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E insidious message is that if ou eat like a human being Steam Cuisine you may gain weight and become undesirable and regardless of it being unintentional that is absolutely the last thing women in our society need to hear todayOf course my biggest problem with the entire book is how entirely catty Monica is enforcing the message that women can t truly be friends because that other woman over there is a sexual threat She hates her boss s girlfriend because she believes her boss deserves better aka her and demeans her by saying she thinks she works at a hooters like joint She s actually a detective The problem with this is she s using another woman s sexuality to demean her when Monica herself is a stripper at night This is just the start of it Monica spends the rest of the book insulting every woman she comes across sometimes ones she hasn t even met At one point she mentally threatens to shove her best friend s face in a coffee grinder because she s playfully flirting with her boss It s a wonder this woman has any friends at all with that type of behavior Later at a church function her former angel mentor is introduced to aoung Christian woman who is wearing pantyhose under her skirt and she s a bitch She didn t even talk to this woman but because she s talking to one of her men she s a bitch Oh and the curvy one is the evil one Yup We shouldn t be perpetuating this myth that when women are together they have to instantly view each other as a threat Now if Monica had learned some valuable lesson about the magic of friendship that would have been amazing But she didn t In fact when one of these above women makes a huge sacrifice for Monica she just resents her because she wasn t the evil bitch she assumed she was Yet in the preview for the seuel there s no indication that Monica has learned her lesson not to make snap judgements about other womenYou might enjoy this book Unfortunately I could not because of all the negative woman myths it perpetuates This sort of thing is so ingrained into our psyches that we put it into our books without thinking about it because that s how we re taught to perceive women I had high hopes for this book I love paranormal stories and I really wanted to like this but I just couldn t If Bright Air Black you don t mind sluty supernatural heroine who is playing arround intimately with various men through out the bookou may enjoy it But it did not work for meMonica is succubus A golden one The only angel turned succubus known on earth She collects souls for Hell and feeds on them During day she works in caf bar but during night in strip club where she can feeds only on bad souls But what happens when she loses all her magic powers and becomes target of unknown serial succubi killerI didn t like sex scenes They left me indifferent as well as storyline itself And I didn t like heroine either She was getting on my nerves I felt no connection with her and she seemed to be shallow in my eyes And it always puts me off when whole male population in the book in interested in or attracted to the heroine friends enemies humans angels demons everyone It just pisses me off Moreover I wasn t deagged into the story I wasn t looking forward to coming back to it after work And all that using my supernatural powers to seduce man just wasn t my thing at all Heroine was greedy wanted to keep all nice guys in her life at the same time claiming she loved them She kept sleeping with different guys every day not always as a part of her supernatural feeding and that is just did not work for me at all Even though my review is uite harsh I was still able to finish it but unfortunatelly I cannot recommend it ARC received via Netgalley as an exchange for honest review MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing I received this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review35 Stars Let me start by saying that I just love Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review35 Stars Let me start by saying that I just love cover Honestly that is why I reuested the book because of the cover well and after reading the description of the book of the cover well and after reading the description of the book was intrigued I mean Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain herwell doesn t that sound sexy I really loved the plot to this book Honestly I never read a book where the main character is a succubus and after this book I will definitely read books with succubus characters Soul Stripper is about a woman named Monica who is succubus in fact not just any succubus she is a golden so to say succubus She is the only known succubus who s once was an angel and has fallen Monica has powers to seduce any man to have sex with her so that she can claim and take his soul to Hell Since Monica was once Angel unlike other demons she still has morals She only tries to feed on already Hell bound man When she feeds on Kilo Class (Admiral Arnold Morgan, you she seesour life and she takes some daysweeks away from Flavour your life span That s why she can t have her sexy boss Drew well unless she wants to take some of his life or send him to Hell As her regular routine of working at cafe at day and exotic dance at night goes one day she