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From the zombies and The Greek Bosss Demand film crews to the petty human cruelties of which everyone is capable Every Sigh The End A novel about zombies is an original andrightening novel There is a lot February or Forever (Tarrins Bay for the reader to sink one s teeth into Do not let the zombies scare you away this is a multi layered story of conspiratorial horrorear of one s ellow man and a deconstruction of reality itself If any part of this review intrigued you buy this book I don t know This is another of my avorite books of all time The way the story is constructed though I can t say too much about it that won t give things away What I can say is it A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters fostered in me a loveor the non traditional zombie novel There are so many endless rehashes of Dawn of the Dead and I didn t want to read that story any I enjoy zombies I really do but there s only so many times I can read the same thing Don t get me wrong there are a lot of Zombie Apocalypse stories that are centered on That Day and what happened that are very good But there are ar that are very bad very tired and very derivative I had despaired of inding something really good very bad very tired and very derivative I had despaired of inding something really good ZA Recht and David Dunwoody had set the bar so high or me Enter JSH Not only did he write a seething paranoid nihilistic work of Art he did so in such a way that I didn t notice it was *Art All I knew as I turned the pages was that I had been sucked into and become part of *All I knew as I turned the pages was that I had been sucked into and become part of awe inspiring story Give this a try I loved it and whenever Jason S Hornsby puts out a book I m getting it Extremely uniue meandering thought provoking memory inducing and visceral Just when you think you ve igured out what s behind the shifting surroundings the men in radiation suits and the videocameras you ll A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy find yourself back at another beginning another train of thought I write this review with some trepidation I almosteel as if the story should be reviewed and analyzed in an English or Literature classroom or perhaps in some exotic American Philosophy class rather on a website that sells this book This is a book that reminds me to look at things a bit differently to try something new and completely different It reminds me of stories read in college and high school that I was turned on to not by Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls friends oramily that know my tastes but by someone who The Soul Of A Thief felt I should try something that would lead me down a different path entirely What I write here isor the people who are curious about this book people who want to see if this book is up their alley Some of the previous reviews seem of a personal nature perhaps written by Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights folks who know Jason Hornsby I can say that I definitely do not know the author I came into the book with no preconcieved notions or presumptions as to what I should expect I would also say that after reading this review if youeel that this book is perhaps not right Secret Baby, Surprise Parents for you you might want to reconsider that as it is certainly a very challenging and intriguing work that might make you think than you expected This book is angry it is dark and it is about zombies But it does notollow any known pathway to completion that I have ever seen in a tale about the undead The author has completely transcende. Same sleazy horror movies with his best Mystify (Mystyx, friend and business partner and dates the same two timing girlfriend while engaging in an affair of his own with one of her closestriends And then there are the The New Baby flashes of cameras and glancesrom strangers lurking around every corner Ross's paranoia mounts when his Wild Streak friends andamily begin acting and suspiciously as the New Year approaches In the last minutes before the clock strikes midnight Ross realizes that the end may be ominous than anyone could have imagined decisions have been ma. D the genre with a work that is philosophy and uestions our society our reality and what we are as individuals than even the works of Romero and other deep thinkers of this realm Like so many high uality works the zombies here are a tool that is wielded by the author or ilm maker to Say Youll Stay And Marry Me force us to look closely at ourselves Here that idea is taken literally with everything related to the dead scripted out completely by shadowy men that run everything and work in conjunction with the entertainment industry to run grandiose experiments with unsuspecting citizensin particular our main character I could envision Oliver Stone directing a movie version of this book as it is rife with conspiracy theories and conjecture as to who is really in control of everything Beyond even that it conjures up uestions about our reality our existence Who are we and do we even realize that the world has already come to an end I hated the main character atirst but while I never grew affectionate of him I Could See Him Changing And see him changing and things in different ways his helplessness as time went on His arogance and presumptive attitude is undercut by realization after realization that he should trust no one that the world is a lonely place and that we are all dead and buried already We are the zombies that continue to live in this world we just don t either care or realize it Pretty grim stuff and even though I am very avid Rafaellos Mistress fan of zombie books and movies this is something totally different The zombies are a big part of the story here don t get me wrong but they are a metaphoror us as human beings as we walk woodenly through this world This style of writing is something that I can take in smaller doses now and again and because of that I ended up liking this book a great deal than I thought I would after a The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, few