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The Name of This Book Is SecretSummary When two leven year old kids Cassandra a self proclaimed survivalist and Max Ernest find a mysterious Symphony of Smells they stumble upon the suspicious death of a magician some ContamiNation evil alchemists and thexistence of the Secret of life It s My thoughts Note This review is for the whole seriesI LOVE THE SECRET life It s My thoughts Note This review is For The Whole SeriesI LOVE the whole seriesI LOVE SECRET The plot for Taxi ins Glück each book is interesting andach one is different The characters are all believable relatable and have distinct personalities The Appendices at the nd of ach book were cool too as they usually contained activities games and some information So I loved this series and you should give it a try Pseudonymous Bosch also has a book called Write this Book a Do it Yourself mystery which is a sort of guide for young writers on how to write a mystery It s not completely related to the Secret Series there are however some references to it in Write This Book but I still recommend reading the Secret Series first Happy reading You know what I don t likeHow you can have a great sort of pseudonym like Lemony Snicket or Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas even Pseudonymous Bosch and all it takes toxpose them is to type their name into Google Granted apparently Mr Bosch was able to keep his pseudonym secret for three years before he was discovered and how he must have howled and The Magic Rolling Pin eaten several pounds of dark chocolate when he was discovered but still I just don t like knowing Perhaps I am in a secret keeping mood thanks to this book Yes this book is all about secrets big and small good and bad but it s also intriguingly about synesthesia and the sense of smellach of the books in this series arewill focus on a certain sense The book really has a lot going for it a good puzzle secretkeeping adventure humor and clever methods to keep the personally ngaged The riddles WERE VERY GOOD THE KIND OF very good the kind of I bet a kid would have fun working out before they read on to reveal the answers and the appendix is full of random interesting informationIf you don t like uirky books you ll hate this one I can tell from reading the Goodreads reviews While it may get to be too much in future books I think old Pseudonymous handled it very well It didn t annoy me once throughout the book The name choice made me smile Hieronymus is one of my favorite names ver Not Without a Fight even though I can t spell it this was the kind of book that whispered to you read me read me and when you did you loves it This book was so goodMy inner child loves it Two adventurers and the magician are investigating a lot of things but what makes this worth the read is the spectacular writing style Highly recommended Originally posted Book WhalesThis book caught my attention when I went to the Metro Manila International Book Fair last 2011 when I was still in the Philippines They were promoting it because I heard it was a really good series and it was also gonna release its last book And I decided to read the synopsis and did some background research upon it and then I fell in love with its concept Do you know Series of Unfortunate Events Its a 13 book series which will be in my all time favorite book Well the tone of the story is somewhat similar to SOUE that is why I was really determined to read this book But back then I did not havenough money to buy it so it was only last week that I bought it And there was no regret whatsoever after reading the first bookIf there my classes did not resume I could ve finished this book in one sitting but neverthless I still managed to read it within two school days It is in Garden Bouquets and Beyond easy read since it has 360 pages and the font is slightly big The first thing that is verynt. WARNING DO NOT READ THIS BOOKFor amongst its strange and alarming contents you will findtwo xtraordinary. .

