t blow my mind None of that shit happened What is the point of standing around all day and talking for six hours about what COULD have happened It DIDN T happen That s the point What happened is what actually happened Yes things could have gone a thousand different ways BUT THEY DIDN T It s not like this is a time travel book where ou could go back and change something Now that would be cool Then in that case I would be on board with analyzing different possibilities and their outcomes But Moriarty s world is already set in stone so I find this a rather morbid heartrending pointless exercise a kind of non stop weepy circle jerk that was annoying and added NOTHING to the story and in fact made it worse Due to something revealed in the epilogue the whole book and plot is basically negated It sucksTl dr Emotionally manipulative fiction aimed at women Promotes woman on woman hate fat shaming and a very middle class nuclear family is everything my husband and my children are my whole life worldview Typical Just very very typical of this genre Nothing new or exciting Nothing fresh or interesting Avoid unless ou like TFIOS Nicholas Sparks and chick lit that is the heavy kind which tries to deal with serious issuesOLD REVIEWI don t think I can finish itHere s what I said to Kat Stark about itI don t think I m cut out for manipulative heart wrenching stuff I feel the author is trying to make me feel all maudlin It s the same feeling I get from TFIOS or Nicholas Sparks There s so many chick lit hate that term stereotypes in here a woman s husband falls in love with her cousin a cousin who was once obese but now tiny so we ve got he s cheating with my sistercousinshe lost all the weightThen we have a woman who finds a secret envelope addressed to her from her husband to be opened upon the event of my death and Morse Code for Radio Amateurs you don t know what s in it butou know it s really bad They stopped having sex six months ago and she doesn t know what s wrongThen there s a grandmother who s 17 The Ideal Muslim Society year old daughter was murdered by a boyfriendears ago She s grieving and obsessed with her only grandchild but he s being taken away from her because her DIL got a job in NYC She always has suspected and hated a certain man in town who she THINKS killed her daughter I d bet ou 500 he didn t really do itYou know It s the kind of book where at the end everyone cries hugs and learns a big Lesson About Life but at the same time it s really sad humans are so fucked "up blah blah blahit s just the kind "blah blah blahIt s just the kind thing that sets my teeth on edgeI might not finish it Or come back to it later At least the crappy romances I ve been reading are cheerful LOL I know everyone thinks it is great I don t know what s wrong with me I really hate boo hoo stories though and I feel like this is a boo hoo story I don t like books whose basic message is Life is so tragic but we must keep living or something Also no one was really likable PS And none of this is too spoilery just first three chapters stuff 5 Stars A new favoriteCan I say I effing love this author after having read only two of her books Because that s exactly #what s going on right nowI ve been on a huge MysteryPsychological Thriller kick lately and I ve realized #s going on right nowI ve been on a huge MysteryPsychological Thriller kick lately and I ve realized many books of this genre some or all of the characters are very easy to hate Which is fineAnd so I was ready for that I put my little crazy book wall up and was prepared to just observe this story without really letting the characters in But they crept in anyway In fact I was completely bomb. Gether but the lives of others as well Imagine then that ou stumble across that letter while Marcus Garvey your husband is still very much alive Cecilia Fitzpatrick has achieved it all she’s an incredibly successful businesswoman a pillar of her small community and a devoted wife and mother Her life is as orderly and spotless as her home But that letter is. This is the most interesting mystery book ive read in that the secretsmysteries are revealed pretty early on in the story so the plot doesnt focus on what happened or who did it but on what will everyone do now and because of that because of the in depth focus on the characters their lives and how they are all connected this felt like contemporary fiction to me and im actually okay with that i really enjoyed how the reader starts off with a pinhole view focused solely on three separate charactersfamilies and then as the story progresses the readers view expands finally getting that full perspective and seeing how everything is connected is such an exciting feeling i thought that part was really well done with the epilogue providing a really great conclusion and even though the mystery aspect isnt the main focus on the story i still think the story is engaging this is my first liane moriarty book so i am interested to see if her other stories follow this trend i know big little lies is pretty popular so i might have to pick that up soon 35 stars Cecilia starts poking around the attic one day to find a piece of the Berlin wall she has her daughter is going through a Berlin wall phase when she finds a letter addressed to her from her husband in case of his death At first she doesn t think too much of it but her husband John Paul begins to behave weirdly when she mentions the letter and suddenly she can t stop thinking what the letter is about Rachel lives in the same neighborhood as Cecilia and has been mourning the death of her daughter Janie forears Now that her son is moving she won t be seeing her grandson and she finds herself getting wrapped up in Janie s death even Tess moves back i I m just going to leave it at 3 I don t know how I really feel about this one I felt the same way about Big Little Lies because I listened to both books on audio the first time And for some reason her books don t work for me the first time around on audio So I will leave it at that for now I know I loved Big Little Lies when I read the physical book so we shall see Mel PERFECT SUMMER READ Full disclosure I listened to this as an audiobook Normally I save my audiobooks for cleaning house but this was so good I took it