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Tutoring Lady Jane yIon and zipping chemistry She does so with such detail and emotion and excitement I love the need the want the tenseet buzzing atmospheres that she so easily creates I also adore the way her characters are anked together as if Jane is saying You re going to like each other and there s not a single damn thing that either of ou can do about it I found Bryony and Jackson to be made of the same thread They were both full of determination and failure isn t an option and so between them there s just way too much stubbornness for them to ever get along They argue they insult each other and they I have reuested this book on NetGalley because firstly the title High Heels and Bicycle Wheels there couldn t be bigger difference between those two could it and so I thought it s going to be a funny light read Secondly the cover Yes American Poetry you already know that I am a sucker when it comes to bright colourful eye catching covers Thirdly I have read so many enthusiastic tweets about it that I just couldn t NOT reuest it On the other hand everything that has two wheels is like a different world to me I don t like cycling I don t like bikes I am very much like our Bryony here and I need a silicon saddle before I even consider to look at the bicycle The very many Tour de whatevers were never my thing and I think it s the most boring sport in the world But I appreciate JacksonAnd here again I feel like an idiot because while many people rated this book with 5 stars I am giving it only 3 Probably it s again it s notou it s me caseBryony is a production assistant very successful in her job who always get her way She s very good at charming people batting her eyelids or just smile to get them to do what she wants No matter if it s at work or at the hotel on the trip with Jackson She s also the most unathletic person in the world so just imagine her surprise when while at the event she learns that she must go for a tandem bicycle ride with a top cyclist JacksonJackson is recovering after his race accident and his management is using this time to improve his bad boy reputation and the event of bike racing for charity is the first part to this He doesn t expect that the presenter behind his back on the bike is going to be totally sexy dressed in an extreme tight lycra and sneakers with heels but also scared of cycling BryonyBad luck or not the video of their race is published and is immediately a hit so they are sent on research for a TV program How are they going to survive the trip Is it true that opposites attract Bryony is very organised in her own eyes and very bossy in Jackson s eyes My she even irons her knickers and as much as I like ironing please don t use the fact against me NEVER I have never ironed my knickers She has some issues with trust coming from the past when her father left her and her family But seeing all her friends tying the knots and popping out the babies she starts to long for her own family and babies She is also not afraid of saying her opinions and showing Jackson who is the boss on their trip and she s also aware of her needs and desires and she can really grab life by its horns Or rather Jackson And not necessarily by his horns if Every Good Girl you know what I mean Andes she always wears high heels Even on a bikeAnd she s much a city girl than a camper girl so the trip through the country in a camper van is not

Her Idea Of PerfectBut It 
idea of perfectBut it Jackson s that s for sure Well being a cyclist A Sixpenny Christmas you must be an outdoorsy type ifou like it or not He s a Sport God with a permanent hard on and the love em and leave em attitude and he s proud of this fact But it didn t make him a bad guy in my eyes oh no he was charming sexy as hell and let Bryony think that she s the boss that s what I call the epitome of diplomacy No I didn t like him right from the beginning with his smirking and his arrogance but oh my Bryony had found his soft spots and then he was much calmer and much nicer As well as our two main heroes there is a bunch of very colourful and vivid other characters that add much to the story and complete the characters of Bryony and Jackson But those were the two of them who stole the whole show their banter their snapping at each other made the book and the electricity between them was almost palpableI liked that the story is told from two points of view from Bryony and Jackson s I always enjoy books written in this way as I love really love to know what the characters are thinking about the same things and those are often such different thoughts that it makes the whole story much hilariousSo what was wrong with this book for me Well it felt like never ending story to be honest I had a feeling that it is never going to end and I was up to my nose with the everlasting will they won t they I felt like I was standing in one place turning in circles I think I would love this book if it was really a little shorter me I love books that look like a brick because with this whole indecision and looking for problems it just