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I wish i could have made shelf called books in which two twins set Off To Become Soldiers Together Only One Second Thoughts to become soldiers together only one has second thoughts turns back and then they are separated and then i could put this and Gob s Grief on it however that is too long a shelf name to have APPARENTLYcome to my blog Really a 45 For all of what seem on the surface like gimmicks Nigerian twins the structure of the bildungsroman etc it adds up to a smart elegant story Mamo and LaMamo grow up neglected by their father and aised by their aunt Mamo is physically weak from sickle cell anemia LaMamo is strong They un away and LaMamo becomes a soldier Mamo is forced to turn back and becomes a teacher and a historian The pathos and boredom of Mamo s life is punctuated by LaMamo s letters from Liberia and Guinea where he is a mercenary soldier cum assistant to Medecins Sans Frontieres Mamo by dint of his writing is invited into the corridors of power but. In the small Nigerian village of Keti live Mamo and LaMamo twin sons of a domineering father When one day the boys try and escape the village only LaMamo succeeds and in time becomes a soldi. .

At personal and moral cost LaMamo s eappearance at the novel s
#End Brings The Story #
brings the story action full circle The storytelling
end brings the story s action full circle The storytelling graceful and economical Concerned as the novel s protagonist is with writing one is eminded that there are in fact good cliches I could live in this book and survive on these wordsthis is what I call a literary memory A long in this book and survive on these wordsthis is what I call a literary memory A long novel it s also a slow starter I kept being tempted to bail out until at midpoint I figured out what it was about that was two of my favorite topics History national identity A true history the main character The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reflects is one that looks at the lives of individuals ordinary people who toil and dream and suffer who bear the brunt of whatever vicissitudes time inflicts on the nation If a historian could capture these ordinary lives including theirecollections of their own family s past then he might come close to writing a true biographical history of a nation for wh. Er well versed in the ways of life and death Mamo too sickly to leave emains in Keti finding solace in the arms of Zara while watching impotently as his detested father grows powerful and ,
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En we efer to a nation are we not The Sky Weaver (Iskari, reallyeferring to the people that inhabit that nation and so isn t the story of a nation then eally the story of the people who make up the nation And in a sense that s what this author does in telling the story of this amateur Nigerian historian of a sort But it s a different Nigeria than one sees In Half Of A Yellow Half of a Yellow though there are some similarities too *in a eading this book was listening to my father talk about * a Niko reading this book was listening to my father talk about life before immigration i could easily see him and his mates living out their lives in this novel it wasealistic fiction becuase it bought the nigerian of my father s youth and the nigerian during the present elections to life in a very sublte way helon habila writes in a plain fashion he puts me in the mind of chinua achebe what you see is what the characters see what you experience is what the characters experience what you take from it is what you take from it. Orrupt Unable to wield a weapon Mamo instead eaches for a pen and soon begins to write the true history of Keti and its people all the time awaiting the eturn of his beloved history of Keti and its people all the time awaiting the eturn of his beloved LaMamo. ,