starts to notice changes She is loosing her powers she can t shift any That s not the most of her problemsThe killer is out there and not just any killer a succubus killer and Monica is hisher next victim Monica was a little bit confusing to me I felt like she didn t know whatwho she wanted She keeps jumping from one guy to another and honestly that was a little bit annoying She kept falling in love with a guys she can never have But I guess ifou were an Angel before The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer (Women Writers in English 1350-1850) you would want all of the good boys But on the other hand I also liked how sarcastic she was at times and how she wasn t all bad ass She had some soft sides ifou don t pay attention to the need to have rough sex thing Than Drew I honestly didn t know how I felt about him or Wills both of them didn t really appeal to me much But Julian was an Angel I mean literally he was an Angel in both sensesI liked Julian and Damian Oh sexy strangehe is what I like I loved his remarks with Monica All of the other supportive characters were also really good Now the most important sex scenesyeah of course there were sex scenes Not as much as in Fifty Shades but they were there Well honestly I didn t really how to say this I felt indifferent towards them YeahThey weren t like super sexy or the ones that make ou want to just do it now Lets just say it could of been better Overall I enjoyed the book although there were some parts that I didn t really liked much But I definitely will have to read the next book in the series Because the endI mean seriously What is going on I have to find out how Monica s story ends I would definitely recommend it Give it a shot. Where she's an exotic dancer But when her powers begin to diminish and her fellow succubi start turning up dead all bets are off Monica realizes she's the one immortal who has a chance in hell of making things righ. 35 starsARC received from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I like a sprinkling of fantasy amongst the books I usually read and this seemed the ideal candidateMonica is a succubus a golden one at that She is a fallen angel now dedicated to claiming good souls through the act of sex This not only keeps her on the right side of hell but allows her sustenance where she displays powers including shifting shining Unfortunately for her she has constant battles about where she draws her sustenance from Monica works as a barista by day alongside the lovely Drew She has a soft spot for him but will not take that any further due to the drain any physical contact would have on him By night Monica is a stripper and this is where she sources a lot of her prey fromThe story sees her life being put in danger so her army of friends and associates come out to assist archangels demons and elementals But are they all keeping her best interests at heartI liked this story finding it very humorous and fast pacedAn enjoyable easy read UH WOW That was really my first impression upon finishing Soul Stripper Katana Collins makes her book debut with Soul Stripper and it was intensely delicious I swear I had a readgasm just reading thisSoul Stripper is about Monica a succubus part angel part demon who works as a barista during the day and a stripper at night In order to sustain herself Monica uses her stripper gig to feed off on mortals sexual energy and release to sustain her immortality Basically for her the pure the soul the sustenance she gainsHowever when she begins to discovers that she s starting to lose her powers and her fellow succubi are popping up dead this throws a wrench into things Even so when love interest Drew comes into the picture as falling in love and being with him would mean consuming his soul What s a girl to doSoul Stripper was one hell of a ride for me The story and characters are likable and direct and I have to admit to having a secret crush on Lucien a mysterious and ummy demon who works with Monica at her strip jobTrust me readers if Ten Minutes to Fall in Love you re looking for a sexy paranormal romance filled with love lust redemption and betrayal then Soul Stripper isour way to go Soul Stripper is not the book I thought it was going to be I seriously could not put this book down once I started Monica is a succubus and she works as a stripper because she needs to absorb the sexual energy of men in order to stay alive and retain her succubus powers Problem is each time she absorbs this energy she steals a piece of that person s soul and shortens their life span Monica doesn t like this for good reasons she used to be an angel So basically she is a succubus with a conscience She tries hard to take souls that are already lost to help ease the burden that she is taking lives but it is still a difficult burden for her to bear Someone is killing her fellow succubi and apparently Monica is next on the list and the story that builds around the mystery of these murders and who is stalking Monica as their next victim really keeps ou guessing until the very end This story is full of really great and well written characters and the ending really threw me for a loop I really wasn t expecting that ending at all Can t wait to get my hands on book two I am definitely a fan Due to the nature