pages in In the end I sped through the rest of it and believe that I will than likely end up reading it again down the road to remind myself of this authors uniue vision of things Why not 5 stars Perhaps because the book was like an itch that I could not scratch The author is angry and bitter and his vision of the world and those around him which is not anything like my own Ieel that I could perhaps have a very interesting conversation with Jason but I think it just as likely that he would judge me in some negative Rascal fashion because I hold a different worldview than heor perhaps I am totally wrong on thatront I can intersect with his viewpoints through a book such as this and be appreciative of it it serves to remind me that there are those out there who are necessary in this world the ones who have great anger and ixate on conspiracies and the wonders of an era long gone they have resentment and view things in a way that I than likely cannot or choose not to Whether I agree entirely or even on a miniscule level with what the author has to say about us I appreciate his passion and his *words keep my mind open to views other than my own That makes this a valuable book and one *keep my mind open to views other than my own That makes this a valuable book and one I will remember or a very long time I recommend this work What Would You Like? for both those who uestion everything and those who do not uestion enoug. De the crews have set up their lights and euipment and the gray make up has been applied Because in the next millennium time will lose all meaning and the dead will walk the earth In Every Sigh The End author and self proclaimed zombieanatic Jason S Hornsby has recreated a specific moment in time and turned it on its head With graceful ease Hornsby moves between tongue in cheek horror subversive humor and grisly tragedy all at a breakneck pace Every Sigh The End is meticulously researched stylishly crafted and utterly terrifying. Every Sigh The End A Novel About ZombiesI rated this ive stars although it s probably closer to 45I have taken a Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, few days to reflect on this book before writing this review because I simply had too manyeelings I needed to sort through Friend Foe first Here s why I wanted to rate it 5 stars the story was so creative and intriguing whether you like zombie stories or not I personally do not you ll enjoy this premise The zombies are really only a surface level part of the plot while so much is actually going on deeper in the story Plus I enjoyed the character A LOT I know other s didn t but I did If you enjoy morally grey characters that are some of the most authentic and realistic you ll ever read read this book I m also a suckeror a good pessimistic MC with an attitude and that s what I got And here s why I had to knock it down to a 45 stars instead of 5 The book was too abrupt and open ended I by no means need an author to hold my hand through a story however I do not like things to The Longevity Diet feel like mistakes Entire scenes were created by the author and then promptlyorgotten about I know everything was deliberate but that s how it Grassroots Innovation felt I ended the book unsatisfied soor that reason I cannot justify 5 stars After days of thinking on it all I can say is that i really really loved *this book Sure it wasn t perfect but the simple act is that this book is running loops in *book Sure it wasn t perfect but the simple act is that this book is running loops in head i can t stop thinking about it All I want to do is reread it even though I only Architecture and Utopia finished it days ago and that should speak volumes right there I know what you re thinking sigh another zombie novel how unoriginal Butear not dear Perfect Cities frightan Every Sigh The End a novel about zombies by Jason S Hornsby manages to put a original spin on the walking dead and in the process deconstructs society human interaction and the horror genre itself Ross Orringer is twenty six and his life is Prometheus Wired falling apart He sells low budget horrorilms that he hates with his self centered best riend Preston He is cheating on his girlfriend with her closest riend To make matters worse he suspects his Special Topics in Calamity Physics family is involved in an elaborate conspiracy involving spies strangeilm crews in dark alleys zombies and alternate universes It all comes to a head on New Years Eve 1999 when Preston s party is crashed by Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks film crews and zombies lots of zombies Soon Ross life is turned into one of the trashy movies he sells as everyone he cares about is put in dangeror the benefit of the Scenes from a Revolution film cameras Hornsby has crafted a uniue andrightening novel The threat of the zombies is overshadowed by the mysterious ilm crews documenting the whole event These creepy igures ensure that the drama level stays high and their camera never becomes bored When it becomes clear that some of those trapped by the zombies are in league with the Microsoft Visual C film makers life longriends turn on each other in desperate attempts at survival It is in this desperation that the novel s central themes come out distrust and betrayal Each of the survivors has a long and torrid history with each other and all of their past wrongdoings and treacheries come bubbling to the surface As once long time each other and all of their past wrongdoings and treacheries come bubbling to the surface As once long time become bitter enemies the sense of horror moves. ' Hornsby's writing is angry nihilistic and sad But it might also be brilliant and may prove to be the Soulprint future of angry nihilistic and sad literature as we know it Tom Abrams author of A Bad Piece of LuckIt's the end of the world 1999 and as millennium celebrations are planned and the heavens are scannedor signs of the Apocalypse professional nobody Ross Orringer is coming to grips with the act that at some point his life has taken a wrong turn He is twenty six years old and still attends the same meaningless parties peddles the. .