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PillbilliesOut of it other than an hour of entertainment I #kind of live in my own little bubble so this world isn t one that I really have a keen #of live in my own little bubble so this world isn t one that I really have a keen in There are a lot of people that have been touched by drugs in one way or another There are a lot of people that interact with the drug world on a regular basis There are lots of recovered people out therethose that still strugglethose that want to begin the struggle to get out of this world To all of these people I d give this five stars You ll enjoy the book and get a lot enjoy the book and get a lot of it You ll probably identify heavily with one or characters The book is constructed well and the story is nicely told I felt like I was reading something a high school kid wrote Really poorly written I would not recommend this one Page Turner Tightly woven story that speaks to both the macro and micro conseuences of drug abuse ick immersing read that kept my finger busy all night on my kindle An. Days as a Kingpin of the Pocono Mountains come to a screeching halt Grief stricken once he’s out of prison and rehab Jared plans to relocate with longtime girlfriend Tina DeHaven to wash himself.

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This is so far out of my realm of normal reading Welcome to the world of drug sers and pushers I don t even know the correct terminology We start off with pills and move #Into Heroin There S Jail Time And #heroin There s jail time and and people with fake names that nobody ever meets and murder and it s all CRAZY IT S GREAT FUN BUT IT S CRAZY It s great fun but it s crazy most interesting part for me is that it took me to a world I m not a part of but I know is out there I was able to experience the mental workings of these people and those that they d touched in some way As we watch the main character change throughout the book we can t help but realize how close our own lives arehow easily this character could be s Even though I only gave the book three stars it s mostly a personal preference I enjoyed the book It was a ick thoughtful read However I don t plan to read anything similar in the future It doesn t really pertain to me I didn t really get a lot. When paramedics discover three year old Lacey floating in the bathtub and Jared Vorcelli barely conscious in his parents’ living room his addiction is put into the limelight and his pill pushing.
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Other great readThis was great read by KL Randis #Jared s story was a whirlwind It grabbed my attention right off the bat Well was different Good differentI #s story was a whirlwind It grabbed my attention right off the bat Well this was different Good differentI t been around drugs but I am aware of the heartache the addiction and what people and families go through however I have not experienced this first hand I now feel that I have reading this book I think everyone should read this who has any relation with any family member with a drug addiction its a complete real eye opener for meI just felt so bad when Lacey was found dead How could her brother ever live with himself againI read this in one sitting This book is fiction but it also could be realism It has its addiction of its own I just had to stay with it ntil the final chapterMy hat goes off to this author K L Randis for portraying a subject matter so brilliantly and sensitively but darn right blunt The awful knock on effects were horrendous. Of the drug riddled town But Dex has other plans when he meets Jared Lucrative plans Plans that keep Jared pushing pills hunting down Dealers He Blames For he blames for death and on the verge of relap.

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