of the succubus there are a large number of erotic scenes but this book is so much than erotica It is a very well written paranormal murder mystery that will keep ou turning the pages Highly recommend for all paranormal romanceerotica fans ARC provided by netgalley For reviews please visit my blog Soul Stripper by Katana CollinsAbsolutely blown away I have found my new series and book one is barely outIn a world with angels and demons succubus and witches Monica our fallen angel becomes a target to a killer Working days as a barista and nights as a stripper Monica has to balance her humanangel nature against her darker succubusdemon side I was drawn to Monica s cha I received this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Wow Just wow I wasn t sure what to make of this book from the outset and having finished it all in one sitting I m a bonafide fan of Katana Collins This book was a combo of sci fi and romance and mysteryoh and sex Lots and lots of hot steamy graphic sex Ahem Word of caution if Open City you re used to vanilla sex scenesou re in for a shocker Ahem regains composureFirst of all the book s summary blurb doesn t fully prepare the reader for what is to come Monica is a succubus with angelic origins that has been on the Earth for decades By day she s appears to be an angelic girl next door type and works in a coffee shop in Las Vegas under her boss Drew By night though she strips at a seedy club at her other boss club and prowls for victims In order to sustain her vitality Monica has to feed on souls Sexual release between Monica and a man allows her to gain the energy and vitality that she needs to remain immortal The souls with the most nutrients if ou will are those of good and pure men However each sexual encounter she has with a victim diminishes their lifespan Because Monica was originally an angel she has a conscious and prefers to feed on only corrupted souls to ease her guilt of shortening their futures Whew on to specific story lines Monica has a crush on her coffee shop boss Drew but keeps a hands off approach because he has an uncorrupted soul Sexual tension ensues Further Monica has noticed that her powers have been draining and the she s becoming increasingly mortal Facing mortality with no powers to defend herself other succubi are being murdered and eventually Monica herself is stalked and attacked Throw in an ex lover or three a mysterious cop and a host of other supernatural beings and this book is packed with action intrigue and romance Did I mention there was sex in this book Lots of itUltimately this book was way better than I thought it would be I admit I had low expectations and expected it to be some True BloodTwilight esue book just with succubi and other immortal beings Not the case Monica is a kickass fully dimensional and believable character with not only a killer body but a brain gasp to boot She s believable character with not only a killer body but a brain gasp to boot She s Flawed And Though She S A Stripper and though she s a stripper seems to spread her legs uite easily in her uest for souls I loved her I loved her wicked seductions her complex relationships with her past loves and her battle to stay a decent immortal even though she basically works for LuciferI will say with all the sex I mean damn near every chapter includes a sexual escapade she almost. It's called Sin City for a reason Nowhere else are the temptations so great the sex so good and the demons so badBy day Monica is a barista in a local café It doesn't pay a lot but it puts her up close and persona. Reminded me of Sookie Stackhouse I hate Sookie Stackhouse Throughout the True Blood books Sookie has sex with almost any and every being with a twig and giggleberries It s as if she was just walking and falling on penii ridiculous Sookie s authenticity as a wayward woman in a town of supernaturals was overshadowed by her gullibility naivet and all her raunchy sexcapades As much as I love steamy sex scenes graphic sex scenes alone does not a book make I thought Soul Stripper was going to go the way of the True Blood books but it was saved by great writing an interesting and uniue plot and likable characters Also Monica is too independent and intelligent to allow herself to be used She has a role as a succubi and she realizes that sex is the avenue to sustain her life Unfortunately now I am uber hyped up for book 2 which is slated for a Fall 2013 release I m wondering how the author will top Soul Stripper Great book and series and look forward to reading from Katana Collins Cover Title five out of five Love it completely Favorite Line Coffee is a lot like people In many ways its deceiving The sweetness that ou smell as it brews is often than not a fallacy Favorite Character Monica I was rather nervous about reading this book it had some awesome reviews already but I have read and really enjoyed another Succubus based series I was worried it would be a copy So I started this book with my fingers crossed and i hoped for the best I really had nothing to worry about it was completely different The set up the story the characters all new interesting and totally captivating Once i started this book last night I was hooked from the get go It was like a dirty mystery with a paranormal twist The