didn t hold my attention as because with this whole indecision and looking for problems it just didn t hold my attention as would like it to Yes I skipped some pages without the feeling that I m missing somethingJane s writing it easy and light and she can sure create a funny complex story The characters were larger than life and the descriptions were brilliant And it was chick lit sexy and flirty story so if Last of the Few you are looking for some spice this book is forou It s hot baby hot But In A Very Very Tactful Way in a very very tactful way there is no way My Darling, My Hamburger you won t fell in love wit Jackson and his hard as steel buttocks Jane has also incredible way of creating the tension and writing such chemistry between two characters is not a gift that every author has Jane has succeeded I also liked the original plot I think I have never ever read about cycling before and also the idea of researching for a TV program and sending two so much different people on this research just hit the mark for meIn short it was a nice sexy read with some twists and turns full of passion and lightly written I wanted to love it as much as the other readers and I am very sorry that it was not the case but I ve heard many good things about Jane s previous books and am sure that I m going to treat myself to them sooner rather than laterCopy received from publisher in exchange for a review. If the opportunity to work on TV means a fortnight with the most uptight woman in the world he’d rather not bother He never goes in for seconds – and who in their right mind would head off in a campervan with a woman who irons her knickersAdd in a tandemes a tandem and fast forward to double trouble for a summer neither of them will ever forget. Compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Well every so often I enjoy a change from my usual genre of Crime fiction And jump over to the other side for a bit of light hearted Chic Lit I ve had this on my kindle for lets say a little longer than I should of had But I get there eventually It is an easy read a fun read something to brighten up these cold March daysThe style of writing is flirty and fun plenty of humour thrown in which makes the story not only Hot but very enjoyable Get Love Virtually yourself comfy box of chocolates and feet up and if this doesn t help makeou feel good then I don t know what will Get ready for the ride of Our Island Guide your life Bryony is a single TV production assistant who is almost the last one left unmarried in her group of friends They re all coupling up getting hitched and having babies Even the guy that Bryony has loved from afar forears has gotten married in a whirlwind courtship Apparently the situation for Bryony is so dire that her mother is even offering to have Bryony s eggs frozen Just in case The One doesn t come along any time soonWhilst working on Sporting Chances Bryony meets cycling star Jackson Gale A notorious playboy and superstar of the sport a cr I love uptight overly organised characters and Bryony was perfect She feels the need to be in constant control of all situations plans meticulously and thinks she knows where she s going in life even if she s not totally happy about it I adored her from the get goThe chemistry between her and Jackson was there instantly from the moment they met which is hardly surprising considering how they actually meet and it doesn t let up for the duration Thrown together for a large chunk of the book the pair flirt shamelessly as they take in some fabulous sights and sounds from the south of the country all described perfectly by the author and set out to manage each other s reactions in order to gain the upper hand It s comical in a way as both take a long time to see what s right there in front of them but a few things get in the way one of them being a whopper of a tu Originally posted on High Heels Bicycle Wheels by Jane Linfoot was so bloody steamy I wouldn t have been surprised if my Kindle had started smoking Huge thank ou to the fabulous author Jane Linfoot and of course her publishers HarperImpulse for providing me with a copy of High Wheels Bicycle Wheels via Net Galley After reading The Right Side of Mr Wrong I was completely smitten with Jane s writing style Her fun exciting characters her hot and sexy love sessions and her exhilarating plots make for one fabulous read that ou just can t stop enjoyingIn High Heels Bicycle Wheels Jane introduces us to Bryony Marshall and Jackson Gale two incredible forces of nature managing to collide into each other at just the right moment The entire plot is written in a third person narrative giving us a taste of what both Bryony and Jackson are thinking which I freaking loved There s just something thrilling about getting into a guy s mind Bryony Marshall was pure brilliance I loved her right from the get go She was smart determined fierce and a whirlwind of high wheels and precision Bryony was a little bit of a control freak which really got on Jackson s nerves and she definitely didn t stand for any crap off anybody After a Heart Breaking Past Of Losing