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Then look up dazed an hour r so later and realise you missed your busDI Zigic and DS Ferreira are the very definition f a perfect yin and yang working detective team well drawn intriguing "Personalities Well Rounded Backgrounds And Sitting Well "well rounded backgrounds and sitting well their surroundings the reader has two perfect yet ften contradictory sets f eyes with which to follow the actionTightly plotted and intelligently written with a definite eye towards current affairs I was intrigued and fascinated by this world f which I know little There is a high degree f authenticity and an extremely realistic feeling to the Whole Story Cleverly Done story Cleverly done the world f crime and mystery fiction this series is going to be Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time one to watchcertainly when the nextne becomes available I shall be knocking hapless book shop goers Thoroughly Disarmed outf the way in my resolve to btain a copy Happy Reading Folks I purchased this book almost 12 months ago and after reading it I am kicking myself for waiting so long The cover is stunning the story is captivating and the characters are wellpretty damn awesome If that isn t the recipe for a perfect read I don t know what isSet in Peterborough the themes f racism immigration politics loss love and betrayal can be found although they are not all that we find in the pages After the Ashes of this storyFor me the pace was set perfectly Thrusting you full throttle into the story with a great build up and then eveningut until you are again grabbed by the throat with a fantastic reveal I found myself uestioning everything thinking DIHolten has solved the case before the book even ended boy was I wrong That is what I loved about this book all is not what it seemsDI Zigic and DS Ferreira how great are those names are the two main characters from the Hate Crimes Unit What a pair these two are I freakin LOVED the way they bounced The Angry Planet off eachther I also enjoyed the fact that the author shares some insight to what this pair are like Melody's Key outside the job leaving us guessing and wanting This is a no holds barred straight talking story about immigrants coming to the UK and what they have to face in Peterborough I felt all the characters had depth and a realism that isften hard to find when talking about such a fiery divisive topicFor a debut novel this was a corker I am somewhat glad that I still have two to read and cannot wait to get stuck in If you want a gritty gripping page turner to get stuck into I highly recommend you check ut Eva Dolan as this book kicks ass Head ver to and grab yourself a copy What the hell are you waiting for Police procedural and the start A Chance Acquaintance of a series An interesting premise about the exploitationf migrant workers from Europe Detectives Zigic and Detective Ferreira work for the under resourced Hate Crimes Unit and it s their job to hunt for the murderer f an itinerant worker The murder mystery component was strongly delivered and well plotted There were enough twists and turns and red herrings in this novel to satisfy the most jaded reader f this genreI wish there had been a touch back story n Zigic and Ferreira it was difficult to gain a true sense f their characters To my mind Ferreira was the interesting The Wallflower's Revenge of the two volatile with a bitf a chip n her shoulder Other than that I enjoyed it and. Im is uickly identified as a migrant worker and a man several people might have had good reason to see dead A convicted arsonist and member f a far right movement has just been released from prison while witnesses claim to have seen the dead man fighting with War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 onef the town'. .