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H how awesome amazing and out of your league all of those writers of pics are it s time to have a step back and remember why it is you started writing in the first place and I m willing to nearly GUARANTEE that it s because of a book like The Name of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous BoschThis book isn t going to rewrite any dictionaries It won t challenge your philosophy But it will help you remember how much fun it was to be 11 years old how fun and how scary and how lonely at times It will help you remember that feeling you had when you picked up a book and realized that anything was possible that any number of universes lived in a library that a hero always rises and usually that hero rose in the heart of a child just as Zu schnell effed up as you wereI won t reveal any of the book s secrets apart from saying that riddles and word play and adventures abound Do yourself a favor and find out for yourself Read it then loan it to a friend who is weary ofpicsThen give it to a child I was disappointed by this book A lot of people compare this to A Series of Unfortunate Events and although I haven t read those books yes I know I should I ve read the first three of them now so I have a better understanding of how the books compare and I have also seen the movie and I appreciate its darker twisted humor This book though was annoying The story starts off in a promising way but I wish I had heeded the author s advice and stopped reading He goes on and on about not reading the book because the #book contains a secret and secrets are hard to keep so don t #contains a secret and secrets are hard to keep so don t this book unless you can keep a secret blah blah blah It was fun for the first few pages then I kept wondering when the story would start And then throughout the book he does this over and over and he says repeatedly how he s not going to finish the book and you should imagine your own nding This plot device isn t as clever as the author thinks it is it s jarring and takes you out of the story interrupting the natural flow of things In comparison Lemony Snicket definitely does the interrupting Better And Nowhere Near As Often As Bosch Snicket Mostly and nowhere near as often as Bosch Snicket mostly his opinions at the beginning of the book when he s re capping and foreshadowing and very now and then at the start of a chapter Bosch just leaps in whenever he feels like it and destroys the flow of the story The author also decides not to tell you much about the characters in case you might figure out who they are This might be a way for him to get kids to imagine themselves in the story but I found that it made the characters very flat I wish the author had spent time on descriptions and developing the plot than telling me he wasn t going to tell me something On top of that this book was dited poorly There were missing words all over the place and not intentionally I would imagine this would frustrate children as well The footnotes were also a strange idea and I felt half the time that I was being talked down to and I m not ven the intended audienceI also found it strange that some of the illustrations didn t match up with the descriptions One I remember off the top of my head was the picture of the real state agent s sign which described the woman having a toothy grin In the illustration her mouth was closed Why bother with illustrations if they aren t going to match the story That was very weird and also lazyAll in all this was a big disappointment I was xpecting something Invisible (The Curse of Avalon exciting and funny but it was thexact opposite I don t know if I ll bother reading the next book and I m specially glad that I got this from the librar. Much It is too late I'm afraid nothing will stop you now Open the book if you mustBut please tell no one. Ertaining with this book is its illustration or drawings for the title chapters It is always refreshing to see books with drawings on it Make you feel like a kid again reading some picture book So that is the first positive thing of this bookThe way author tells the story is also funny Throughout the book he uses as fun tone and always leaves some side comments here and there about the main characters Also you will find that there are some kind of footnotes and appendix the helps the story and provides additional information towards some topicsThe characters are relatable since they are your typical boy and girl 12 years old but at the same time not typical Since they have some uniue ualities in them that are ssential to the advancement of the story Max Earnest and Cass will ntertain you with their thought processEven the side characters or the villains are ntertaining as well The author really did create soem uirky world within this storyUnlike the dark tone the Lemony Snicket used in SOUE surely this book is fun to readThe build up done from start up to the climax to the resolution of Book 1 is done beautifully It presented the overall concept of the story while leaving you with some thing to wander Makes you want to read book 2 immediately which I am doing right now So with that long review I hope I convince you to read this book pleaseee D Give it a try and if you dont like it well you can blame mehehe no seriously give this story a tryRating ArghhhhIf I hear the words secret or survivalist one time I ll lose it Such a drag I m sorry I m not allowed to speak of it But one thing for sure LOVED IT Definitely one of the best books I ve read this year Reminded me of a cross between the Lemony Snickets and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart At times it is annoying how blatant the Snicket influences are definitions of words are hinted at and readers are sent to the dictionary to look up difficult words but basically this book is just BETTER than any book in A Series of Unfortunate Events I felt like a great deal in those books was filler and this book manages to be clever while still being funny and better written The Author Is Not As author is not as at tying up loose Deep Listening ends admittedly which Lemony Snicket is a master at bu A ReviewWait Isn t this a kid s bookActually it is It was written for kids aged 10 15And aren t you almost 40Yes And thanks so much for putting that out thereSo what the devil are you doing reading a book that was written for someone a uarter of your ageIf you aren t careful halfwit I m going to punch you in the facesigh Okay fine So tell me whatever long winded thing you dragged me in here to tell meREAL ReviewSometimes life gets a little rough Sometimes as a grown up you feel the need to read great big ponderous books generally referred to aspics Maybe you read them to prove a point that you can Maybe you read them thinking there s some great answer in the book a way of coping with the fact that sometimes life sucks and there isn t anything you can do about it Or maybe you do it because somebody loaned about it Or maybe you do it because somebody loaned the book and insisted that you d love it Whatever the reason those great big pics whether they re good or bad reveal to you all the ways that your own writing isn t really all that good You didn t think up that believable but out of left field plot twist You didn t make your characters as three dimensional You didn t study abroad and thereby learn the specific dialect common to people of that special place You aren t good nough to write an picWhen you ve sufficiently overwhelmed yourself wit. Adventuresa missing magician's diarya symphony of smellsand a deadly secretBut wait you already know too. .

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