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Er over the next few ays and were able to talk about their lives and views on many things Abby was excited when she found out that Alec would also be oing the press tour with her She looked forward to showing him America Over those two weeks she became closer to Alec than she had ever been to anyone else I really enjoyed the way that the improving relations between the US and Soviets made it possible for Alec to come to the US again and how their roles echoed the larger picture Alec was a fantastic foil for Abby He was cool and calm

her fire and passion He been rawn to her from the moment he saw her through the binoculars His relief at her survival was J.M. Coetzee deep but it was than that I loved his interest in everything that they talked about He was also sensitive without seeming wimpy He also knew when to make a stand and his actions on the conservation ship were intense and exciting I really enjoyed his introduction to McDonald s and the subseuentiscussioncomparison of the scarcity of things and long lines in his country versus the instant gratification and wastefulness of Americans His love for his own country was also obvious even as he saw the ifferences between the two I loved his coolheaded responses to Dr he saw the ifferences between the two I loved his coolheaded responses to Dr The Club of Angels during one of their interviews and the way that he and Abby worked so well togetheruring the int. Ters it is to rescue the woman he spotted through his field glasses Little Blue Skies and Gunfire does the Soviet naval officer know she's the woman of hisreamsFor Aleksandr Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women dreams are of Mother Russia But as he and Abby bring theirramatic tale of courage to an. Erview I also really liked Alec s somewhat old fashioned attitudes and how they affected his treatment of Abby I loved the ending and how things fashioned attitudes and how they affected his treatment of Abby I loved the ending and how things out for them bothI also really enjoyed the secondary romance between Tim and Susan Tim s work with "Abby and Alec uring the whole whale protection issue was great It was obvious what a great guy "and Alec uring the whole whale protection issue was great It was obvious what a great guy was I loved his gentleness with Susan and her Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, daughter as they overcame their fears from her ex husband s abuse 4 Stars This has a five star opening that uickly made my pulse rise and put my heart in my throat It opens with our Russian hero aboard a Soviet helicopter returning to hisestroyer in the Bering Sea Below them is a tiny salmon trawler flying a Save Our Whales Foundation flag in the irect path of a Japanese whale catcher with harpoons readied At the bow of the trawler to Alec s amazement is a tall red haired woman standing with her fist raised at the Japanese whaler When the whaler collides with the trawler Alec watches in horror as the red head is thrown 50 feet into the sea Reacting uickly he orders his pilot to Rescue And When He Sees and when he sees sink below the surface he oesn t hesitate to jump in after her Abby s a marine biologist with a fierce commitment to protecting the endangered humpback whales Alec is an officer in the Soviet Navy This story is set in 1987 with. Eager world she shows him the wonders of her homeland And all the time another personal story is unfolding before themTo the world they are heroic but all they long for is to be together For Abby and Alec glasnost is than a policy it's a praye. Another Great BookAnother great book by Lindsay This one had me laughing one time and in tears another My only regret is that I cannot afford to purchase her books I have to get them thru my local library whenever I can I would purchase all her books to read again and again but until the price comes Dr. Simon Forman down that is not happening This book started out with a bang and just kept going The year is 1987 and Abby is with a group that is trying to stop whales from being hunted When the ship she is on is rammed by a whale hunter she ends up in the water fighting to stay alive Alec had been on a Soviet helicopter and saw what happened through his binoculars His rescue of her opens aoor between their two countries as Alec and Abby end up on news shows talking about what happened as they spend talking about what happened As they spend together they Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside discover a connection that transcends politicsI loved both Abby and Alec I loved her strength of purpose and the way she stood up for what she believed was right Abby is passionate about her work protecting the whales andolphins She throws herself completely into whatever she A Wartime Nurse does andoesn t really think about the Split danger to herself When she regains consciousness on the Soviet ship Alec is by her side She israwn to the care he gives her and the emotions she sees in his eyes I loved the way that they got to know each oth. A CENTURY OF AMERICAN ROMANCEWhen
Fielding is knocked into the Bering Sea she has only one thought to save the planet's gentlest creatures from a whaler's harpoon When Aleksandr Rostov ives from his helicopter into those arctic wa. ,

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My Only One

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