Two Men In she definitely didn t stand for any crap off anybody After a Heart Breaking Past Of Losing Two Men In Life breaking past of losing two men in her life she wasn t ready to lose Bryony is completely against the idea of getting serious with any man She doesn t do relationships she doesn t get close enough for her emotions to become all tangled up and she definitely doesn t do rude arrogant cocky men who drive her to the brink of insanity which basically just defined Jane s main male character the deliciously confident Mr Jackson Gale Urgh Well the first time Horn (Horn, you meet Mr Gale is when Bryony stumbles upon him stripping off and slipping into some tight revealing Lycra Jane captures Bryony s reaction perfectly Bryony wants to look away but she just can t and I mean who can blame her Would YOU have been able to look away This guy was ripped enough to double as a super human one hell of a toned back broad shoulders bursting with muscles under that slippery Lycra top he was finally dragging onYeah No I didn t think so Jackson is the definition of frustrating His cocky devilish arrogance is something that Bryony can t standet it s also everything that she loves His smirk the amusement that is almost always evident in his eyes and that body Jackson has ridden bikes all of his life and it s something that he loves He loves to win he loves to push his body to it s limits and he doesn t eat ice cream Ever But after an accident that left his knee in dreadful condition Jackson s biking fate is hanging in the balance and he s not sure what he s going to do with himself if his biking career comes crashing to an end He is driven sure of himself and has the reputation of a dirty filthy bad boy When it comes the ladies Jackson has one ruleHe never goes in for seconds Ever What would be the point The whole marriage and children thing is definitely not for him and he doubts it ever will be He doesn t want to be tied down to a needy woman who wants his attention 247 That is of course until he clocks Bryony Marshall all wrapped up like a Christmas present in hot pink Lycra approaching him to take the place of the woman who would have been riding on the back of the tandem with him if that woman hadn t been sent home sick Jackson can t take his eyes off her and Bryony finds herself in the exact same position although she s not stupid enough to admit it Being this close to him whilst they pedal together isn t what she had in my mind In fact what she had in mind was to stay as far away from this bad boy as possible From the moment Bryony joins Jackson on the tandem she knows she s in trouble Jane forces her two main characters together and then let s the magic between them unfold There s passion there s intense attraction and there s throwing caution to the wind and hoping and praying that when tomorrow comes around any feelings between them will have disappeared and they can forget all about each other Unfortunately for them Jane had other plans Jane is absolutely incredible at creating pass. Her’s offering to have her eggs frozen and the guy she’s loved from afar forever has just got hitched So she’s than happy to accept the offer of a totally out of character but seriously steamy one night of no strings fun Especially when the guy in uestion is so attractive he even looks good in LycraJackson’s on the lookout for a new career but. .
Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewLet me just tell تعلم jQuery فى 120 دقيقة you this first It s Jane Linfoot at her best A sexy enjoyable and very entertaining readIt was great to read about Bryony again We already know her from The Right Side of Mister Wrong and I was so happy she got her own story now Moreover I really enjoyed reading about Brando and Shae againBryony had to learn to be independent really early and she has difficulties with trust Her dad left and also her brother left for college This is all still in her head and for her it s clear not to go into a serious relationship Bryony is strong stubborn and she knows what she wants or at least she knew it until Jackson Gale came into the pictureJackson Gale is a famous and very very sexy cyclist The sexual tension between them was up from the start This story is full of great flirtatious and funny scenes A great mixture of hot scenes and a real chick lit novel Jane s writing is bubbly entertaining and very sexyJackson is very arrogant and full of himself but I loved the way he changed through out the novel and became such a caring and loving man and all this just because of loveAs for Bryony I got really annoyed with her at one point just because she couldn t see the truth and was really fighting her feelings We were left in the dark until the endReading the story from both perspectives made me understand them both better and they both had their own story to tell and figure out next to their relationshipAn entertaining light hearted and funny story with a lot of chemistry Yay to Jane LinfootAnd I might add that the title is geniusRating 45 When Jane emailed me a few weeks ago for a promo piece on the blog for this books release she