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Ght the war in Iran forcing the state government to tap their younger enlistees It was supposed to be a simple enough mission that led to a night of violence leaving twelve people ead and nine injured from gunshots set off by Danny accidentally Memoir of a Misfit discharging his weapon on the protestersThe POTUSemands for the names and punishment of those involved but the Governor insists that they were just oing their job and opts to protect the identities of his soldiers The rest of the country offered opinions both and against either parties but Danny is hell bent on keeping his secrets and his senior life normal he s caring for his mentally unstable mother he means to propose to his high school sweetheart JoBell his time is occupied with football and the rodeo As the tension between the State and Federal government reaches fever pitch with Idaho barricading itself from its neighboring states Danny s forced to make choices as a conseuence of other men s own choices Men with higher power brandishing higher calibers of weapon from his standard issue M4 Men with the power and mandate to tear his country apart Once blood is spilled we re stuck in the fight for the long haul If we work out a compromise then what was the point of all those casualties WINS I find the book uite polished The cover is gorgeous and intriguing and while some of the supposed photos in my ARC just ended up as gray boxes in my ereader I find the incorporation of comments and uploaded pictures in public forums by random citizens and news reports refreshing It reflected the growing tension and how mob justice in social media and reality become parasites that feed into each other s frenzy uite cleverly The pre ystopian America Reedy created was simultaneously exciting and horrifying The prospect of having Benedict Cumberbatch or Tina Fey as my personal Raising Gods Girl digi assistant reading my mail Yes please The idea of every news agency havingevolved as Fox News clones Though it The Gulag Handbook does reflect on how sensational journalism operates How it stokes popular sentiments and emotions to its whim As the story progressed it became less about the shooting and gradually became about the NRA sticker in Danny s co worker sesk or the safety violations in the place he works in and so onI also enjoyed the genuine portrayal of The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion democracy in a believable crisis presented here It was fascinating to see how the bigger picture of the ID card argument between the State and Federal government bleeds and tricklesown into the most rudimentary units of society It stretches a lot of rules in logic but made the story somewhat entertaining FAILS I had real big issues with Danny He started off okay for someone who calls his truck Beast He was someone with patriotic ideals with small town values shoved in a situation that became bigger than his good intentions He just wants to serve his country while playing football and fooling around with his liberal girlfriend JoBell There was a vulnerability in him highlighted by his moral conflicts that unfortunately started to fade in the background as the story progressedHe starts to evolve into a Gary Stu character where the entire State of Idaho seems to be revolving around his whims and his needs He has the governor on speed ial he has the sheriff at his beck and call

do his bidding he and friends try to escape the federal his beck and call to o his bidding he and his friends try to escape the federal in a car chase that leaves someone June Fourth Elegies dead he gets a pat on the back He s bulletproof from the ConstitutionDanny struggles to maintain his normal routine throughout the conflict so while the President and the governor of Idaho are butting headshe s partying playing football target shooting at his girlfriend s backyard while the world watches on He wails about the media twisting his story but he isn t exactly playing his cards smart He swings from being selfeprecating to calling his principal an asshole Because of his poor fashion choices He starts to Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes distance himself from his increasingly rash behavior and its repercussions Suddenly its EVERYONE s fault except his Does this somehow relate to the breakdown of his values and character because of the mounting pressure from outside Itidn t really seem so sadly Instead all I see is a boy with patriotic fantasies slowly unravelling as who he really is a The Confabulist douchewad with phenomenal bouts of idiocyI liked that this had two parallel stories going on the political conflict and the locals struggles unfortunately Danny s function to bridge both sides as a soldier and a high school senior wasn t seamless and ended this side of bizarre Idaho secedes from the US government and Danny has to choose which master to serve so he calls his Scooby Gang to throw a partyHe somehow manages to get himself to these action movie situations ie Car chases open fire combat etc that gives him the opportunity to bust out these ultra cheesy lines that just gives me goosebumps And hives In ONE car chase seuence