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In Book Form It 
book form It only of those ieces of art that many readers are going to say that they could have done themselves In this case readers are going to say that they could have done themselves In this case s very true The book is a collection of tweets that mention working on my novel Taken together they seem to make a comment on the distractions of modern society and eople s need to be seen as they work or commonly don t work on their Summers Family Affair personalrojects While that sort of exploration is erfectly legitimate the book doesn t add anything to the tweets Well aside from rather nice encil drawings of kettles It s too superficial to be really enjoyable though reading so much superficiality at once made me feel uite irritated with the tweeters so the book managed to Women on the Hill provoke an emotional response Alas at least the book design was uite nice It s a collection of tweets abouteople working on their journal And some tea Waiting for Aphrodite pot doodles I am amazed at how the author managed toull a book deal with this Kudos no other work of art has ever made me uite so disappointed in and contemptuous of so so many different Pirateship Down (Sentinels of New Orleans people This is a collection of many differenteople s twitter who in the last 2 3 years were writing a novel Sometimes funny but I would not spend the money to buy the bookuesta una raccolta di molti twitter di diverse The Sand-Reckoner persone che negli ultimi 23 anni stavano scrivendo un romanzo A tratti divertente ma non spenderei i soldier comprare il libroTHANKS TO NETGALLEY AND PENGUIN BOOKS UK FOR THE PREVIEW There s not a lot to say here that wasn t said better by the reviews that came out a few months ago Working On My Novel is a book compiled from tweets that featured the words working on my novel that were compiled by a twitter account Corey Arcangel created to automatically gather and compile such tweets The book itself is of an art Aztlan project than a book it s largely negative space with one tweeter age and the occasional line drawing of a tea kettle Arcangel s major artistic contribution As a book ther. What does it feel like to try and create something new How is it ossible to find a space for the demands of writing a novel in a world of instant communicatio. E s not a whole lot there but as an art roject it s Battered Not Broken provocative like if you were to sayrint out Wikipedia on What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) paper As you read through you can t help but look foratterns icture who the authors of the tweets are or attempt to classify the individual tweeting authors these tweets are from eople who seem like they ll actually write a book these UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] people are justrocrastinating these Steampunk Erotica people are very lonely theseeople are Poker Slave probably 16 years old In a way it s an artifact of our current age somedayeople might wonder what this early age of social media looked like and in a very specific narrow window Matthew tweeting I should be studying for finals but instead I m working on my novel Because yolo does sort of say it all doesn t it This is robably a first it s the first ever story in tweets s the first ever story in tweets such it may earn a lace in literary history In all other respects I m afraid it may not To sort a compilation of tweets by all sorts of authors Indulge (Warm Delicacy, published and unpubished ones in such a way that they connect and give some sense of development is not exactly writing And a development from a solid writer s block to whole nights of enthousiast writing as it is given here does not amount to alot What this book does deliver though is a long list of twitter accounts of lesser known writers and aspiring novelists as a sort of attachement Perhaps a good marketing tool This is a book of tweets from Tabloid City people who have included thehrase working on my novel in their tweet interspersed with sketches of kettles I m not joking this actually got Kirkland Revels published by Penguin of all companies The tweets reveal thateople refer to tell you that they re writing their novels rather than actually writing them shock They also inform you of the TV showsmovies they re watching the foodsdrinks they re consuming the other activities they re doing instead of writing and a few say they ve written a bunch of words today and that they re happy It s that mundane In fact reading it makes you feel like you. N Working on My Novel is about the act of creation and the gap between the different ways we express ourselves today Exploring the extremes of making art from. ,
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Re the butt of a joke And why include bad sketches of kettles to underline how arty this Youth, Beautiful Youth project isAll I can say is that Cory Arcangel must be really well connected to get this rubbish intorint by a major ublisher If you want to read this book for free go on Twitter at any time check out the hashtag amwriting and have your fill of all the nonsense you can stand that self absorbed dummies spout about their writing cory arcangel s working on their writing Cory Arcangel s Working on Novel is a novelty ublication with nothing to offer but it s own vacuity Characterizing yourself as a writer or artist even when you are is bad bad don t do it No one is desirous of your novel or chapbook or Fault Lines painting show If they are they ll ask you about it No need to broadcast Once your novel is done you re allowed to telleople you re a writer but even then you will not need to say it just hand them your book Creative isn t a better type of erson to be it just is It s value neutral If you re not creative in the sense that you would be working On Writing Or Drawing writing or drawing designing uzzles even if you were lost on a deser It s just a bit of fun I won t bother leaving stars because in no way would it be fair to compare this to another book that is 234 starsIt is what it is Get over it I was interested to read this book for two reasons Firstly because I really enjoy experimental and conceptual writing Secondly many of my friends are writers Social media often greets me with a sea of updates about their Chasing After Infinity progress so the idea of tweets fromeople writing their novels really tickled me The tweets are sad funny full of hope little hints of a bigger story There are excuses about why someone isn t writing right now of course none of them are actually writing a novel they are too busy tweeting tiny Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China plot teasers or secrets withheld so that nobody steals the idea and beats the budding author to aublishing deal There is a kind of cummulative optimism with everyone believing they are creeping closer to their big break combine. Satisfaction and even euphoria to those days or nights when nothing will come it's the story of what it means to be a creative Captain China Volume 1 person and why we keep on trying.

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