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This book grabbed me and I have read it many times over the story line is many times over The story line is and the banter in the book is hilariousIt is a great getaway book Make sure you have plenty of reading time because from the beginning the telling of the curse on to Clara s reaction of Tyree TO THE END YOU ARE SWEPT INTO THIS STORY the end you are swept into this story won t have a Ghost of a Chance of putting this book down This one is a definite eeper i loved it but the mystery needs to be better explained to me maybe I wasn t paying attention being too wrapped up in one of The Sweetest Stories Ever Also sweetest stories ever Also where the freak is my epilogue 35 but rounding up What s better than a pirate hero A ghost pirate hero Well technically he s a cursed soul caught between mortal life and heaven how many times have we heard that ladies Amirite The two leads were great characters and their banter very enjoyable I m still not sure what the point of the mystery plot was but oh wellIt is pretty amazing how a book written in 2004 has aged as far as technology they use a fax How uaint 3 starsit s like God s lain down for a nap and everything around us is holding its breath for Him to awaken I m already a fan of this author so I ll still read her backlog of books though the books I ve previously read are sexier and that s what I m hoping to find of along with His mysterious secret could be the death of her New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Bruhns presents for your reading pleasure GHOST OF A CHANCE book 1 in her exciting sexy contemporary romance duo FRENCHMAN'S ISLAND  Never fall in love with a dead man The gorgeous man that aspiring travel writer Clara Fergussen suddenly finds in her BB bedroom in her bed to be precise has. Ghost of a Chance Frenchmans Island #1Had to stop imagining thingsSure Clara Fergussen loves pirates And the sultry atmosphere of the South Carolina sea islands certainly inspires all sorts of fantasies But when the sexy buccaneer Clara dreamed of her first night on Frenchman s Island suddenly walks in and declares himself to be 200 year old Tyree St James the notorious Blackbeard of Magnolia Cove she nows she s losing it badly There are no such things as GhostsAre ThereAll Tyree Wants Is To Spend The Last Week thereAll Tyree wants is to spend the last week his two century curse in peace and uiet But the sudden appearance of a young beautiful travel writer on his remote estate puts him in mind of all he will miss About Life On Earth Unfortunately life on earth Unfortunately in love won t change his imminent permanent demiseThat would take a miracle I usually read historical western romance particularly with Native Americans so reading this book was a totally different thing to do I was not disappointed I m beginning to love pirates and the paranormal which is sort of what this book is about He was once a pirate but on his death a curse was placed on him When the two hundred year curse is due to come to an end he falls In Love With A love with a This story is about a lost soul and a lonely woman and how love conuers all There is humour love trust and a mystery when arson and theft occurs HEA endin. The last days of his cursed life in peace and uiet Alone He nows better than to let anyone even an intriguing woman like the adventure seeking Clara into his heart But being with her reminds him of everything he'll sorely miss about life on earth Unfortunately nothing can change the fact that he only has one week left and that any woman who falls for him risks losing much than just her hea. .
Ome angst could be different times in her writing CAREER AS I DIDN T LOOK AT THE PUBLISHING as I didn t look at the publishing and this one is a bit older On Frenchman s Island South Carolina pirateprivateer Tyree St James is involved in a fight with his friend Sully which leads to both their deaths and a curse is put upon Tyree to haunt the earth for the next 200 years or until he finds a love so strong the lady is willing to die in his placeThe story resumes almost 200 years later a week before strong the lady is willing to die in his placeThe story resumes almost 200 years later a week before 200 year curse ends Clara Fergussen is staying for a week in the cottage that Tyree has been living in on Frenchman s Island He is now a ghost or a lost wandering soul as he likes to put it She is doing research for a story she is writing about pirates She is shocked to suddenly see handsome Tyree sprawled on her bed Clara has always had a passion for pirates and she thinks she s dreaming but soon finds out she is not To his surprise she can actually see him since most people can t Tyree who was eager for the curse to end now finds he wants to stay but howI liked Tyree He was a very sexy hero with his long black hair pirate boo Frenchman s Creek book 1Named Best Silhouette Intimate Moments of 2004 by Romantic Times BookClubReviewers Choice Best Intimate Moments of 2004 by CataRomancecomNever fall in love with a dead manShe. One hell of a secret The sultry atmosphere of the South Carolina sea islands certainly inspires all sorts of dreamy fantasiesbut a two hundred year old pirate Seriously After a night in his arms she's not really sure she cares if one of them is having delusions Just one problemhe says he'll soon he'll be dead This time for real Never fall in love at all All Tyree St James wants is to spend. ,