heished out the following sound bites Everybody hold on This is going to get roughOh you Der Illusionist did not just scratch up my truckYou want war We will give you war Michael Bay would be so proudThe POTUS and the governor s exchange of posturingialogue Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue didn t fare any better and just made them come across caricaturishIid like most of Danny s posse though I am not a big fan of them getting wedged in on the action for no reason other than comic relief and the threat of a love triangle in the next book PLEASE DON T GO THERE If there s anything going for this book it s the intriguing premise No need to incorporate THAT trope to make it worseThis ended on a cliffhanger keeping in the tradition of cheesetastic one liners I want to be hopeful for this series To be fair the first half was pretty gripping and had good intentions in what it was presenting However it was the assholization of Danny in the second half that Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, did this in It may have made the book successful in keeping itself from being partisan to a particular political sentiment but it spelled much piss offerizationism on my part as a reader ARC provided by Arthur A Levine Books thru NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased and honest review uotes may not appear on the final editionAlso on BookLikes. Governor swears to protect them And as tensions build on both sides the conflict slowly escalates toward the unthinkable a second American civil warWith political uestions that are popular in American culture yet rare in YA fiction and a provocative plot that could far too easily become real DIVIDED WE FALL is Trent Reedy's very timely YAebut. Divided We Fall Divided We Fall Trilogy #1This ordinarily wouldn t have been a title that interested me except for the fact that its plot hits a little too close to what I imagine the US is going to turn into if we continue regressing in this abhorrent political climate Because of this I am excited now to recommend this book to teens as a Ask the Past daunting what if scenario I liked it enough to consider listening to the seuel and third books which is saying a lot theseays though I probably won t jump into them right away The audio version is fantastic because all of the newsNPR interludes sound like actual broadcasts with a variety of narrators If they re America so committed to peace but have failed so miserably the last 50 years the last century what makes you think they re going to figure a way out of this mess without fightingWOW This one is a complete surprise This is NOT my typical genre nor something I would typically like So imagine my surprise when I found myself hitting play again and again to the audio book finding reasons to listen to it This is a reality completely unimaginable to me A president pushing these identification cards on us And one state One state of Idaho going against it strongly enough to fight One lone bullet one misfiring gun and it s all out war What a horrific reality The audio book was great adding commercials and songs and a complete atmosphere to the story I will Riding Class (Saddle Club, definitely read book 2 I have to know how this ends Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy is a brilliant and also incredibly timely preystopian novel I listened to the audiobook available for free last week through YA SyncIn the not too Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, distant future Danny Wright joins the National Guard to serve his country in the way his fatherid Then the Idaho governor sends the Guard to a seemingly routine crowd control mission at a protest in Boise However Danny s gun misfires spooking the highly Different Class divided crowd and soldiers and by the time the smoke clears twelve people areead The President wants the soldiers to face justice for the Battle of Boise while the governor of Idaho swears to protect Danny and the rest of the Guard As tensions build on both sides of the political Short Stories by Roald Dahl divide conflict begins to escalate potentially leading to another civil warThe political uestions and themes explored in Divided We Fall such as states rights vs federal rights are popular in contemporary American culture I mean just turn on the news Glenn Beck which I try not to or any political commentator sensational journalist for that matter That being said youon t see a whole lot of it in YA fiction or not uite like this I would call this sort of a pre ystopia although this is set a few years in the future it feels frighteningly plausible in a right around the corner way Trent Reedy oes an excellent job of presenting both sides of the arguments states rights vs federal rights and conservative America vs liberal America among others in captivating and engaging ways Primarily this is one through the fantastic cast of characters but Danny oes the most heavy lifting when he s placed right smack Socialist Realism dab in the middle of everything Divided We Fall is an exciting action packed thrill ride that also packs a pretty heavy emotional punch War is not glorified as Danny physically and emotionally struggles