sex was HOT i loved the way the author wrote it I felt like i was right there too The mystery element had me guessing right up to the end which was just fantastic I love surprises I would recommend this book and i am REALLY looking forward to reading the next in the series My book review blog 4 starsThe book was actually very cool I don t know why it took me so long to read it Maybe because it took me a while to understand what was going on But the story is not by any means slow Maybe just a little complicated to understand at firstThe heroine of this story is a badass succumbi she made a deal with the devil to supply him with uncorrupted soles She does that true sexual act What I liked about this book was the fact that sex scenes were minimalistic not graphic and wasn t the main focus of the story She enjoys the act in itself but doesn t like the fact that she takes their soles and shortens their lives So she found a loophole There was a guy that she fell in love with a long time ago who she wasn t able to save There is a lot of guilt on her part Suddenly one day he shows up It was 60 ears ago since the last time she saw him but he hasn t changed a bit and that raised a lot of uestions Their relationship is complicated because he is angry that she wasn t there when she needed to be It s not an instant love story but there are romantic feelings involvedThen we have a parallel running story about a mysterious creature killing succumbi She is the next target She needs to get herhim before shehe gets herWe have few pretty cool secondary characters like her demon and angel friends There is a lot of animosity between those two It was "really very fun to read about them hating on each other The writing is good so is the "very fun to read about them hating on each other The writing is good so is the no unnecessary descriptions or grammar errors that I noticed It had couple of twists and a cliffhanger which were very nicely done Overall it was just a very cool read The pricing is ridiculous if ou ask me I didn t take away any starts because of it but to pay 10 to 12 bucks for an ebook is a little too much in my opinion I would have jumped on the next book right away because it ended with a cliffhanger if it wasn t for the price I don t know if it s because I m from outside the US or it s because the publisher is too greedy I finished this book with every intention of ranting about it shortly after I realized there was no way I would ever be able to sympathize with Monica Then I watched Missrepresentation and watching that documentary not only allowed me to put into words what exactly I didn t like this book but how I could say it without being demeaning Which is exactly what I needed because Katana Collins has the potential to be a terrific erotica author There s nothing wrong with her skills The problem with this book is that unfortunately she s a product of the media surrounding her aren t we all and it influenced her book in ways that made me feel largely uncomfortableMonica is a succubus I admit my problem with a lot of erotic novels is the woman is always described as the object of desire for every man she comes across Note this is just my experience with the ones I ve read If any one has some good recommendations please send them my way I thought I would be able to handle it if she was a succubus because by her very nature to survive she has to be desirable Except she lost her powers and she was still wanted by every man in the novel and she was still wanted by every man in the novel fact even though it was her life in danger she spent most of the time letting the men handle things while she had sex with a number of them Again not really a problem but I would have liked an erotic novel where it was actually about what the woman wanted but what we ended up with was an erotic fantasy that was still very much about male desire Her boss emotionally manipulated her into having sex with him even though after the foreplay she changed her mind because they were both in relationships There was even a masturbation porn scene where she was literally the center of attention for every man in the room Including the angel If I had thought for one moment that the men in her life viewed her as something than a giant blow up doll this by itself would not have bothered meBut women as solely an object of desire for men is not the only women negative image that this book perpetuated Once she starts to lose her powers there s a very real threat that she might be killed And by killed I mean that her soul itself would be annihilated and she would cease to exist Yet she is worried initially if eating like a human being is going to cause her to gain weight She is concerned with her looks than the fact that she might die In fact she bursts her pants at the seams shortly after losing her powers and she immediately attributes it to the fact that she was eating Not that fact that she doesn t actually wear clothes as a succubus so they were probably just sitting around in her closet Th. L with her sexy boss Drew Unfortunately that's as far as a succubus can go unless she wants to take his soul Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her and she finds her victims every night at a local strip club. ,
Soul Stripper Soul Stripper #1