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Could not tell for certainty how it would end Always nice to find a new series to read This Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World one the firstf the series has a lot going for it The story is complex with several murders that are somehow related but it s not apparent how Add to this the complications added by the fact that the participants and victims are mostly poor undocumented foreign workers who don t trust the police and can t speak English well if at all not to mention victims who don t always remain dead and you ve got a story that will grab your interest To Find Out What Is Going OnIt S A Good find ut what is going nIt s a good at a part f society most f us don t usually see much Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills of The main protagonists Zigic and Ferreira are an interesting pair also They are both police working in the hate crimes divisionne male and Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together one female They are pretty different in their methods so they make a good team in a way If you want to read something a bit different you might enjoy thisne However I personally wouldn t recommend this audiobook as I found it a little hard to understand at times But that might just be me This is a pretty exceptional perceptive crime read full f intricate descriptions and wonderful dialogue It is hard to *believe that it is the first novel by Eva DolanThe story is set in Peterborough present day *that it is the first novel by Eva DolanThe story is set in Peterborough present day features Zigic and Ferreira
who work at 
work at Hate Crimes Unit We get to know Peterborough with its poverty migrant communities and racist undertones Slowly we see how the landscape f a town has changed and the social problem Blue Blood of migrants legal and illegal that we soften hear about has a very human face Dolan uses the migrant workers and their gang masters as a backdrop for murder We get to see how the gang masters make life literally hell for their slaves The story begins with a suburban shed being burnt down and a body discoveredI found myself getting very fond The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of DI Zigic and wanting to know about him Ferreira less soThere is nothing better than a gritty dark crime read which presents the worst aspectsf Parafilias (Spanish Edition) our society for scrutiny I hope we get many novels by Eva Dolan in the future Loved the first few chaptersf this book Unfortunately the tag line says it all Silence hides the worst crimes the investigation goes nowhere for most It's Like This of the book as none is talking The mid point The Mirage of the novel drags I had to force myself to keep reading Far too many descriptionsf dilapidated neighbourhoods the dreary landscape and bad bad food andor lack f food for the detectives gets ld The locals do not have a shred Rituels secrets des Templiers of decency when it comes to migrants They are even intolerantf the detectives immigrant heritage Even though the immigrants are shown in a better light ther than the main detectives there are no likeable characters in this book The author has a tendency to paint the locals as all bad the migrants as the Coming January 2014 from Harvill Secker Thank you so much to Eva Dolan and Alison Hennessey for the copy f this book to reviewPeterborough is changing Migrant workers both legal and illegal are working in the fields the factories and the pubs A Mild Suicide of the town When a man is burnt alive in a suburban garden shed it brings an unwelcome spotlightn to that world and two detectives are faced with investigating a murder in a community. S most prominent slum landlordsZigic and Ferreira know all too well the problems that come with dealing with a community that has reason than most not to trust the police but when another migrant worker is attacked tensions rapidly begin to rise as they search for their killer. .
LONG WAY HOME was released in 2014 AND UICKLY GARNERED A LOT and uickly garnered a lot very positive comments At which point it was placed n my reading list and then never uite nudged it s way to the top Nothing to do With It At All Rather A Propensity it at all rather a propensity be useless at prioritising books and the sudden explosion in splendid reading pportunitiesBut the second book in the series TELL NO TALES was provided as a review Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face opportunity and it seemed a pity not to sneak in the first as a lead in Oh what a good decision that turnedut to be Aside from the pressure to read the second Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church one getting so extreme I might have to pull a hamstringr invent something that makes me take to the couch to read non stop for a weekIf we take it as a given that crime fiction at its best looks at the society in which it is written and plucks ut things that need looking at then LONG WAY HOME is a stellar example f that The uestion f immigration and integration is ne that is taxing a number Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) of communities these days he An extra star because the wrapping up wasn t so badOne star for the rest slowboringtoo much description I really enjoyed this book Eva Dolan is accomplished author yet this a debut novelIt is a fast paced police procedural which never loses its way even when little progress is made in the investigationThe two lead detectives are partf the Hate Crimes unit that is feeling the pinch during a time Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 of cuts who cares about the fatef a few immigrants and casual foreign workers illegals in the UK Indeed it is a brave decision to set her story in this transient group who have no real identity and no Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale one looking for them if they disappear It makes the taskf clearing up crime that much difficult especially when the victims fear the police as much as the gang masters who exploit themAn excellent plot and an involved series f criminal characters in various illegal ventures The writting is crisp fresh and beautifully balanced The care in setting up the scenes fully absorb the readers in this murky worldI also liked the fact that it challenges you wn prejudices and makes heroes Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) of men with nothing when fear has reduced them to silent victims but can find a sparkf humanity to speak ut whatever the conseuences Hopefully better informed Dolan s readers will feel vocal and less likely to believe and follow right wing rhetoricI urge anyone who loves crime fiction to read this amazing debut novel and add Eva Dolan to their list f authors who can be trusted with your reading time Coming January 2014 from Harvill Secker Thank you so much to Eva Dolan and Alison Hennessey for the copy Piazza, Student Edition: Introductory Italian of this book to reviewPeterborough is changing Migrant workers both legal and illegal are working in the fields the factories and the pubsf the town When a man is burnt alive in a suburban garden shed it brings an unwelcome spotlight Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time on to that world and two detectives are faced with investigating a murder in a community that has reason than most not to trust the police So a debut novel and the startf a new detective series you may ask well do we need any My answer would be a resounding YES especially if they are going to be f this uality and standard You always know you are nto a good thing when you pick up a book during a spare ten minutes. The launch f a major new detective series from the publishers f Henning Mankell Arnaldur Indridason and Fred VargasA man is burnt alive in a suburban garden shedDI Zigic and DS Ferreira are called in from the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit to investigate the murder Their vict. ,

Long Way Home

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