on runs slowed down my walks to work even listened for a few minutes as I got my coffee ignoring my coworkers The reader s Australian accent made the story come alive but I bet it s just as spellbinding in print Two husbands in this book have secrets one predictable uickly revealed the other unexpected and drawn out Each time I thought I knew where the story was going I was thrown off I d like to be cool and literary and say that everything got tied up too neatly in the end that this is a book too obviously pandering to women of my age 40 and station in life married with children working hard somewhat comfortable but honestly I just enjoyed the hell out of it It asked nothing of me and delivered a story that held me through the satisfying if slightly too convenient conclusion It s like an ice cream cone I HATE describing non edible things as delicious but that s what I mean the very reason why I love to read Contains SpoilersEh I doubt I would ve finished this if it wasn t a book club selection I just didn t care about any of the characters or how the story was going to end It s definitely not going into the stack of books I consider to be riveting I d throw it in the stack of stories about selfish people making selfish choices in life I don t agree with any of the choices made by the characters I don t think real people would make the decisions these characters made I find it hard to believe that forgiveness could be given so uickly in some of the instances in the story I mean come on someone does something that drastically changes FRIENDLY ENEMIES your life completely in a negative wayyou re not going to forgive them within a few days or 50 pages at the end of a book Someone murdersour child Amok you sit around angry for 20earsyou find out whoyou re not
"Going To Sit Around Thinking "
to sit around thinking what And a Bottle of Rum you should do I m pretty sureou ll decide 1 of 2 things either Crochet you re going to murder that person orou re going to tell the police You find out that Playhouse your husband murdered someone when he was 17 You don t stay with him or keep his secret for the sake ofour "children You leave that psycho turn him in to the police Especially "You leave that psycho turn him in to the police Especially the only reason he can turn him in to the police Especially the only reason he can up with for murdering the person is She laughed at me I got angry Really You re going to take our chances with that kind of person in our life Really Anytime he did something stupid Desire and Deceive you wanted to laughyou d have that voice in the back ofour head saying Don t laugh Remember what happened to that one girl that laughed at him Your best friend who is also Dannys Dragon (Tao of Love, your cousin stealsour husband You re not going to forgive her or Household Gods your husband within a week You just don t allow people like that to remain inour life So what if she was Maos Little Red Book your one only friend You go find better friends So what ifour kid is going to be sad if Der Persönliche Erfolg you get a divorce You don t sacrificeour self respect so that A history of Native America your kid can grow up in a home with married parents I mean seriouslyifour husband thinks it s a fantastic idea for him to move his new love into Shell House your home soou can be one big happy familyyou run for the hills or suggest that he move to a compound where it s acceptable to have multiple wives Sure it starts with him just moving her innext thing Changeling Encounter you knowyou have the hair style fashion sense of Nikki from Big Love You don t forgive him a week later when he claims that he made a mistake really lovesounot The Civil Rights Society your best friendcousin If he really lovedou he never would ve suggested that The Lost Dutchman Mine you move into the guest bedroom whileour best friendcousin takes College Physics Laboratory Experiments your place in the master bedroom Normal people don t suggest thatou let the other woman move in play house with The Warren Buffett Philosophy of Investment you Basicallyit s a story full of selfish people making selfish decisions while pretending to care about the people they hurt while making selfish decisions The only decision I agreed with that these characters made was to eat hot cross buns for breakfastand only because they were drenched in butterand damnI love butter NEW REVIEW ETA Okay I finished itI still stand by my original opinion Three unlikable women are the main characters in this novelCecilia is a ninny She finds this letter in the attic addressed to her only to be opened when her husband dies He s not dead She spends the first half of the book waffling between should I open itshould I not It s annoying Meanwhile she runs through every scenario she can think of and also fantasizes about what every single family member and friend would advise her to doThen she finally opens the letter and spends the second half of the book waffling about what to do with the information it contains Needless to say I found this character to be very frustratingTess is a woman experiencing the ultimate betrayal her husband is in love with her cousin Her cousin who is so close to her they are like twin sisters She flees to another city with her 6ear old son to rethink her lifeRachel is consumed with rage and grief since her daughter was found murdered in a park a few decades ago This rage and grief frankly makes her a huge jerk She hates her daughter in law for no discernible reason and is a real jerk to her Also after her daughter was killed she pretty much just ignored her poor son So he s grown up really almost estranged from her I didn t like herThis book is just chock full of guilt and suffering Oh pain suffering guilt Punishment from God Isn t that what life is all about Um no At the heart of The Husband’s Secret is a letter that’s not meant to be readMy darling Cecilia if Missing, Presumed Dead you’re reading this then I’ve diedImagine thatour husband wrote The Council of Dads you a letter to be opened after his death Imagine too that the letter contains his deepest darkest secret something with the potential to destroy not just the lifeou built to. .

The Husband's Secret

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