through theecisions he will inevitably be forced to makeI also really enjoyed the production of the audiobook Primarily we have Andrew Eiden narrating but we also have an ensemble of voice actors providing the media presence in the story It s a refreshing audio production which makes the most of its format Finally I highly highly highly recommend this fantastic novel by Trent Reedy and I can t wait for book two Burning Nation Look at that cover I look at the cover and I see war and I Look Up To... Michelle Obama destruction in a modern setting Yay these are things I like Unfortunately nothing even remotely like what you see on the cover happens in the book I thought that this was a sort of preystopian you know watch the empire as it crumbles I thought it Doctor Extraño d be full of actionestruction moral uandaries heartbreak trauma etcall the things you want from a good war story No that is not this bookYou know those SAT prep novels that are supposed to be an entertaining way to learn SAT vocab words This reads like that if they had a Civics version The beginning is strong I actually connected to Danny at first even though we couldn t be ifferent He s very much a Red State teenage boy into football rodeo his gun his truck his girl and different He s very much a Red State teenage boy into football rodeo his gun his truck his girl and National Guard He has genuine and affecting relationships with his mom and his girlfriend He seems like a pretty good kid all in allThe chaos ensuing the misfires and Danny s emotional reaction to the unnecessary eaths Never Tell did endear him to me Unfortunately thatidn t last long The book immediately gets bogged Feminism is for Everybody down into a whole lot of nothingness as I willetail There s an action scene in the beginning an action scene at the end and a whole lot of tedious unraveling of civics lessons and info Deterring Democracy dumping in the middle Really it s super tedious and uninteresting If Civicsidn t excite you in high school than this is not the book for you The final action scene is just bizarre and full of cheesy cliches Danny goes on a Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dangerous mission across the enemy line All of his friends come with him Heoesn t need them and it s very angerous They just come anyway to provide rama and some comedy but comeeeee onnnnnn And guess to provide Menneskefluene (K2 drama and some comedy but comeeeee onnnnnn And guess Super surprisingly things go very very wrong The best friend character is a male chauvinist whose humor is intended for comedic effect No The girlson t take any of his shit which is nice But still you re very obviously supposed to look on him as like Oh that lovable rascal No He s just Nazi Gold disgusting and gross and it s not funny At times the girlfriend really seems like a caricature She is representing the liberal POV for the story but Iid tend to think that it was just a bit over the top She was super zealous in her anti war anti soldier stance in a way that just reminded me of the way FOX News represents liberals There is no Second Civil War as we see from the blurb This entire book is just one long set up for it I guess the actual war part will From the author of the acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST an action packed YA novel set in a frighteningly plausible near future about what happens when the States are no longer UnitedDanny Wright never thought he'd be the man to bring Mr Majeika and the School Inspector down the United States of America In fact he enlisted in the National Guard because he wanted to serve his country th. E Book 2 But I wanted warammitI imagine this is a book for people who really like the political nitty gritty and would love to take a step by step look at exactly how and why the US could fall into a second civil war That person is not me thoughAt least this book made me very curious about Idaho and I would now like to go there someday Thanks book An advance copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for this review Wright the protagonist of this action packed speculative novel is a Selected Poems decent guy trying to fulfill hisuty as a National Guardsman when his gun goes off accidentally into a crowd of protesters The governor of Idaho is already at odds with the President of the US over a national ID card and this incident is the spark that accelerates the civil war Rarely oes YA fiction tackle real political uestions such as states rights versus federal laws Trent oes an amazing job of presenting both sides of the arguments in a way that is thoughtful and totally engaging and one that allows lots of opportunity for ebate Although there is lots of military action and etail to lure in reluctant readers Trent oesn t glorify war His protagonist struggles with the emotional impact of shooting a fellow citizen Perfect for reluctant readers fathers and sons US government classes Action packed WOW Since I can t give the review that this book eserves right now on cell I would just like to say AMAZINGKUDOS to the makers of this audiobook I have to say this is the single most awesome audiobook that I have listened to and I have listened to at least 