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O the infamous Landry brothers The Landry land had been split in two the Lazy L was Cade s and the Lucky 7 belonged to the seven cousins There s a ten YEAR MYSTERY SURROUNDING THE DISAPPEARANCE OF mystery surrounding the disappearance of and Priscilla Landry It s been said that Priscilla took off with another man and Caleb went after them leaving behind their seven adult sons The brothers have never found any clue to the where abouts of their parentsI loved reading all of the Landry Brother stories each book stands on it s own each brother was uniue the brothers are strong characters I did find that they

"tended to be "
to be similar in the lovemaking department that aside I m very pleased with the way Ms Roberts resolved the ongoing mystery of the missing parents and the way she incorporated the expanding family in each story This book was the conclusion to the Landry Brothers series I ve enjoyed the series and was glad the author was able to give it a satisfying ending. Y was suddenly put into uestion As suspect number one in a double homicide he had to clear his nameand only one woman could helpWould Taylor be his salvationor the last Landry's undoi. ,

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Out the series we ve been teased with the story of Shane He s the oungest brother and in charge of the ranch Taylor is the part time live in house and in charge of the ranch Taylor is the part time live in house while she s attending university The two have been irritating each other right from the first storyShane s always felt guilty about the fight he had with his father before his parents disappeared Now after fifteen ears their bodies have been found in an abandoned well on the ranch and the investigators suspect Shane Shane has well on the ranch and the investigators suspect Shane Shane has the skills of his brothers on his side to help him find the truth but he needs Taylor to help heal his heart when evidence shows that the man he thought was his father isn tIt was a worth while wait for Shane and Taylor s story Their story was dealt with uite nicelyTHE LANDRY BROTHERS author series Kelsey Roberts Book 7We are first introduced to the Landry s of Jasper Montana in Ms Robert s last book of her Rose Tatoo series That s the story of Cade cousin Impossible to resist considering Taylor slept right down the hallThen everything changed Shane's long missing parents were discovered to have been murdered ears ago and his paternit. .
This is the first book I have read by this author and the 7th and last book in the series I will have to hunt around for some of her books I really enjoyed the book A bit mystery than our average romance novel although I wouldn t call it hard core mystery either Enjoyable as a diversion a beach read type of book but so formulaic ou could almost see the author s outline laid over the pages Guy wants girl check create a conflict check divert readers attention from true antagonist check girl struggles with insecurities precipitated By Her Dysfunctional Upbringing Check HEA Ending Check A Little her dysfunctional upbringing check HEA ending check A little much tingling and arm hairs standing on end at his mere presence in a room his breath against her neck or finger brushing her cheek whatever I got it after the first dozen such descriptions Still as romance novels go the Landry clan was a good gimmick and the author got a lot of mileage between the first and The Last Landry 4 Stars Through. The Last LandryShane Landry's Landry 4 Stars Through. The Last LandryShane Landry's was simple He ran the Lucky 7 ranch and steered clear of his tempting housekeeper Taylor Reese The first was embedded in his blood the second almost. The Last Landry