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Urned in this installment give the book depth Action centers around the fear created by an outbreak of galloping consumption a virulent fast illing form of tuberculosis Since the bacterial basis of disease was then unknown vampires were blamed for this wasting disease and hunted to end the epidemic Does a real vampire lurk in the shadows as Thoreau attempts to discover who or what is murdering townsmen Kept me wondering till the who or what is murdering townsmen Kept me wondering till the I received this as a first read This was a fun read I was a little lost because I did not read the first one However I really enjoyed this book I enjoyed Thoreau as a character I also love Adam I will definitely continue on with this series From the get go I figured this was either going to be a very good read or an interesting idea that didn t uite pan out As it turns out I really liked it I think the authors wrote a really interesting book I certainly couldn t have guessed what was going to happen as the book hit its strideThe mention of historical figures such as Frederick Douglass were a plus as I always found them fun and interesting I also enjoyed the character that they gave to Thoreau Other than his lack of drug use and lapses of boredom and depression he was very similar to Sherlock HolmesI d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries a bit of the supernatural and tie ins with historical figures This is the second of what promises to be a string of novels centering on the great naturalist and writer Henry David Thoreau along with a number of on going fictional characters The authors a husband and wife writing team follow the form of their first book alternating chapters in the form of journal entries by the two main fictional characters both close friends journal entries by the two main fictional characters both close friends Thoreau Also as in the first book these three attempt to solve a murder mystery which has many interesting and surprising twists all set in a well researched atmosphere of the past and the life of Thoreau This couple can really spin a story clearly written and suspenseful If you like historical fiction this is a very good choice although I strongly recommend you read the first novel Thoreau at Devil s Perch because many of the plot lines continue in the second. Eloved cousin Julia left him fifteen months ago because their close blood connection made their union impossible She has returned to Plumford a married woman but gives no reason why she left her husband in France and Adam is determined to learn the truth.

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Thoreau on Wolf Hill Henry David Thoreau Mystery #2Other than the lame John Wilkes Booth name drop solid mystery Vampyres as they are spelled in this novel or vampires are very very real according are spelled in this novel or vampires are very very real according believers like Solomon Whitty and A self professed vampire slayer declares an Indian vampire Medicine and Religion known as Witikou has risen to feast on the locals and as he stokes panic to a fever pitch two citizens are slain by having their throats slashed open Henry David Thoreau and his two Watsons get to the bottom of it allThere is a surprising element of the paranormal in the book which I enjoyed as well as the touching story of a disabled young boy Thoreau gets involved when he discovers that one victim is a former student of his and resolves to find the true culprit Thoreau s amazing deductive skills are what solve the mysteries there s than one surprise in this book Lots of intriguing historical detail about life in a 19th century New England small town but than anything else I enjoyed the vivid characters Plumford is in the midst of a consumption epidemic and Adam can do nothing about it People are dying everyday no matter what he does When a vampyre expert comes to town to rid the community of the vampyres he says are causing all the deaths Adam is horrified Also his beloved Julia has returned from France a married woman and he is determined not to be hurt by her againWhile Adam and Thoreau work to convince the people of Plumford that vampyres do not exist two unexplained deaths occur that have them hiding and running scared Meanwhile Julia has moved into her home the same home in which Adam has his practice Avoidance is impossibleJulia has also invited a woman Mrs Swann to be her housekeeper and she has taken in a young boy with a harelip who has no one who cares for him Little does shenow she has invited trouble into her home but who is the troublemaker Mrs Swann or young NoahGreat story and great characters I will definitely continue this series uotableWe can never stop searching for the truth But what we do with it when we find it is another matterWhy is there such intolerance for those who look or act different It is the year 1847 and consumption rocks Plumford as Dr Adam Walker struggles to contain the illness ra. Vampyre hysteria erupts in the Massachusetts countryside during the winter of 1847 because of a consumption epidemic A young man is found drained of blood in Plumford and a few weeks later a newlywed seamstress meets the same fate An avaricious fear mong. Pid advance Against this backdrop comes his closest friend Henry David Thoreau a voice of reason and sanity Thoreau s ability to gather information from the smallest bit of evidence is astounding yet perfectly acceptable to those around him And finally Julia returns home from England just as in love with her first cousin Adam as she was before she left She d fled to Europe hoping Adam would fall in love with someone else someone he could marry and have children with But Adam didn t marry and she had to Flee Europe After Her Europe after her revealed her husband as the worst sort of deviantVampyre hunter Solomen Wiley tries to convince Plumford there is an Indian vampyre among them Called the Witiku Wiley IS SURE THE CREATURE IS MURDERING sure the creature is murdering villagers by ripping out their throats and relieving them of their blood He tells the townspeople that only digging up the dead and ripping out the heart will save the newly dead from Witiku an maliferous act of desecration Theoreau and Walker condemAfter a mutilated young actor is found dead in the woods of Plumford Thoreau and Walker hit the streets of the Boston trying to find the The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, killer From opium dens to the backstage each of them refuse and refute the legend of the Witiku Then strange dreams and undefined realities intervene leaving you to wonder just how Thoreau on Wolf Hill will endThoreau on Wolf Hill is one of those books I will read than once The language is true to the times yet I found it easy to read There are multiple storylines going on and not one did I find wanting Each was addressed and resolved in its own way Thoreau on Wolf Hill is part philosophy part legend and full romance There are two POVs Julia and Adam yet you will feel like younow Henry David Thoreau as intimately as the othersIt really is a remarkable book written by two very gifted writersI highly recommend it and can t Wait For The Next In The Series for the next in the series in a fascinating series with Henry David Thoreau as master sleuth with two narrators acting as his Watson Ante bellum period brought to life most convincingly An underlying wry sense of humor is uietly expressed in the two voices telling the tale Find the secondary characters many of whom have ret. Er claims these murders are the doing of a legendary Indian vampyre Thoreau and Adam follow clues that lead them to the backstage world of a Boston theater an opium den and an ancient Indian burial ground Meanwhile Adam has another mystery to solve His .