300 of them I was so entertained by the reading of this novel that I believe if the story was atrocious I would have enjoyed it anyway For those of you who love audios this one is a mustOK so on to the story Danny is a 17 year old boy that enlisted in the National Guard to honor his father and country At the time Danny The Train Robbers didn t realize that thisecision would lead to other No Reason To Die decisions and his entire life would change Danny lost his father to the cause and his motheridn t Naked Risk (Shatterproof do well with the loss Hoo boy Editorial bias alert but I think this could kick up uite a splash in the YA world next spring for its awesome cover its enormously timely themes about the breakdown in political communication and conflict between state and federal governments and in particular its approach to the latter its portrait of our all encompassing media andigital worlds and with all that its really great characters and action as Danny Wright first instigates a rebellion he never intended and then must choose his side and his friends It s a PRE Raking The Ashes dystopia novel about an entirely plausible America and very thought provoking as such as well as a great read ARCs should be available later this month This is in many ways an excellent bookthough I suppose the 5 star rating may have given you an idea I might think something like thatThis book is very characterriven while also having an intense fast moving yet very plausible plot Now I know there are going to be people who want to go on about how the book s style is wanting and I ll admit this isn t a work that shoots for literary epth at least in some ways It s also guilty of using some minor stereotyping It s pictures of some of the players aren t really spot onBut they are close enough for the story to be believable Some of us will probably be annoyed at *the way certain characters are presented or portrayed That said they are not far enough off for *way certain characters are presented or portrayed That said they are not far enough off for to call the writer on it He has in most cases simply amplified what s thereThe events in this book could happen Not only could they happen it s not that unlikely The Events Here Are events here are far fetched at allOf course the novel also ends in a are far fetched at allOf course the novel also ends in a and in a place that will make you want to give the writer a piece of your mind about the inhumanity of cliffhangersI hate cliffhangersThe next book is slated to be out next yearI m waitingI like this one I recommend this one 25 STARSI am Private First Class Daniel Christopher WrightI am seventeen years oldAnd I fired the shot that ended the United States of America Who can say no to that come hither tagline Who can say no to that tagline AND that kickass cover Plus reading and reviewing books in enial pretending to be something else other than stylized bodice rippers have started to become tedious and repetitive that I have started to actively look for offbeat optionsAtleast I get to complain about something newHonestly I m still conflicted on how I should rate this I was really intrigued by the premise and I found Trent Reedy s interpretation of how Civil War can come to America chillingly plausible and timely At times it was like imagining what the news will be like five six months from now For me it also managed to skirt around the trap of pushing biased personal politics This was told entirely from the POV of PFC Wright and while that could easily spell romanticizing stereotypical Republican sentiments laced with gun porn and Murica it Dear Office-Politics doesn t take that easy road if you care enough to look closer And my conflict of rating this stems from my strongisconnect from of Dany and his Scooby Gang Which I appreciated because on the one hand it avoided outright Democrat bashing but on the other hand I was really alienated from Danny as the main protagonistAnd I m not sure if that was intentional I GOT SOUL BUT I M NOT A SOLDIER In the eerily familiar future Congress has passed The Federal Identification Card Act which replaces Social Security cards in order to streamline and simplify access to federal services and provide easy proof of legal eligibility for employment The State of Idaho however protests the constitutionality of such card as it also contains apart from personal information a chip that allows for the tracking of the card s bearerI find this backdrop uite interesting but I m going to leave the poking of the politics to the brave and focus on the story insteadPFC Danny Wright a high school senior trainee for the National Guard receives a phone call one night activating him for Thomas Harriott duty to help with crowd control in a violent protest rally in Boise Most of the Idaho Army National Guard has beeneployed to fi. E way his father A Mistletoe Kiss did When the Guard is called up on the Idaho governor's orders to police a protest in Boise it seems like a routine crowd control mission but then Danny's gun misfires spooking the other soldiers and the already fractious crowd and by the time the smoke clears twelve people areeadThe president wants the soldiers arrested The. .