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Things That Matter Three Decades of Passions Pastimes and PoliticsCharles Krauthammer is incredibly intelligent and articulate and I thoroughly enjoy his articles in The Washington Post so I was eager to read this book It s a collection of his commentaries and essays Reading this reminded me of another favorite of mine that I read almost two decades ago Think a Second Time by Dennis Prager Both are collections of articles that are brilliant and thought rovoking The only reason that I m giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is that some of the ieces are a bit dated After all this book is a compilation that was written over the course of three decades Brilliant analytical mind That Makes Complex Issues Easy To Understand This Collection Of makes complex issues easy to understand This collection of essays on a wide variety of subjects hones in on what does indeed truly matter I can t imagine anyone but the intellectually dishonest

taking much exception 
much exception his clear and concise arguments which are resented on a wide range of complex subjects learned a good deal from this collection of editorials that I believe could change the hearts and minds of many for the betterment of our world This book divided into sixteen chapters consisted of ninety essays or columns written by Krauthammer over thirty years The most griping essay was Zion and The Fate Of The Fate of the From America's Autumn Brides preeminent columnist Charles Krauthammer named by Financial Times “the most influential commentator in America comes the long awaited collection of his essential timeless writings Things That Matterresents his enetrating and surprising reflections on everything from embryo research to entitleme. .
Goes back into history to 586 BC and discusses each of the efforts to destroy the Jewish civilization No other group of eople with the same language religion and culture has existed Jewish civilization No other group of eople with the same language religion and culture has existed long as the Jew No other Forbidden Love Unchained people have contributed so much to the good of the rest of the world Still there is an effort to wipe them off of the face of the earth Prior to the Holocaust and WWII 80ercent of Jews lived in Europe with the rest scattered in the middle east and the USA When WWII ended half of all Jew had been killed even those who had assimilated and converted to Christianity In 1970 eight Witches of the Deep South percent of all Jews lived in the USA Today the Jews are about eually divided between Israel and the USA with the migration to Israel Soon almost all Jews will live in Israel If they are wiped out there is fear that the civilization will be lost to history Ever other time after aogrom to make the world Judenrein the Jews have bounced back If Iran is successful the Jews will be no It is significant that K is a Jew I should begin by stating that I am not a Fox News viewer and I do not share Dr Krauthammer s ideology That said I was given this book as a gift I like to consider contrary viewpoints and I Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) perceive myself as open minded andersuadable to new ideas Nt reform from Halley's Comet to border as open minded and Christianity persuadable to new ideas Nt reform from Halley's Comet to border from Christopher Columbus to Martin Luther King from drone warfare to American decline   A national thought leader known for his uncompromising honesty Krauthammer has for decades dazzled readers with his keen insight intoolitics and government Now finally the bes.

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Felt it fair to consider Dr Krauthammer s opinions with as little Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, prejudice asossibleTo the good Dr Krauthammer is an excellent writer He is articulate concise and often funny He writes movingly about space exploration baseball chess and his love of dogs While I m sure all of these th I love this book Krauthammer IS BRILLIANT WITTY AND YES AT TIMES SENTIMENTAL WHO brilliant witty and yes at times sentimental who Of course being a conservative Alice-Miranda at Camp politically I loved all of hisolitical commentary historical and current day eually This book has so much than that A few of my non olitical favorites were Manners Of Dogs and Men and Don t Touch My Junk I just finished adding All Of My Favorite Uotes of my favorite uotes this book to my uotesI might as well have just typed out the entire book and some of the uotes are long enough to seem like a whole book That says a lot about how much I enjoyed this book Just because I can I ll share one I thought was funny There s always an Oswald a showoff know it all There s always the husband who takes his wife to Paris for Valentine s DayValentine s Day The rest of us schlubs can barely remember to come home with a single long stemmed rose What does he think he s doing And love is no defense We don t care how much you love her you don t do Paris It s bad for the tea. T you love her you don t do Paris It s bad for the tea. T Krauthammer's intelligence erudition and wit are collected in this one volume With a special highly autobiographical introduction in which Krauthammer reflects on the events that shaped his career and olitical The Association of Small Bombs philosophy thisersonal chronicle of American life is a uniue Wilderness Survival Handbook publishing event years in the making.