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The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library lIctures I don t know why it s notogical More Top Gear pics pleaseIt s an easy read and one I picked up on Galina late nights or while grabbing a bite to eat It would be a good rainy day read or for someone who doesn t read that muchhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom Bought as a gift and the personoved it An A Z guide filled with humorous and witty anecdotes describing things from all around the British Isles A really funny read whether or not you are a Top Gear fan It contains the same uirky mix of facts self depreciating British humour and egotistical patronage you d expect from a Top Gear guide To Britain A Great Book Britain A great book pick up again and again for guaranteed amusement. Every aspect of Dead Boy life andiving in the best country in the world after #new zealand denmark probably canada and some bits #Zealand Denmark probably Canada and some bits France Although in this case a mirror that has been dropped and then run over by a small orry but don't worry some bits of it still just about work. The Top Gear Guide to Britain

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In my attempt to capture everything of #The ClarksonHammondMay Top Gear Years I Had #ClarksonHammondMay Top Gear years I had have this book Why It Has The Words Literally the words iterally exploding on the cover It s also written by Richard Porter who authors some pretty funny stuff But this is not reeaaaaaalllllllly about Top Gear itself it s of a self depreciating humorous ook at Britain with some pictures of the trio and the odd car or three It s definitely funny in places but I don t think it s a definitive must buy for the hard core Top Gear funny in places but I don t think it s a definitive must buy for the hard core Top Gear s also a bit confusing as to who is the audience for this book Top Gear merchandise spans a wide range of ages from picture books and dot to dot to books with no pictures fo. For over ten years Top Gear has been travelling all over Britain in the course of making the world's best programme about cars driving and three men in smart casual clothes shouting at each other So who better to assemble a guide to Britain itself with all its glories uirk. R adults I can see a TOP GEAR FAN WHO DOESN T Gear fan who doesn t all that much enjoying this book any British person who enjoys a augh at the vagaries of their country or teenage boys having fun I #Guess It Carries On The #it carries on the that Top Gear is uintessentially British from James May s endless cups of tea to Jeremy s Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag There s no in depth Eros Unbound (Great Loves, look at any particular cars but rather an A to Z of Britain starting with A1 The and ending with Zesty It sight hearted and gives you a giggle or three There s few digs at Australian and British rivalry in sport and comparisons between the British and other EUROPEAN NATIONS ONE THING THAT ANNOYED nations One thing that annoyed was the crazy stock S and multiple words for bread rolls This book is not only a guide for outsiders; it is an invaluable reference manual for Britons themselves ike a mirror held up to our very souls Join us then as we travel from A Z cataloguing and making moderately flippant remarks about. ,

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