also offered up the chance to review it for her Included in the email was the blurb I didn t read it I saw Jane s offer and internally jumped up and down at having another of her books to read Sometime after reading How to win a guy in 10 dates her first novel but the 2nd of her books that I read Jane Linfoot has become one of my favourite authors whose books NEED to be read No blurb needed As I discovered in previous books Linfoot has a way of drawing the reader into the story from the very beginning that feels effortless for us the reader but takes an incredible amount of talent to do You simply fall into the book and get taken along for the ride pun intended I loved the chemistry between Jackson and Bryony even from their first meetingou could almost feel the heat coming off the pages or in my case the kindle I even joked that my kindle had steamed up and was in danger of melting When they got together it became explosive in all the good ways I loved watching them rub each other up the wrong way and the right way Linfoot once again hits the mark with her combination of fun flirty romance steamy sex plot and characters that are far from perfect but totally real If Damian (The Caine Brothers you haven t read any of her bookset then ou need to pick them up now Go uickly You ll not regret it This love story was really cute I have to say though the way Bryony acted when she found out she was pregnant really frustrated me I so wanted to tell her to grow up already Haha But the ending was perfectI received an e copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review In the past I ve loved Jane Linfoot s books This one however was uite the disappointment The writing was poor both in terms of the number of basic spelling and grammatical errors to the half finished sentences and incomplete phrases that somehow are present as a whole From the beginning it was full of cringey euphemisms unbelievable scenarios and barely likeable characters There s the lead guy who is so predatory it s uncomfort jane lightfoot is one of s uncomfort Jane Lightfoot is one of authors that I know what to expect from her titles funny somewhat control obsessed heroines with an aversion to commitment and a fascination with all things Laboutin These aren t traditionally pretty heroines they are always too something which keeps them from being cookie cutter and familiar Bryony is one of those heroines and I think my favorite to date Too tall by most standards she refuses to bow to convention by always wearing her heels no matter the footing A production assistant who always seems to get her way either by charming cajoling or simply steamrolling people to her point of view her whole world is turned upside down when she has to conuer her fear and ride on a tandem bicycle behind a world famous racer Jackson Gale is in recovery not just the physical but a major overhauling of his bad boy reputation among the journalists and public A simple tandem bike race for charity is the first step in this repair of his public image Meant to be a simple ride he is first faced with the inability of a known presenter as his second and then faced with the reality that is Byrony stuffed into a racing kit that is stretching the lycra to extremes a tall expanse of bright pink wrapper on a woman who totally knocks his socks off As a couple these two are sniping and snarking at one another constantly but the electric charge is palpable and Byrony loosens her iron fisted control to have one night with Jackson He s safe there is no chance of a connection and she mistakenly believes that staying out of the bedroom will keep their connection casual From the first page to the last Linfoot draws ou into will keep their connection casual From the first page to the last Linfoot draws ou into world she is creating ou know these characters or their types and În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor you can understand their issues even asou laugh when things go amiss With a knack for presenting characters that are all too human and giving them moments of doubt fear passion and outright ridiculous scenes where An Accidental Woman you can do little but laugh her stories are great getaway reads perfect for whenou want to escape and be taken for a ride The connections are believable and secondary characters provide interesting counterpoints to push the main couple to their AHA moment even when they are both fighting through their own baggage to get there From flirty to knock our socks off steamy moments the story never disappoints and develops with readers able to follow and cheer on the relationship I received an eArc copy of the title for purpose of honest review for The Jeep Diva I was not. Meet Bryony she’s a fun loving very single TV production assistant whose idea of sport is the Jimmy Choo sales scrumMeet Jackson Cycling’s bad boy superstar Injured and out of a certain race this summer without his training he’s looking for another distractionBryony’s facing a triple whammy – her last single friend just named the day her mot.

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