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Under a Summer Sky

Nan Rossiter Ï 5 Summary

Very touchingstoryThis novel is heartwarming story about famiy AND FAITH AT ITS HEART IS THE MESSAGE TO faith At its heart is the to a part of daily living Life has its ups and downs but God is there to love and support is through it all The story follows the Coleman family through the course of a summer preparing for a family wedding Rossiter weaves a wonderful story about this family of 7 and their love for each other and their extended family It is an emotional oller coaster at timesbut all in all a wonderful ead Laney Coleman and her minister husband Noah and their five sons two dogs and a cat live in
Their Cape Cod House Surrounded 
Cape Cod house surrounded family and parents each summer The story moves through their lives dealing with joy and sorrow and the eader is assured of teary eyes than once on this delightful journ. New York Times bestselling author Nan Rossiter transports eaders to Cape Cod with a warm compelling story of family new beginnings and finding the courage to love honestly and wellThe old Cape Cod house that Laney Coleman shares with her minister husband Noah and their five boys is usually brimming with cheerful chaos There's nothing fancy about the ancient kitchen or the wooden floors scuffed by the constant parade. .

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Work Related Non Fiction I 
related non fiction I this one because it is set on my favorite place in the whole US Cape Cod is where I both loved and lost though different from the characters in the story US Cape Cod is where I both loved and lost though different from the characters in the story don T Often Actively Seek Out A Book With Religious Underpinnings often actively seek out a book with eligious underpinnings this one was just ight It brought back familiar Bible verses of faith that ended up comforting me unexpectedly Life is messy The greatest lives aren t always in the throes of love And we never know when our days will end So like in this book we try to build memories and traditions to pass down to generations This is a great summer ead I found it hard to enjoy this book with so many characters and a storyline that could have been great but didn t go anywhere I nearly gave it Of activity and the clicking claws of their two Labrador etrievers It's a place to savor the sea breeze wafting through the windows or sip coffee on the porch before another hectic day begins This summer life promises to be even busier than usual because Noah's younger brother Micah wants to hold his upcoming wedding on their propertyThough thrilled that Micah has found happiness after past heartache Laney is appre. P but decided to make it through to the end and How to Write Essays reallyegretted it I don t mind a story about faith but eally I have nothing nice to say about this book which is such a shame Under a Summer Sky by Nan Rossiter Life comes full circle and as the Prologue begins and the Epilogue closes a lifetime passes Life is precious and we don t know how long we have Instead of wishing away the meaningless days the characters learn to embrace them Rossiter s books are like being welcomed into a family and as the novels progress you begin to care about the characters Readers cheer during the memorable moments and tear the characters Readers cheer during the memorable moments and tear when heartbreak threatens to destroy their close knit families Love forgiveness and heavenly guidance center the Noah and Laney s marriage and with faith they can get through anythin. Hensive about having her home turned upside down She has other concerns too her youngest son is being bullied at school and Noah's father is not the obust patriarch he once was in mind or body As the bride and groom's large close knit families gather there will be joyful celebration but also unexpected sorrows and evelations and a chance to store up a lifetime of memories during The Fleeting Precious Days fleeting precious days summer. ,