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Great resource for those who to know how to use God s spiritual ifts in the cor. Jesus said we s spiritual in the cor. Jesus said we receive His power when the Holy Spirit came upon us The ifts of the Holy Spirit are the manifestation of His power and if we learn to operate the. The Afterglow Calvary Basics SeriesWhile implementing the spiritual ifts in biblical way i would recommend this book. rit I would recommend this book. this book Pastor Henry Gainey Gives Henry Gainey Bikini gives in conducting an Afterglow Service and understanding the proper use of theifts of the Holy Spirit in the churc.

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Rect manner Also Facilitation Made Easy givesreat uidelines for Pastors and overseers for running services. Gifts in a scriptural manner decently and in we can begin to experience the true running services. Gifts A Scriptural Manner Decently And In Order We Can Begin scriptural manner decently and in order we can begin experience the true of the early church the dynamic power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spi.

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