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Imistic outlook that does not survive the light of day Forgive the purple prose I have the flu and am disoriented by cheap cough medicineLoved re Barry Lyndon 245 Dramatic close ups are rare to nonexistent we are being taken on a guided "Tour With The Guide S Polite But "with the guide s polite but instructions Don t go too near the pictures An interesting xpose on some of the films of Kubrick I thought the overall analysis of style and purpose was good but that he It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty ended up grasping at straws to link the films together A must for the fans The analysis is okay in most cases Sadly the very las movie Eyes Wide Shut is barely covered and with so manyrrors consisting of misuotations and plain wrong descriptions of plot that it made me actually angry Either way most of the book is fineOh at least in my Here With Me (Together edition there are no sources at all which is ridiculous Also the pictures suck Came upon a very beat up free copy of this andition from the arly 70s when A Clockwork Orange was Kubrick s latest So what the heck I read it Not bad not great Some I Haven T Watched All Of t watched all of s movies nough times to appreciate them so I only read the introduction Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, epilogue and the chapters aboutDr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombA Clockwork OrangeThe ShiningEyes Wide ShutI m very glad I came across this book Having it on me for short term loan from the library in the midst of myxam period it gave me many hours of pleasurable plunging into stories I know and love and the way they are told while rewatching beautiful moviesIt s true that I can never get Grave Tattoo enough jibber jabber about my favourite moviesven with a conversational partner as unresponsive as a book I have to say it s rather pleasant to be on the other side for a change listening instead of ndlessly torturing anyone who shows the slightest interest side for a change listening instead of ndlessly torturing anyone who shows the slightest interest But this collection of analyses is brilliant Doesn t it always feel refreshing to find critiue whose main purpose is not to sound smartThe detailed descriptions were well thought out and provided me with a bunch of new ideas Churchills Trial excitement passing through The main value for me however was the insight it provided not so much into Kubrick s mind but to his creative process In thend it all comes down to work lots of it A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries even if you re Stanley Kubrick Which is a lesson that successful people are always keen to preach about in va. S a frame by framexamination of the inimitable style that infuses very Kubrick movie from the pitch perfect hilarity of Lolita to the icy supremacy of 2001 A Space Odyssey to the baroue horror of The Shining The book's beautiful design and dynamic arra. .
Not too bad but does too much arse licking Having seen all of Kubrick s works xcept for Fear and Desire of course I find pleasure in reading the analysis and stories behind ach film of his The next time I see Kubrick s films again which I definitely will I would have different perspectives towards them For a film book that calls itself a visual analysis this volume has the worst image reproductions of any film book I ve ver seen Most of them are black and white and so poorly reproduced they make Every Film Look Like film look like Potemkin There are only ight pages of color images but the color is washed out and looks sun faded Only 2001 Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut are represented in the color section Seriously it looks as if they ran the videos and took photos of the television screen Also you will find that several films are not covered in any depth whatsoever This is a poor tribute to Kubrick Ulrich Ruchti provides a wonderful visual analysis of ALL of Stanley Kubrick s films What I like most about this book is the fact that Ruchti definitely supplies intense film criticism for ach film but does not lose himself in highfalutin and bombastic academic prose that many film critics tend to doRuchti also provides many stills from Kubrick s movies to aid in the analyses that are made throughout the book One of the highlights is the section devoted to Kubrick s use of color in his films It is a small section that is presented in full color but the analytical breakdowns that are provided with it truly show the artistic uality that Kubrick possessed as a filmmakerTrust me this book will not disappoint any person who IS A LOVER OF FILM AND a lover of film and criticism and it is definitely a MUST READ for all Kubrick lovers Insightful review of the director s work with chapters devoted to Paths Dr Strangelove 2001 Clockwork Barry Shining Full Metal and Eyes Wide Shut I m puzzled by Mr Walker s description of Mr Kubrick as a filmmaker possessed of a large misanthropic streak in his cinematic outlook 237 I ve come across this before and find it puzzling The worlds Mr Kubrick creates can be fairly described as misanthropic brutal cruel whatever but that is not the same thing as saying Mr Kubrick is misanthropic He does cast a chilly clear ye and no we are rarely petted and reassured That we struggle on is reassuring to me than a opt. This new dition revised and xpanded to discuss all of Kubrick's films including Eyes Wide Shut again received the approval of the reclusive director who before his death allowed the use of illustrations taken directly from his films' frames The result

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Rious different words and forms but I think we could all safely agree it comes out better when it secretly forms itself in your head as you imagine the set of a brilliant director and his persistent inner workings spanning over many years to produce a few of the world s best movies Stanley Kubrick Director is split into two make your duality joke here the first part covers his work up to A Clockwork Orange while the second half runs up to his final movie What this book is good at is packing behind the scenes bits with facts about Kubrick and his work most people at this point already know And that s the problem there s nothing much here that shows how Kubrick worked what tools he used and why what crew members were hired and for what ualities what Kubrick did when he wasn t busy being some sort of god to the author of the book and on and on Let s take one movie and one xample for me to show what I m speaking about Barry Lyndon depending on what day you ask me his best movie To shoot the candlelit scenes in said movie Kubrick as is now well known had Carl Zeiss build him a 07 t stop 50mm this gets the most passing of passing statements Why is that This book came out in 1999 long before the Kubrick xhibit and well before other books on the subject Why write so much about what any person can observe on the screen and on the subject Why write so much about what any person can observe on the screen and when it comes to topics that people such as myself buy this book for those aspects are hardly touched on This book is chapter after chapter of the author just xplaining in his own way and often with tenuous connections to previous Kubrick movies explaining in his own way and often with tenuous connections to previous Kubrick movies any spectator can see for themselves on the screen At one point the author admits to being on the set of The Shining only to spend the Family Men entire chapter kvetching about the supernaturallements set of The Shining only to spend the Creative Participation entire chapter kvetching about the supernaturallements the movie whilst trashing an Sabina Spielrein entire genre whilst telling us what we see on the screen when he s not busy proclaiming his love for Jack Nicholson whose talent combined with Kubricks is apparently thannough to justify the way Shelley Duval was treated on set yes this book has issues and offers very little for the would be filmmaker or any reader interested in the subject Each of us can watch Kubrick s movies and write down into a book what we saw on the screen not all of us like Mr Walker had access to Kubrick the person so I guess that s why this book Cognitive Radio Networks evenxist. Ngement of photographic stills offer a frame by frame understanding of how Kubrick constructed a film What merges is a deeply human study of one remarkable artist's nature and obsessions and how these changed and shifted in his four decades as a filmmake. Stanley Kubrick Director A Visual Analysis
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